Recovery Means Digital Marketing is Back

This summer, the economy is on the mend and business managers are starting to think about their marketing needs. Visions of leads and sales are going to come true. Unless you’re complacent.

It is an unusual and exciting time for us all. Most business owners feel invisible, yet we’re hopeful of regaining our sales levels. If we’re smart and creative, we may build exposure to new customers or client prospects. But are we building that market leader visibility? How will you reach prospects consistently through 2022 and the next 5 years.

It’s odd that businesses have to reacquaint themselves with customers, clients and the general marketplace, but it’s been well over a year now since the shutdowns began. This is the perfect time for you to disrupt the market leader’s domination and grab market share. Branding people will tell you that market share is important.  You didn’t have a chance before to grab a bigger, growing piece of the pie, but the pandemic has given you a gift of an opportunity.

These windows appear very infrequently so I hope you’re serious about taking advantage of them.

Finance, Software and Marketing are the 3 Hottest Trending Topics

Trends show us how everyone is responding lately. What are they doing and are they chasing gimmicks? Which trend is a winning one?

Search engine optimization, social media marketing and content marketing are the 3 hottest marketing topics right now according to

These are the 3 best ways to build reach.

Content marketing and cost per impression ppc are trending which shows everyone, including Realtors are ramping up to market their content and spend money on remarketing and perhaps avoid PPC advertising costs. You can’t beat PPC ads for reach and visibility. Unless you can convert leads well, it’s very high cost.

And with respect to current marketing trends, there are a lot of scammy gimmicks still pulling in willing buyers. They’re plastered in the latest hype words, but all of them share a common element — an avoidance of creating true value.

Value is an experience, insight, affirmation, and guidance for customers. Whether it’s videos, blogs, FB posts or online events, each contributes to your brand promise of satisfaction.  SEO can deliver that experience to a lot of people, which is why SEO is such a valuable marketing channel.

Why is SEO so Hot Right Now?

Search traffic has been low for products/services for obvious reasons. Here in June, search trends are evolving. Searches for products/services will slowly come back to normal.  But lately, there’s been a big jump interest.

Search engine optimization has its mystique which is why so many spammers try to game Google. Visibility of course is vital. And as we leave the pandemic recession, companies are looking for cost-effective lead generation channels. SEO isn’t free or cheap really. It’s very competitive and rankings actually depend on content quality, branding, and SEO skills. You need a budget for this and for your complete marketing and lead generation campaign.

Sustained SEO is the Only Sincere Strategy

Short term ranking success disappears because there wasn’t a sincere effort to create value in the content. Cheap tactics so common today simply don’t last. Creating value does.

Very often, it’s what you say and how you back it up consistently with value over a long time that ensures a lasting presence in the top search rankings. People respond to value and Google can detect this.

If you’re not getting leads from high rankings, you simply have to improve your value offer. This value is why others share your videos, blogs, charts, data, insights and social posts. Value creates sharing.  And on Google, searchers see you, but unfortunately your competitors have better offers. Our goal is to deliver better value and a better user experience.

A million impressions won’t necessarily change their minds and preferences. Good marketing collateral online creates a great experience and a reputation for creating value (results).

Branding and SEO, what a combination.

Google has continued to upgrade how they rank websites. It is an ingenious system, not always fair, so you need an SEO expert who comprehends and knows what to do to rank well and wide. Ranking on one or two keyword phrases won’t generate the value you’re after. You need a professional level solution. I’ve made a living representing, small insignificant companies/brands and helping them rank above billion dollar corporations. I know how to compete and dominate keyword sectors.

Search engine optimization storming back.  Oh yes, people are getting back to normal.

Screenshot courtesy of

Okay, so let’s not obsess with SEO too much since rankings are effected by other assets.  Do you have them?

SEO + Content Marketing + Social Media + Remarketing + PPC plus video are effective.

With wider exposure in different types of content, your brand will appear more interesting and vital. It’s 3 dimensional vs 2 dimensional.

Marketing for Real Estate Agents

SEO Book Content StrategyIf you’re a real estate agent, you need a real estate marketing package with a broad array of tools, content and channels to make an impact on buyers and sellers. And you should work specifically with an expert rather than an agency. Agencies appear to offer breadth, confidence, and value. Yet competing in the digital world sometimes takes specialized skill and hard work.

Agencies with multiple Realtor clients have conflict of interest issues, cost issues, response issues, and can’t really deliver customized for your market, lead building content in real estate.

What I’ve found in working in real estate is that it takes imagination, research, and dedication. It doesn’t come easy. Rankings aren’t free or easy. Content and topics aren’t always interesting. You have to make them interesting. And there’s a determination, persistence, and tenacity needed, even if you’re the best.

It’s time to review your marketing plan and digital strategy for 2021/2022. A full commitment will help you carve out a niche at a wild time in the market. There’s a lot of homes coming up for sale as prices moderate and sellers feel it’s time to let go of their property (we’ll encourage them).

As consumers (home buyers and sellers) go back to work, earning a steady pay check, they’ll be open to changes. Change means opportunity. Being widely visible on Google, Bing and Facebook is very effective way to get your name and brand in front of them.

Let’s talk real estate marketing packages with websites, listings, social media engagement and fantastic content keeps your visitors coming back.  Nothing is written in stone. This is a launch pad to developing the powerful marketing and sales system you need to make this your best sales year.

It’s time to get started right now. Call Gord at 416 998 6246.

Gord Collins — Sustainable Real Estate Marketing

The key to a powerful real estate marketing packages begins with strong online reach, omnipresent visibility, a great value offer, a website that converts leads, and a lead conversion process that captures leads quickly. Let’s feed your lead funnel with more leads, and prime that channel to generate more.

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