Why Home Sellers are Finding it so Tough to Sell

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Realtors today face a host of issues trying to generate leads. It might not be enough to solve one problem. Seller leads might be available, and these people are likely online on Google or Facebook or Linkedin searching and trying to solve their desire to sell.

They’re motivated to sell given the astronomical price they can receive. They know it doesn’t take long to sell. Yet, there are 15 key reasons below, why they won’t be selling this year.

Yet selling represents real risk to homeowners, some financial, some emotional and some real-life threats  (homelessness).  That’s why most homeowers are sitting it out until the economy and the housing market levels out and makes the whole process of selling and moving easy.

While some housing economists say the market is balanced, it’s actually not great for buyers. What’s available may be overpriced, not ideal, and perhaps not in communities that people want to move to.

As you know, just because the MLS has loads of listings doesn’t mean there are many buyers who want them. Some listings are dreadful while others are ‘as is” money pits.

That’s not Enticing to Prospective Home Sellers

This is where creative marketing comes into play. Since homeowners face a huge array of issues and blocks, Realtors need to demonstrate and communicate how they’ll solve these doubts and fears.

You can do this on your website, social media pages, and in emails after you capture their emails or contact info. So the big task is to develop content that will first of all, gain visibility, interest them, keep them engaged long enough to absorb your value proposition, like your brand image, and find their personal reasons to consider hiring you.

If you can solve all of these issues below, then why would they not want to speak to you? After all, they’ve thought about selling which is why they’re online. Other Realtors don’t understand the problem, and they’re not developing a marketing campaign with focused promotions to capture those leads.

Here are the reasons homeowners won’t sell their home:

  1. the economy is volatile and uncertain, making real estate decisions risky
  2. locked-in mortgage rate better than facing a new mortgage at 8%
  3. finding another place to buy or rent is tough and they don’t want to be a buyer in today’s market
  4. buyer’s financial situation is sketchy so the bids may fall through creating stress
  5. the seller of the home they get into contract with may back out or the deal fails for other reasons — leaving them homeless
  6. qualified buyers are hard to reach and attract
  7. it’s a very small pool of buyers now – they’ve got bargaining power
  8. capital gains taxes gouge a good portion of the sales price
  9. asking prices are way beyond what buyers are willing to pay
  10. they believe prices will rise in 2024 so they’ll wait
  11. they like where they live and the kids don’t want to leave
  12. home prices are too high with high mortgages making it a money-losing proposition
  13. don’t want to sell and then have to live in a bleak, new home subdivision
  14. there are few homes appropriate for them and their family
  15. they need help with relocation

Those 15 stoppers are a seething mass of doubt, negativity, fear, timidity and dejection that creates an emotional blockage. And this could be having bad effects on their personal life and causing their children emotional issues. Someone needs to rescue them.

Solving the Issue for Realtors

The solution to all of this for homeowners is to stay calm and have a Realtor conduct an open search for affordable homes, since that is the key stopping point. The sale won’t happen until a qualified, reliable seller of a desirable home is found.
That means you’re a buyer’s agent first.

You might have a great conversation with everyone on your lengthy prospect list, but sellers don’t always say everything that’s on their minds. And in your conversations, you never hit on all of these 15 items above. And is anyone that articulate that they can cover 15 pain points coherently with someone who doesn’t like talking?

It’s best to make them aware of their procrastination points, so they believe they understand their problem. Isn’t this how psychologists help their patients?  Many times, it’s just an emotional resistance out of feeling overwhelmed about the complexity of the sale and the consequences. The only way to untangle their emotions, is to put the path to fulfillment in front of them.

Online Content that Makes them Feel Confident

They’re not just selling their house, they’re changing their lives. It’s that vision of post-sales anxiety and regret that’s also a stopping point. Their lack of confidence is caused by the 15 points above.

If you have a solid digital marketing campaign, you can present this solution in full with easy to read discussions of each. This gives them clarity, confidence and hope. Their spirit will lift, and in a few days, they might be able to face up to the selling challenge.

You need a real estate website that’s laid out to respond to these seller issues. When they land on your homepage or special landing pages, they’re greeted with the ultimate solution they dreamed might happen.

Don’t ask them to fill out a form. Prospects should only be left with your direct phone number, because you need to capture them in this positive mood before it passes.

It’s the same in any industry whether lawyers, landscapers, home renovators, weight loss clinics, or vacation destinations.
Lead conversion success all stems from professional preparation and visibility of your marketing content. Big visibility + attention getting + relevance + engagement + availability seals the deal.

Why not call me about your real estate marketing challenge and how I can make you a top-selling Realtor in your city? Why not be a market leader if it’s there for the taking?  See my real estate marketing packages right now, and remember I like to negotiate to give you the best package possible.

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