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For many years, the media have told us that all of our jobs are jeopardy from software, automation and AI.  The great news is that they’re wrong. The future of marketing involves Artificial intelligence platforms.

The fact is, artificial intelligence tools are being used by real estate agents to improve knowledge and deliver services that much better. They will be the key competitive advantage in the years to come.


AI for Realtors is a real thing now with many AI powered solutions for Realtors available which you can see below.  For a successful Realtor who has some extra funds to do this fully as a side project, the solution can provide no distractions, is entirely focused, and is the best way to create a new AI Powered sales channel for you.


From predictive analytics to powerful real estate marketing, these are early adopter solutions you are wise to try out.  If you’re older than 30, you know the future arrives quickly. You’ll discover 2 of those solutions below, for property research and lead prospecting.

You Must Start Using the AI Tools

Without the aid of AI powered real estate tools, Realtors may suffer the same fate as newspaper journalists.

First, the information you’re providing is the same as everyone else is offering (MLS or broker generated).  This makes your UVP look week and non-impactful.  Secondly, your market is crowded and you’re not standing out well.

Consumers can go online and do property research themselves.  It may not be a good idea for most who have poor research skills. And why would home buyers and sellers want to do all this work themselves?

If you, an AI powered agent can find the best leads, and find ways to raise the selling price, then your commission isn’t a cost to the client.  They get a clear message that you are the best and the added value is obvious to them.

From Irrelevant to Irreplaceable

Clearly, real estate agents must evolve or face irrelevancy in the customer-empowered digital economy. The trend to digital has been happening for a long time as you know, and the Covid 19 pandemic is ensuring it is a long-term trend. The face to face Realtor® relationship is weakening as virtual tours, online research, and online buying grows in popularity.

Clearly, succeeding in the online real estate game is vital.

The Advantage of Artificial Intelligence in Real Estate

Boomtrain AI Engine

And with AI technology, Realtors can achieve greater knowledge of a property’s value and future value. Since buyers are purchasing homes from $500k to $2 million dollars, they will want the confidence of a well-reasoned purchase decision.

And for that to happen, Realtors will need to access AI based real estate research solutions. And they will have to conduct their real estate marketing strategy better and evolve to AI marketing tools. It’s going to be an AI-assisted world for everyone.

Also, AI is pivotal in understanding online buyer/seller behavior when they’re on your website. All those clicks on your website mean nothing to you, but an AI analytics solution and predictive software for Realtors can help you understand which might be good prospects, and then respond to them in real-time while they’re immersed in your content and listings.

If you check out Zillow, Compass, Redfin, and Dotloop, you’ll see they’re making the leap into AI. If and big brokerages don’t , they could see a significant erosion of their market share in the next 5 years. Companies using AI could become the new market leaders.

I’m not suggesting you join Compass, but rather just hear their message about being a technology company with a complete end to end program, which is now assisted by AI.  They attracted $100 million in funding 3 years ago, and $375 million recently to build a content recommendation engine and a comparative market analysis tool. They’re said to be eyeing the stock market with an IPO in 2021 or 2022.

How can an AI-Powered Solution help You?

  1. property characteristics that will affect future value in specific neighborhoods and cities
  2. predictive capabilities to help identify prospects most likely to convert to a purchase/sale
  3. predictive estimate of value and lifestyle quality based on analysis of neighborhoods
  4. what the real variables affecting property value in different regions
  5. future markets with the best prospects and home values
  6. the effect new housing construction will have on future values

You can see how difficult it would be to discover this information from the manual processing of data. It does require an AI system with a large database to reveal patterns. The end result AI analytics is fascinating insights and less time spent on prospects who will not be selling or buying.

AI-Driven Real Estate Sales Solutions

Two services that demonstrate how lead generation can be improved are Top Hap AI and Your MLS Search. They cover two key matters for you: deeper market insight and converting good website leads.

Top Hap AI offers housing market and property value insight for California Realtors.  It hails itself as the first AI-Powered analytics platform to optimize REALTOR® performance.

Screenshot courtesy of Top Hap AI.


Your MLS Search

If you’re wondering if there’s a better IDX solution for you, well, there might be.  Your MLS Search is an interesting real estate website hosting solution offering your web visitors an intelligent search solution. Obviously not your usual IDX solution because it’s designed to help you identify good leads.

MLS /IDX property search features a site-wide instant messaging system that allows you to communicate with every person on your site. That means both people that have registered and those who haven’t given up those precious contact details quite yet.

Screenshot courtesy of yourmlssearch.

YMLS Realtor IDX solutions are very reasonable and are a bargain given the value you can derive from them.

Screenshot courtesy of Yourmlssearch

Those two particular AI marketing solutions could give you a significant and saleable edge against your competition. Your clients will be delighted that you’re offering something distinctive to them.

YMLS offers search engine optimization features, and it’s nice that they’re trying to make it SEO compatible. However, it’s important to note that search engine optimization is a creative and promotional activity.  Technical SEO offers no ranking advantages.

As an agent, you’re trying to remain relevant to the market of buyers and sellers. And these new AI real estate software solutions can give you new powers to capture good prospects online and aid your clients’ decisions about buying a home in your region.

Keep in mind that an authoritative, relevant, and modern agent garners more trust and respect. All you need to do is communicate those attributes on your website and achieve reach to good prospects via SEO and PPC. When prospects speak to you, they’ll see your confidence and optimism.


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