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AI Software Beating Talented SEO/CRO/Brand Specialist?

There’s some more talk about artificial intelligence software being able to put talented copywriters out of work going around again.  Frankly, the idea is insulting and ridiculous and undermines business manager’s acceptance of AI marketing solutions.

It’s natural that some (software developers) would get a little zealous about new tech tools and then overstate what they can do along with the true end value to businesses.  In the case of AI software, marketers would be wiser to focus on how the artificial intelligence software aids in marketing content development and sales conversions.

The AI software is an aid or professional assistant to lift the power of marketers much higher.  Technology is a foundation for pros, not a master of humans or replacement of talent.  For example, computers are hardly ready and capable of writing good copy that fulfills requirements for:

  • sophisticated brand tone and messaging rather than mimicking competitors which would erase brand differentiation
  • search engine optimization with sophisticated use of synonyms, related words, in a natural fashion
  • in-depth, insightful information delivered in an orderly and pleasant reading experience
  • conversion optimization via many funnel touchpoints
  • lead nurturing in that visitors will like the company’s people and want to speak to them
  • social sharing goals since reach is achieved through social media users who retweet, share, and like content and they must be encouraged to do that ever so subtly
  • your unique value proposition details must be conveyed in human terms within emotionally engaging conversation

Copy Hackers has a huge list of copywriting formulas or tips to ensure copy is strong and persuasive. Would copywriting software fulfill these objectives?

AI Copy Without Human Style is a Sorry Thing

So the lauding of AI-generated copy becomes a kind of disrespect for the value that good copywriters generate. It’s on the same level as having your kids taught by a robot and what would the impact be on your kid’s personalities and performance?

In the same way, such artificial copywriting could actually alienate your audience and create negative branding.

Only a human knows what moves another human. The copy that many of these AI copywriting software marketers and corporate believers tout as wonderful, is stale, stilted, and incapable of fulfilling one objective let alone all of them.
Copywriters have to research, understand and then work hard to craft copywriting that serves all the objectives and goals copywriting needs to achieve.

Corporate marketers argue that copywriting doesn’t really need to sound human or engage people on a genuine emotional level. Their flat advertising copy ideal suggests that “skin deep” low level copy is good enough to get the job done.

Let’s take search engine optimized copy for example. The AI copywriting software can only mimic copy it found on high ranking pages. The program doesn’t know why those words are present or why sentences and paragraphs are structured the way they are. It’s just mimicry. Mimicry with no understanding is just guesswork.

One of the reasons visitors read your blog posts and marketing product/service pages is due to the richness of the topics and how it touches them emotionally. Without hitting home emotionally, visitors won’t dwell on the page, nor share it on social media, nor link to it from their own pages or blog posts.

The human SEO copywriter must build the engagement and promotion cues into the copy to get visitors to share the post, comment on it, and link to the website. AI software doesn’t generate this emotionally meaningful and satisfying element, and the reader does get the impression the content is out of sync or out of touch. There’s just something shallow and unconvincing about it.

There’s no doubt that AI will aid in discovering and delivering content that achieves all the objectives discussed above. However, it is still humans using a creative imagination to find topics that resonate with audiences and presenting them in a way achieves high Google rankings, encourages sales, and helps to build brand loyalty.

AI copywriting software doesn’t understand these things. AI is not really creative. A creative imagination is well beyond current AI marketing software technology.

Tools are Professional Aids to Higher Performance

Copywriting is important. It creates the tone of your brand and captures leads.

We should be referring to AI marketing and copywriting technology as an aid to talented, creative content producers.
As I mentioned, the biggest aid is in AI analytics, predictive analytics, and real time delivery. These are exceptionally important benefits that 99% of businesses don’t realize could lift them to market leader status.

If you are researching AI copywriting software, keep your copywriters in mind. What are their strengths and weaknesses? How could the AI software make them even better.

Improving your staff’s skills and giving them impressive production powers is what should drive your adoption of technology.
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