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2022 Could be a Boom Year

Few home sellers will argue against the idea that selling their home in 2022 won’t be a profitable experience.  With prices so high in the absence of supply, prices will rocket. And prices did rocket in 2022.

And most Realtors will believe that this should be their best sales year yet. Yet those without listings are struggling. It’s said there are more Realtors than homes for sale this year.   The NAR reports suggest real estate agents are optimistic, so what would stop them from investing in a good Realtor marketing package?

The 2022 housing market is going to create thousands of home-selling millionaires.  This spring and summer we’ll see the perfect storm of housing market factors:

  1. house prices peaking and sellers will decide to sell at the highest price point
  2. end of the pandemic shutdown and a surge in consumer confidence
  3. lots of savings and plenty of money for down payments
  4. huge number of home buyers
  5. desire for more space for work at home offices and kids
  6. low mortgage rates
  7. optimism about the economy
  8. lack of housing supply causing very high prices (and commissions)

A housing market tidal wave means those agents who prepare for a big sales season will have a record sales year.

Listings: Home Seller Leads

If you can reach sellers (and they may be buyers with a current home) you might be able to persuade them to sell. If you can’t reach them, you won’t be able to get the sale. And for Realtors, sales often happen in clusters because they’ve done their marketing thoroughly and a lot of home sellers discovered them.

Homeowners Will Be Selling

Sales rise significantly as prices rise, and when prices peak, everyone is unloading their old house. Realtors ready during those peak events, make more sales, but they also end up creating lifetime awareness within their markets.

Getting homeowners to sell is the key challenge. Nothing happens they sell their property. So reaching homeowners is the first step to engineering a sale. And visibility can make a lot of other things happen too.  It all starts with visibility to home sellers.

Realtors are good communicators, know how to connect, and are generally exceptional people. They can generate a sale. The precursor to sales is reach — you need exposure to home owners. Getting listings and being a listing agent is so important today.

Be the Connector of Buyers and Sellers

Every real estate agent has buyers, because there are so many. Having a good pool of buyers is nice, but today’s buyers aren’t particularly loyal to an agent. They’re online constantly.

Being visible to buyers is a good idea because they’re one half of the sales connection.   Within your online marketing strategy you can get the key points across that you are the person who connects buyers to sellers.  This is what they want.

Visibility plus persuading them that you’re the connection to sellers, means leads will be generated. Buyers will like you if you have connections to sellers.

Sellers are online too. They’re curious about the housing market and when will be the very best time to sell. So they’re looking at housing sales stats and market trends. They’re looking for selling signals. What if they get the final signal to sell while visiting your website?

What if all you have to do is be visible at the right place and time? That makes a sale real easy!

The point to be made here, is that you need to be visible online. It’s so important to be visbible, create the connection, and get your brand promise across — that you’re agent that connects buyers to sellers and finalizes the deal. That’s the message buyers and sellers want to hear.

Big Picture Thinking

Which online marketing package you buy and what’s in it, isn’t the issue really. It’s the building of a successful quest for high visibility, and offering the best value proposition to prospects.

Building a good foundation creates consistent, reliable, lasting lead generation. It builds a broader base of power, and wide reach and that is what builds towering success long term.

Building success means having clientele and deals where you get 6% or more automatically. If you’ve proven you’re a leader to them before the call, they’re not going to squabble about commissions. They know you’ll get that extra $30,000 to $100,000 on the sale. So your commission is already paid for.

There are a lot of qualities home sellers look for in their choice of Realtors. All of those qualities and more can be communicated persuasively online so that your actual meetings with them at the front door lead quickly into discovering their home and the features they believe will sell it.

Visibility plus Content that Connects

Capturing seller leads begins with visibility. Let’s build the content that captures the traffic and presents you as the only Realtor they should ever work with. When you’re liked, respected and are relevant, their loyalty takes a big jump upward.

Take a look at my Realtor marketing services packages. They’re a baseline that helps you visualize and aid your decision.

I truly believe this investment in promotion is the right way to build a million-dollar earnings career. Yes, you still have to close on deals, but when you fill up the funnel and improve how you communicate your unique value proposition, the odds of closing goes way up.

If you’re successful, it’s likely I’ll be working with you full time. Real estate sales is so lucrative, what else could I do that would be more profitable than helping you?

If you’re an optimist and are all in on this real estate sales success story of yours, then I’m the right choice.  Let’s make 2022/2023 your record years and the next 10 a sales dynasty.

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