A Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy

The Simple Truth About Digital Marketing

What are the hot trends for digital marketing? Who cares! The only matter for you is — delivering more value to your customers and growing your revenue. Let others waste their time while you create the best content based on research and creative innovation.

You’re about to be treated to 7 excellent and powerful types of content — online experiences that help you understand how to power up content from dull to extraordinary, to give your visitors what they want and create more customers.

Increasingly, adding value means creating excellent experiences because visitors tend to remember only what you made them feel. Graphic courtesy of zerodean.com.

The simple truth about digital marketing today is that it must deliver value. Unfortunately, most web content is shallow and of dubious merit. There’s 2 parts to this new, value-based approach: 1) design the value proposition and 2) get it delivered with flair.

In past blog posts, I introduced you to the personalized, significant, unique value proposition. Boring? Well, if you want to make more money, this topic becomes the foundation of making lots of money.

If your UVP and presentation via rich content is stellar, it could double or triple your sales. If that’s not exciting to you, perhaps you’re in the wrong occupation?

High quality content designed to serve your UVP, wrapped in the best keyword and SEO strategy,  integrated with an overall awesome online experience for your customer, and distributed widely via social media, should be your Job #1 for 2017.

Here’s how you can get it done with viral blogs and videos, insightful infographics, helpful interactive tools, along with amazing stories and eye catching photos and graphics.

Let’s build your brand new incredible content for 2017 (see reverse content engineering, impact building, and visitor engagement). You must beat your top competitor on the key benefits customers are wanting.

In the Digital World — Your Content Quality Speaks

After you determine precisely what your target customers want and like, you can create an amazing value offer using content as your medium. Is the medium the message? It’s certainly part of it.   And you can create a powerful content strategy by:

  • hiring a digital marketing strategist
  • studying your top competition and reverse engineering their success
  • improving and refining your value proposition and how it can presented
  • create original content that makes visitors feel good
  • get your value proposition with the right copywriting
  • use videos, infographics, and data and insights and give generously
  • get really social and build a lasting connection with your customers
  • use testing feedback to optimize Google rankings and conversion

And, you’ll need content developers such as researchers, copywriters, web designers, graphic designers, and videographers to create the visual content and copy that will hypnotically captivate your audience. These are the creative producers who will help you generate a incomparable fun, satisfying experience for your customers.

There’s no denying that good visual content is important. However, it comes with a cost.

Note: A Good Sized Budget is Important

This is where funding comes in.  In 18 years of digital marketing, I’ve learned insufficient budget is a big reason why even well produced projects are crippled and underperform.

Without funding, your research and data will be weak, your web design won’t look top notch, and your graphic materials such as downloadable pdfs, photos, or youtube videos won’t be good enough to make an impact. Having infographics, industry data charts, and excellent video do make an impact.

Differentiation actually has a price but return on investment makes it vital to fund your projects appropriately.  The fact is, people believe what they see, especially within those first few seconds of arriving on your website.

Having the Funds to Make it Happen

Money is so important it needs to be highlighted — it drives much of the top notch visual content that makes an impact. B2B customers and B2C consumers make assumptions based solely on the quality of your visual content. Make sure your budget respects the contribution graphic design people and videographers make to your marketing impact.

To create and deliver the best value to your prospects, hire a cost effective digital marketing consultant with multiple skills, and who can bring top notch specialists who can take your content way beyond what your competitors are doing.

This is no time for automating messages and poor quality content. That will eat away at your brand and erode ongoing sales, then you’ll have to spend more (agency strategy).  Get original, be unique, and have fun painting with a broad brush on a high quality canvas, and you’ll make the right impact and your audience will look forward to receiving your messages.

Here’s 7 Superb Examples of very high quality, original content that some companies/professionals have built impressive reputations with:

Amazing Videos: one company found that video helped grow conversion rates by 400%. In the right time and place, videos work well, especially these amazing 4K videos.

This 4k cinematic quality video is well scripted and produced. The message this video carries is that the person who buys it is in the wealth class of a sports superstar or software mogul, deserving of immense luxury and million dollar views. It looks like it’s meant for exposure on television, but it’s an internet video. Nicely done.

Eye Catching Infographics: There are so many types of infographics possible, that you’re really only limited by your research, access to data, imagination and budget as to what you can produce. Infographics are engaging visuals that can impact and engage as much you want them to. Here’s one used in the auto insurance sector.

The info it tells the reader what insurance companies are concerned about and what will raise the insurance quotes they’ll receive. The reader will realize they need to look for an insurance company that doesn’t mind the risk they represent, and to search more for the best quote.


Valuable Information: How could a simple bar and line chart convey immense information? When the information supports everything else the visitor intends to do — like buying a house or condo. This chart says that even risk-averse home developers are going to be building homes for the next 8 years.  That creates confidence and intent.


Awesome Entertainment: Mountain biking is fun and dangerous, but imagine if you ramp it up with mountain biking on rooftops in the Canary Islands.  Redbull and Danny MacAskill team up for what is a very unique video with trendy music that alludes to the value of Redbull energy drinks and xtreme sports fun.

Compelling Engagement: When homebuyers are looking for a home, the matter of affordability is a big concern. Buyers are constantly playing with the purchase price to figure how they can get the best home for their money. This keeps them on your site working feverishly at making their dream come true. Every real estate, loan and mortgage, or even car insurance site should have a calculator. It’s interactive and gives first time home buyers the numbers they want to see.

Stunning Impact: 50 North 5th is a website with amazing impact, clarity, and ease of use. It gets the message of the value of the condominiums across effectively with its easy navigation, simple ideas, and beautiful images.


Unending Viral Reach: Viral blog posts or content get such massive reach because of emotion and they can produce social media reach and Google ranking power endlessly. They capture the spirit, fear, hopes or demands of social media users. Often, the ensuing social media sharing results in exposure in other media including news organizations or TV interviews, and of course inbound links. It’s really good stuff!

This post about Roberta Mancino, a popular daredevil supermodel from Italy is loaded with material that incites emotion – beautiful pictures in exotic locales as she does fascinating and wonderful things. It leaves you feeling good and wanting to know more about Roberta Mancino.

Screenshot courtesy of Roberta Mancino.

What if your digital marketing strategy was an adventure? What would it look like? A safari, a wingsuit flyby of a building, a mountain bike ride, surfing a big wave, exploring a lush rainforest, or racing a Porsche down a winding mountain road?  Don’t make it dull.

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