5G Download Speedtest

5G Download Speed Test

SpeedTest 5G Speed Report

We’ve all been hearing a lot about 5G for a while now. The technology is so good, it’s created a surge in investment in 5G network technology, and consumer smartphones.

In this post, we see how 5G fares against current bandwidth service in 4G, broadband and cellular services. You’ll be surprised at how slow your current wireless download speeds are.

The stock market offers some great opportunities for 2021, but 5G stocks might provide the most long-lasting profitability of all. Compare the growth of 5G to equities such as Google, Apple, Amazon, and Tesla.

G5 in 2021: Beginning of Warp Speed Connectivity

Many believe it will enable the next industrial revolution. A world of fast, wireless connectivity. And as you’ll discover below, the speed improvements of 5G over 4G are substantial.  It seems even 5G smartphone users are still stuck with 4G connections, however in 2021, the systems arrived and offered significant bandwidth improvements.

Consumers had the ability to download movies and music while Bleisure travelers had fast connectivity, and travel management software providers had ultra-responsive customer service capabilities.

In fact, 5G is making wireless networks more popular for many uses, thus decreasing reliance on landline and wifi connections. Once consumers get wind of 5G they’ll be looking for new 5G phones and 5G phone plans.

The tech trend has upped the amount the US FTC has received at its recent 5G auction of spectrum to a record $69 billion. Yes, 5G can drive a lot of benefit for business in fields such as cloud-based interactive gaming, enterprise mobility, live social media interaction, online entertainment, and more.

5G Dominates in 2021

5G will storm into the wireless scene big time in 2021. The surge in demand for 5G smartphones will grow faster. It’s predicted that in 2026, 60% of the world’s population will have access to 5G coverage, with 5G subscriptions forecast to reach 3.5 billion. Over the next 15 years, it is the enterprise business space that will create the most ROI.

Self-driving cars, drones, and the Internet of Things will be big users of 5G speeds.

We are absolutely convinced that 5G is the next revolution.” — Tim Baxter, president of Samsung’s US unit.

2021 is where the demand for 5G smartphones will become evident. Investors will be researching the best 5G stocks to buy, and they’ll find some with long-term growth potential.

For web developers, the new 5G capabilities are enabling richer, more interactive interfaces whether via the web or on smartphone apps. Will Google’s AMP specification for websites remain relevant with such incredible download speeds over mobile 5G networks?

Regardless, the bandwidth provided via 5G networks is already having an effect on content creation and business applications on websites and apps.

You can test your mobile download and upload speed at www.speedtest.net.

Verizon Download Speed by far the Fastest

Screenshot courtesy of Opensignal.com

5G’s Amazing Benefits

The new 5G technology offers a variety of benefits, yet download speed is the only one consumers talk about.
Speedtest (speedtest.net), an internet site that measures internet transfer speeds just published their report on 5G speed improvements. They’re very impressive and eye-opening.

Speedtest and Ookla examined Speedtest Intelligence® data from over 60.5 million Speedtest® results during Q3 2020 to see how much speeds have improved, where download speeds are the fastest at the country and capital level.

Conclusion? They found 5G download speeds to be almost 10 times faster than the current 4G standard which you and most others are still using now. The worldwide median download speed over 5G was 954% faster than 4G speed. And median upload speed over 5G was 311% faster than that over 4G.

Screenshot courtesy of speedtest.net

And here’s my home wireless connection speed over landline, and then next my cellular 4G phone download speed.

Landline network speed. Screenshot courtesy of speedtest.net
Cellular network speed. Screenshot courtesy of speedtest.net

Fantastic improvement, however the improvement was not equal across the world’s capital cities. As this graphic reveals, the middle east boasts the very fastest downloads. And upload speeds were strangely similar in all cities.

Screenshot courtesy of speedtest.net

Of all the G7 countries, The US ranked number one in time spent on 5G while Canada ranked second.

Screenshot courtesy of speedtest.net

5G in G7 Countries

In Europe, Spain and Hungary had by far the fastest 5G download speeds.

Screenshot courtesy of speedtest.net

5G in European Countries

The US leads in 5G installations worldwide with more than 7500 cities having networks.

Screenshot courtesy of speedtest.net

5G Installations Worldwide

And the growth in some countries has been astonishing. While the US leads in sheer numbers of cities with 5G networks, the Netherlands and Thailand are growing fastest.

Screenshot courtesy of speedtest.net

Global Average 5G Speed Change Mobile vs Land

As you can see in this graphic below, speeds via mobile are increasing much faster lately. Yet, fixed broadband is also increasing strongly.

5G speed change mobile vs landline

5G smartphone users are still using 4G networks

Screenshot courtesy of Opensignal

5G Deployment across North American Cities

Screenshot courtesy of Speedtest.net

Broadband Speed tests for US Cities

Screenshot courtesy of Speedtest.net

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