Real Estate Video for Agents

Video is a powerful medium for marketing. And it can be for real estate marketing and sales too.

Realtors who master this medium take it to a level most agents and brokerages don’t.  But the benefits in impact, engagement, and lead generation just keep on coming, as you’ll see in this post. From SEO, to social to emails, everything’s just better with good videos.

The multimedia experience is favored by many buyers who look at homes emotionally, and they’re affected by the screenplay in the video. Video is only one segment in the lead conversion process, but it’s essential that video is part of your sales and promotion mix.

Acquiring an affordable real estate video production service or developer is essential today.

Engaging, Impactful, and they Generate Leads Too!

Real Estate Videos also generate leads on their own, apart from your social and web content strategy. When videos are weaved in professionally, it makes a huge difference in your agent brand differentiation and in emotional engagement with home sellers and buyers.

Still photography used to be the ideal visual, however with today’s high-resolution video production, the movement, sound, and presentation makes video more compelling for most buyers and sellers.

And for luxury real estate, buyers expect to enjoy a spectacular 4k video of dream homes they’re searching for. So the ability to build nice videos will impress just about all sellers.

The power to impact, build brand, create credibility and significance, and move sellers out of inertia (persuasion) makes video indispensable to achieving success in sales. And letting your content do the hard work before contact lets you focus on the finishing touches to land that client.

YouTube’s success proves the power of Videos. And increasingly, real estate agents and new home builders/sellers use video as a key differentiator for their value propositions.

This should be part of your real estate marketing package.

Stats Reveal a Powerful Effect from Videos

A report from Semantix says video:

  • converts 80% better
  • influenced 88% more to buy
  • improves ROI by 87%
  • has 95% message retention
  • is prefered by 72% of consumers
  • increases browsing time by 88%

The numbers vary, but given the search volume on YouTube and daily views, we know it has reach. And impact depends on the quality, freshness, immediacy, and unique value generated for the viewer.

Besides showing a home for sale, what other benefits will you receive via video marketing?

  • create impactful Realtor introduction
  • staged, home showings for 24×7 viewing
  • immediate impact on key features of a home
  • provide neighborhood introduction
  • provide market supply and demand stats
  • provide first-time homebuyer tips
  • provide home mortgage and financing tips
  • provide convincing home selling tips
  • provide real client testimonials

Tasteful Videos Promote Sincerity

Video produced in a tasteful fashion is a good way to go for the average agent. Slick videos for $25 million homes in Beverly Hills, San Diego, Miami, or Los Angeles don’t suit the general audience and can turn them off.

One example of a tasteful video is this one from Emily Kellenberger of Luxury Real Estate Agents Nationwide in Santa Barbara, California. Of all the agents in that brokerage, she is the one I found online. So real estate videos help make you findable!

Real Estate Video Production

We have the option of using templated videos and editing them to include your photos, information and video footage. This is very cost-effective, and they can be exported in different sizes and dimensions for use in Google banner ads, Facebook ads, Blog posts, and social media postings.

When you achieve success with a video, you can boost it on Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin to hit critical mass exposure with a targeted audience and capture a new lead.

Custom, highly polished and unique video production is available, yet at a much higher cost depending on where you’re located.

With some coaching, you may be able to shoot the video yourself and then send that raw video to the video production company who will weave it into an impressive presentation. The pros know what to do and they want your business.  If you currently enjoy a lot of traffic to your blog and social media sites and you’re spending a lot on PPC ads, video can really help power up your lead generation.

If you’re in Orange County, affordable custom videos are available from OC Films
In Los Angeles, Elit Productions offers affordable videos
In San Diego, offers very affordable video production.
In Miami, offers an impressive solution.
In San Francisco, is very affordable.

Starting with affordable, you can comfortably add elements and have the developer spend more time polishing the video for best presentation impact and lead generation results.

Start with Affordable and Build Upward

Real Estate marketing isn’t cheap, but you can see with digital marketing packages and video production, you can make your marketing and promotion budget go further.

If you should go with a big full-service agency, the cost will be shocking and it will grow. Marketing agencies have massive overhead so the pressure is on them to get customers to buy all the bells and whistles.  You’re wiser to tread slowly with a complete marketing campaign from earned organic to paid so you can learn what works for you.

As part of your advanced SEO strategy, your videos will be optimized/used also for increased exposure on Google search and YouTube. Your videos will have sharable code that will allow bloggers and journalists to place your YouTube videos on thousands of real estate-related websites, thus broadening your exposure further.

There are so many interesting marketing and promotional advantages you’ll enjoy.

As part of your marketing mix, you may want to list with Dream Homes Magazine with their reach to wealthy buyers. That prestigious online listing will bring buyers to your website for a high-engagement experience.

Check out my real estate marketing packages. It’s the best low-cost way to capture your market.

Call Gord at 416 998 6246 and let’s get started.

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