Compass Real Estate AI Features

Compass Realty has made quite a splash in the US real estate market.  This brokerage aims to be one of the biggest in the nation and to bring the power of technology to their real estate team.

And with their recent influx of $470 million in recent venture funding, they’re buying a variety of new technology services to make them a top brokerage.

Compass has been around since 2012, starting as Urban Compass. Their goal was to simplify the real estate process, one market at a time. They offer a suite of services for real estate agents, including real time AI-assisted home search online to real estate marketing automation.

Real estate agents are wondering if the jump to join Compass is a wise decision, given how big they’re going with AI and other technologies. I’m not recommending Compass, but a good look at their unique value proposition can help you learn a lot about where you should be going with your career.

These are some details of their value proposition for US real estate agents:

AI-Powered Recommendation engine: This module generates personalized recommendations for each visitor and offering up similar homes for them based on location, price, bed/bath count, square footage and other important features of the home.

Recommended For You engine:  displays relevant home listings based on the users’ past search and viewing history.

Collections is a visual workspace that allows agents and clients to collaborate, discuss, and monitor their housing market in real-time on iOS and Android. Along with an enhanced design it provides new status update & comment features.

Listing Agent Transparency: Compass displays the true listing agent on every listing, regardless of brokerage affiliation, so buyers always get the information from the person that knows the most about the listing.

A Singular Dynamic Search Across All Markets: Compass users can now search seamlessly across multiple geographies, including across state lines (lets users search multiple cities, towns, schools and neighborhoods at once.

Dynamic Map Search: Listing information now dynamically updates as the user moves the map and a larger viewing area allows for ease and flexibility.  Improved listing pins now clearly differentiate Compass listings (black) from other listings (green).


Screenshot courtesy of Compass Real Estate

Compass bought San Francisco based market information company Paragaon Real Estate Group who had been producing amazing market information in the Bay Area. That purchase made Compass the largest brokerage in the Bay Area.

Compass offers an end to end real estate sales platform.  It’s backed by a 320+ person team of software engineers and AI scientists across New YorkSeattle and Washington, DC.  Now they’re using predictive technology to help users find better homes, faster, and that is a big aid for their own sales team if they use it too.

“AI and machine learning have revolutionized entire industries and real estate is no exception.  We have seen incredible momentum in 2019, including the addition of more than 200 engineers and AI scientists. With our significant investments and advancements in these technologies, Compass is redefining real estate by empowering both consumers and agents.” said Compass CTO Joseph Sirosh.

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