SEO Supports Marketing Campaigns

Congrats if you’ve managed to build a huge volume of traffic to your site. It’s an underrated success today, since without traffic, there’s no leads, no revenue, and all elements of your marketing mix go unsupported.

If your conversion rate hovers below 3%, then it’s time to do more with that other 97%. Because that’s a huge lost opportunity. Successful companies find ways to convert more visitors, and they use many of these tactics explained below.

And we’re not talking exit pop ups either. These tactics can and should be orchestrated together for impressive sales results.  Absolutely use your Google traffic to support your entire marketing campaign. Leverage advanced SEO and make your first call to an advanced SEO consultant.

Building an SEO Company & Branding Agency

My first client example is a branding agency client in Boston. We created quite a remarkable success and attracted major companies who needed brand development services. But my client recognized quickly that branding, product development, service optimization, and services meant nothing without traffic to their website. The traffic became our most salable service.

Where would the customers come from?

And that was for their agency website and its future clients both. We strategized to build new content and provide services to raise their incoming traffic. One of our clients for example, a large sports equipment manufacturer based near Boston had a lot of products to sell. Their marquee sports products were important, but with our help they were able to sell all of their products. They also had massive brand exposure and their ecommerce department became viable.

They sold products they couldn’t get rid of before, and some lagging products that began to be highly visible reaching parents of kids, who then bought all sorts of other products like board games, soccer nets, fan masks, etc. They collected new email addresses for ongoing nurturing messages to better help them fine tune their promotional programs.

The key realization is that branding isn’t enough, and that clients want more. That Boston branding agency developed new web design, graphic design and brand research services that were lucrative — new services that drew a new range of clientele.

And with continuous advanced SEO, we generated impressive results we couldn’t have dreamed of. My client had the vision with no limits, and eventually bought a $700,000 condo in the Caribbean, an outcome anyone else can have too.

How do you feel about the above outcome?


Originally, no one could see the full potential. Yet as Google traffic increased, more interest for other services with higher revenue appeared.

The task objective is to use SEO generated traffic to power up the rest of your marketing campaign.


Powering Up Your Complete Marketing Effort

Your marketing mix involves many subcomponents, some of which are starved for visitors. It’s great to have a drip email lead nurturing campaign, trial products, newsletters, conversion pages, and fancy product pages. But without visitors, and being able to shape that visitor flow from Google, and full marketing support, they fail.

One marketing channel by itself fails which is why you need multichannel marketing. You must have multiple techniques applied to your high quality content to fulfill sales too.

For instance, my retail tennis shop client had huge supplies of different types of tennis rackets, low priced and high priced, but people lose interest because they can’t try out the racket they see. The fact they couldn’t have the racket in hand and actually play with it, is a big stopping point for retail tennis shops. So they created a racket trial page which allowed visitors (with credit card) to have a racket mailed to them, or picked up, and thus resolve this important drawback.

After I performed SEO (including optimizing their ecommerce inventory), they started getting customers from Europe, Asia and more outside of California. In fact, they had just targeted the local San Diego market which is a small market. Going national and international is the way to go. We all sometimes get trapped into small mindedness and allow golden opportunities to escape. I’ve done it many times!

These new visitors bought other tennis merchandise that sat on the shelves (e.g., tennis nets, tennis outfits, shorts, shirts, tennis balls by the case, tennis net cranks, etc.). Those items represented a business loss before (unsold forever) and instead, that old merchandise moved.

So that big traffic improvement from Google got a lot of marketing objectives lubricated and turned profitable. What happened was way beyond their expectations. If they’d had the capital investment funds, and the confidence, they could have become a top 3 tennis retailer online.

But alas, life is not perfect. Sometimes owners miss out.

Powering Up the Value of your Google Traffic

And to convert more visitors, you might adjust your value proposition, content and promotions to capture more sales revenue and more return visits.

This is part of your full digital marketing strategy and requires much thought and coordination, which I’m sure you’re well acquainted with.

Low engagement, poor conversion rates and few return visits might suggest you haven’t really tapped into the buyer’s buying journey. It’s important to get that right because those who have seen your url in the Google results might pass on clicking to your site in the search results in future.

Once they think you’re irrelevant, it’s hard to get them back.

Marketers with good search traffic volume have to do more via promotions, analytics insights, and sales techniques. SEO and Google traffic by itself is just the beginning.

The quest then for us is to get more out of the huge volumes of traffic that we could receive from Google. And we need to recognize that not engaging or converting that traffic could make Google believe your site lacks quality and significance to search users (poor match to user intent). That’s not good.

Whether it’s Google’s algorithm or user engagement, you can learn a lot more on the posts on advanced SEO or creating high content quality.

Drive More Value with Your Google Traffic

The first task is to get insight from your analytics solution as to what results you’re getting now. If you don’t have a quality, customized analytics solution then dig in deep with what you have.

