Bing Search Engine Optimization

Any discussion of Advanced SEO and web traffic almost always dominated by Google, but we should pay more attention to Google and Duckduckgo.

Although Google provides much more search traffic, with advanced techniques can provide some excellent quality visitors and perhaps higher engagement rates. When Google pays out revenue on Adsense, the referrals from Bing can be high paying.

55% of Bing users are men and 45% are women. Bing users also tend to be better educated than Google’s users, with 20% holding a university degree or postgraduate qualification, which can also be attributed to the close link between Bing and Windows 10. Many Bing’s users use it for desktop searches in the workplace, meaning their search queries are often, making them of interest for B2B marketers.” — from article on SearchMetrics.


Comscore Search Engine Rankings – Screenshot courtesy of Comscore.

Optimizing your content and rankings for Bing search is worth it, but you generally don’t have to do much to differentiate from Google. Bing has a different site validation system, and may be more reliant on inbound links and topic content. Google overprocesses web pages which often means corporate sites will win the majority of traffic.

Smaller publishers don’t have the volume of signals that boost authority, relevance, and trust and this can suppress their rankings on Google search. If you have very rich content, and sufficient inbound links from good sites, this may be all you need to rank well on Bing.

But Should You Optimize for Bing?

Right now Bing’s marketshare is low, not even 5%, however Google is facing DOJ Anti-trust charges and the mood seems to be steepening against the search giant. We all love Google, it’s excellent, but too much of a good thing works against us.

Screenshot courtesy of Similarweb. Bing Traffic Overview.

Amazon Alexa and Kindle use the Bing search engine and windows computers come with Bing as the default search engine.

Bing offers another world of data and content experiences, just as Duckduckgo does. I’m not suggesting that Bing traffic is better, but the search results are very high-quality, and open up another set of solutions, services, and information for users.

We really should include Duckduckgo and Bing in our search resources and use them regularly. The different experience just keeps us out of the limited Google results tunnel. I believe AI can provide a great experience and Bing is using AI, however artificial intelligence guided search isn’t ready for prime time. Currently, these systems try too hard and fail to deliver the breadth of search results we actually do need. Each person wants to learn from their experience and feel confident in their decisions.

AI systems try to take over everything and basically take us out of the search equation. There’s something really odd about that. But in trying to be omniscient and over-controlling, they are making themselves less relevant to us. When I search, I don’t want the final results, I want lots of choice, to help me understand my topics better and learn from my search journey.

Artificial intelligence systems take the learning experience away by guessing at what you want and where you’re actually going based on “commonly seen patterns.” Human minds need the context of a learning experience and each of us are very unique. We don’t fit common scenarios. Right now, BING and Duckduckgo offer that human-friendly search experience.

It might be a different crowd that use the Bing search engine, people who for whatever reason find Google search to be alienating. Some might be counter-culture, but others appreciate the “journey of learning” that make using search engines fun to use.

Bing SEO

If you optimize your content with BING in mind, you should end up ranking higher in Google. With BING, you’ll be more focused on specific ranking factors and content themes, something you might not do with Google.

Google is sensitive to clustered optimization techniques. If you’re an underdog, you can use this strategic boost This means taking 4 or 5 key factors and ensuring your content is expertly wired according to them, to get the keyword focus loud and clear. And your pagerank will be used more precisely too.

Even your backlink program will be better because you’re focused on getting specific links you need from relevant sites that dominate BING’s results.

Bing SEO Tips:

  • acquire more backlinks from related industry sites, as just a few will get Bing to respect your site
  • link together your keyword specific content tighter for great clarity for Bing’s search robot
  • use the Bing webmaster tools and get Bing spidering your content
  • use your exact keywords often — clear signals about your precise content
  • enrich your content – expand on topics and use your core keyword phrases to link to your best, cornerstone content
  • use AMP and improve your page-loading speed because BING does spider amp pages

Bing’s marketshare is big enough, especially among older, wealthy users so it is worth optimizing for. Spend some time on the BING console and ensure you’re doing what you can to be relevant to search.

Optimizing effectively in today’s ultra-competitive organic search space is difficult. It’s definitely wise to work with SEO experts who have been there, done that, thus help you to accelerate your company’s reach and breadth.

The amount of traffic an SEO content expert can generate is astonishing, making them a key player in your drive to become a market leader.

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