Your Dream Home in Florida

The beautiful state of Florida, seemingly beckoning and welcoming to everyone always receives serious regard as the best place to move to in America.

The Sunshine State certainly offers the lifestyle older retirees from the north love and look forward to visiting every year. And others of all ages like the year-round sunny climate and benefits too such as some of the world’s best beaches and golf courses, family attractions, to low taxes, fishing all day, cheap electric power, and good wages.

And it’s chock full of Dream Homes.

The decision to search for a home in the state and move there isn’t something to take lightly. Yet, there are homes in a reasonable price range, although those prices keep rising, yet where there’s a will and some listings, there is an opportunity.

Before you venture into Florida MLS listings on, Redfin or Zillow, read the Florida housing market report.

The Right Florida Home for You

From cozy bungalows, to 5 bedroom family homes in gated communities, to posh condos overlooking the Gulf or Atlantic Ocean, all the way to 8,000 sq foot luxury estates in Boca Raton, there’s a Florida dream home for everyone.

When we say dream homes, we’re not always referring to million dollar luxury estates. A dream home may only be where you want to be with the room and amenities you love. And Florida is known for laid back lifestyle and relaxation.

With the demise of California, more buyers are searching for homes for sale in Florida and Texas. Of course, these two states offer a much different lifestyle experience and both have their positives including plenty of dream homes.

Which Cities to Choose in Live in Florida?

If you do a search on Google for the best cities in Florida to live, you’ll get a wide variety of selections. The truth the best city is personal to you and your family. The quiet life in Naples, Punta Gorda or Venice might not be right for you or your budget.

The nightlife and tech sector employment opportunities in Miami draws many younger people. It’s hard not to be fascinated with the magnificent skyline, culture, entertainment, and beaches of Urban Miami.

You might prefer the opulence and urban mystique of Miami and Fort Lauderdale, or perhaps the wealth enclaves in Boca Raton and Palm Beach. There is the natual solitude of the seascape of the Florida Keys and the quite luxury in Naples to consider. And the gulf coast cities of Tampa, St Petes, Sarasota, Panama City offer exceptional living as well.

Orlando and Kissimmee offer the excitement and entertainment for families, and Jacksonville offers parks, beaches, and a lower cost of living.

And there are plenty of smaller towns and cities to consider, of which offer very high quality living of course the sunshine and warmth everyone loves.

Best Cities in Florida List

Let’s say you have a moderate budget with a family and you want the best of everything. That’s not too much to ask in Florida.

Let’s take Property Club’s 8 city selection to start:


Niceville, formerly named Boggy, is a town of about 11, 000 located in the Florida panhandle close to Pensacola, Destin, Fort Walton and Panama City. It overlooks Choctawhatchee Bay and is a perfect for raising kids, enjoying peace and nature, away from the hustle and bustle.

Port Saint Lucie

A beautiful Oceanside city along Florida’s Treasure Coast of just north of West Palm Beach. It’s known for its nature, including the Riverwalk Boardwalk which winds through mangroves. Home to the St. Lucie Aquatic Preserve where manatees, river otters, egrets and alligators can be viewed.

Residents enjoy affordable homes on clean streets and quiet neighborhoods woven around scenic waterways and beautiful golf courses. It’s good for families and for retirees.


With a population of 375,000 Naples offers all the lifestyle amenities making it one of the favorite cities for wealthy retirees. It names itself the Golf Capital, as it has one of the highest number holes of golf per resident. The wealth of residents (6th highest in the USA) marks the culture and economy of the area, with many non-profit organizations located here. The city benefits from local tourism, including that in the Florida Everglades. Zillow’s average listed price in Naples is $1,300,000.


The Metro Tampa, St Petes and Bradenton regions is very popular and homes are reasonably affordable. However, many luxury estate homes on the coast on islands in the Tampa Bay area are in the multimillion dollar dream homes category too. As you go inland, homes for sale are at more affordable prices. The area has many modern subdivisions with plenty of golf courses for active seniors. The region has a bustling economy, one of the best in the Southeastern region.

Ponte Vedra

Ponte Vedra (population 28,000) is located 18 miles north of Jacksonville on the state’s eastern coast. This is a city of great wealth, beautiful beaches and golf courses, and some of the best school systems. And it’s the , this upscale city is known for being one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the state. Median household income in Ponte Vedra Beach is $102,918, with median home prices at $330,000, and you’ll find some of the best schools in Florida here.


Another city, in the enticing Florida Panhandle region, Pensacola offers a great deal for family living. Pensacola Beach and its 1471 foot pier are well known to vacationers. It has been given the Number 1 beach rating and it’s great for bicycling, snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving, seashell collecting, and kayaking. Definitely a sea-loving community. Average household income in Pensacola is $56,000. The metro Pensacola has over 500,000 residents and the average home prices is $254,435 (Zillow report).


In the north central region of Florida, Ocala is the horse capital of Florida, population 370,000. People move here for the pleasant climate, affordable cost of living, welcoming atmosphere, and proximity to beautiful natural areas. It’s not far from Orlando with its theme parks. The average age of residents is older at 48 years and has an average annual salary of $44,000. The median home price here is an affordable $313,000. The city offers parks such as Silver Springs State Park where visitors enjoy viewing the crystal clear waters with glass bottom boats. The spring produces millions of gallons of crystal clear fresh water every day.


In between Orlando/Kissimmee, Palm Bay and Port St Lucie is the amazing city of Melbourne Florida. It’s in what’s called the Space Coast, where NASA’s NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral and the huge museum is located. The city is the choice of retirees, but is attractive to families and young professionals. As in many Florida cities, Melbourne has its many gorgeous beaches to enjoy. The cost of living and home ownership are the reason for greater interest in moving here. It offer great schools and two state colleges (Eastern Florida State College and Florida Institute of Technology). The average household income is $65,000 and there is a high rate of poverty here. The median home price has reached $377,000.

When Will You be Moving Florida?

As the economy is revived and housing markets begin to flourish, you’ll have opportunities to compete for homes in Florida. Obviously, the competition will be stiff as the real estate housing market comes back alive.  Although more homes will be listed, it’s doubtful homes prices will be much better. The shortage of homes in nationwide, as building the nations housing infrastructure and business base was government’s last choice.

New homes are being built in Florida, but primarily in pricier categories.

That’s 8 of the best towns and cities in the State of Florida to move to and enjoy an amazing quality of life. These are places that many others are investigating for their major relocation. You’ll find new builds, manufactured homes, historic properties and massive estate homes in all of them.

Florida attracts everyone for its great climate, economy, schools, lifestyles, and magnificent dream homes.

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