Analytics helps to pinpoint all of the activities you’re failing at:

Establish what you’re failing at: low revenue, low clicks/engagement/scrolling/time on site, slow pages, key blogs not engaging, no hits to appropriate pages (downloads, pricing page, demo signups, shopping cart, about us, product pages, sign up page), no page sharing or citations on the web, no phone calls, etc.), visitors getting lost because of poor navigation, no content for their specific need, unfocused content and keywords on a page (dual purposing), clickable buttons have wrong caption, bad technical errors in your site coding, off brand messaging, inappropriate copywriting style and tone of voice, and too much text or too little text.

Now you’ve got an idea of what is bothering your visitors and hurting your website. Let’s move on to which content needs to receive traffic/hits.

  • the pricing page (key issue of affordability)
  • your blog (continuous, persistent, online exposure)
  • your newsletter subscriber signup (ongoing contact and engagement)
  • your contact us page (phone calls, email)
  • your service/product package pages (the stuff they’re actually interested in)
  • page with products you aren’t able to sell (stuff on the shelf because you never reached those buyers)
  • sales contact page (moving them to the sales people is absolutely essential)
  • shopping cart page (getting them to put one item in is a win)
  • homepage (branding)
  • social media accounts (clickthroughs to your Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter pages)

Those are the top areas that need help. Modifying your content and SEO strategy can help capture more value.

Let’s List the Boosters Right Now:

  • improve your content funnel (map out how visitors will flow to all key end goals)
  • expand your keyword phrases (longtail phrases) so you reach more specific customers
  • make impact with headings, custom attractive photos, and product shots on your top landing pages
  • welcome your visitors and make them feel comfortable
  • enrich your content with storytelling and customer responses
  • cut the chit chat and filler content and bring visitors to the value they seek faster
  • visit your top competitors site and find ways to beat their UVP
  • try some practical topics to ease them into your content
  • fix your homepage and make it welcoming, inviting and relevant
  • list the most important benefits of your product right away to get the big picture need resolved fast
  • indicate how easy it is to try out your product
  • create a video to engage people stronger
  • audience segmentation (navigation to help each type of customer reach their goal)
  • feedback page or popup form (encourage them to tell you what’s wrong or is missing)
  • press releases (public relations and brand legitimacy)

And How Does all the Free Traffic Benefit your Business?

Here’s 24 impressive benefits from optimizing SEO-generated traffic:

  1. helps sell products aren’t selling (that’s wasted expenditure if they’re not purchased)
  2. feeds in subscribers so you can continue the sales conversion process later
  3. new contacts for your business development/sales team to explore
  4. pushes them to your social media accounts (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) where you can connect and create more frequent ongoing contact
  5. more frequent exposure for brand building
  6. more visits to your homepage where they get comfortable with your full brand
  7. more frequency eases the issue of your brand being strange to them (trust factor)
  8. direct exposure of your products including weak selling ones
  9. increased exposure to current, fresh and interesting content (makes your brand more relevant and attractive)
  10. clickthroughs to your YouTube videos for more intense emotional engagement and transparency of your company and people (public relations and personal connectivity)
  11. hits to product trial pages (where visitors can try out something, even your software, equipment (e.g., demo tennis rackets by mail, software trial, virtual interactive tools (Fintech investors trial account).
  12. visits to product pages with important, significant product details
  13. hits to product comparison pages (head to head comparisons with your competition)
  14. increased familiarity adds to your ppc and remarketing clickthroughs and impact
  15. countering negative press or competitor’s attempts to injure your brand
  16. continuous increased exposure can make focused ppc, radio, tv, and print advertising a possibility
  17. better management of segmentation so you can serve multiple target audiences
  18. makes adopting personalized content delivery software viable and cost effective (scaling up)
  19. increases reach to your customer service and help files
  20. helps impress and serve your own customers better by answering their new needs and questions
  21. helping people no matter what where they are in the marketing funnel
  22. boosts all your KPIs and makes data driven marketing possible
  23. helps you focus on specific sales goals, quotas and customer acquisition (flexible fine tuning of focus)
  24. encourages you to create more content and more specialized content to serve visitors with specific interests.

That’s 24 powerful ways to support your entire marketing and sales efforts.

Don’t Focus on Low Hanging Fruit

There’s many reasons or intents that drive visitors to click from Google search to your site. Don’t blame them for not being easy to convert, low hanging fruit. Instead, enjoy being able to use the traffic to build much bigger success.

If you practice everything above, you’re able to reach microsegments and serve all incoming customers while feeding every part of your company. From public relations to selling products you couldn’t move, optimizing conversion of SEO traffic helps you optimize your entire business.

Optimizing the flow of traffic from using advanced SEO strategy also will create new business opportunities. With your unsatisfied visitors, you’re creating new revenue streams — for things you never dreamed you’d be selling. Your business model might even change.

Clear your inventory, build brand ambassadors on social media, create more backlinks, optimize the sales conversion funnel, create more sales leads and build a fuller more complete foundation for your company.

Less is More? Obviously, making more of everything is more. Why limit your success? Have confidence and open up all channels to the supportive power of Google free traffic flows.

Learn more about Advanced SEO and about creating high quality content. Combine SEO with content strategy and you have the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal.

Call Gord at 416 988 6246 to achieve these same successes.

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