Targeted Link Building – Growing the Links that Create #1 Rankings

Targeted Link Building – Growing the Links that Create #1 Rankings

Quality Links = High Rankings: Creating Unique Value is Absolutely Needed


Quality inbound links aren’t limited to .edu, .gov and major portals. Links from relevant websites that generate positive interaction register nicely with Google.

Quality is more important than ever but so is creating value, good will, and sharing value with the right people.

High quality link building is the most difficult task in SEO and the route to creating high quality backlinks is even more complex.

An intelligent, expert strategy that builds specific, unique value for top sites and individuals is the one that moves the needle for ROI.

The vast majority of businesses still hunt for free or low quality links which Google treats as spam. Those links create no keyword value, buzz, or interaction. Google knows they’re worthless. Please don’t go that route. Adopt a strategy to build quality targeted links.

If you need high rankings and higher visitor conversion rates, then creating valuable, unique content and generating value for other people and businesses is paramount.  The process we’ll talk about here has two basic components: high quality targeted content and high quality targeted links.

As you’ll read below, this process of targeted link building is itself high quality and generates extended value beyond high Google rankings. It takes your whole business to a new plateau.

The Path to Nowhere

Quality links can’t be garnered via an Indian cheap link builder. These are created through your action and strategy of interacting with top companies, influencers, journalists, bloggers of high relevance and authority with authenticity.

Building relationships with industry people is so fruitful.  You won’t create these powerful relationships using an Indian link builder. This is high quality connectivity with people you would never be able to reach — people who can take your business to the top in the real world. Sound exciting? It is exciting.

These new targeted connections, and outreach on the web and social media platforms will open up all sorts of new business avenues. Feel optimistic because it creates more value than anything else your digital marketing can produce.

What Google looks for are signals that indicate genuine interaction, transparency and exchange of relevant value. They assess your content and see if there’s meaningful interaction around it.

How Long Do Links Take to Affect your Rankings?

It used to take months for any visible sign of growth in rankings, but as this graph shows, the influence grows gradually over a number of weeks. You should be heartened that your efforts will be rewarded so quickly. Why does it take so long? Google wants to be sure the link is legit and it takes the indexing system that long to determine what the link’s significance is.


Chart courtesy of Smart Insights.

Google evaluates the trustworthiness, relevance, authority, and many other factors that top websites possess via its Panda update and Rankbrain update. The process involves over 200 factors. Trust arises out of genuine interaction, transparency, and exchange of value.

Google can see and attribute this to your website.  High quality content is a cornerstone, since creating value for others has such a powerful effect on their behavior. Listen to Rand Fishkin’s interpretation of unique, valuable content:

This process will improve link building results, improve content strategy, grow social media engagement, increase likability and trust, and vastly increase your networking reach. So whether you’re building real estate leads, improving your marketing agency, or grow your profit, targeted link building brings the sustained results that are good for your business.

What is your unique value proposition? What value can you generate for other businesses?

Your To Do List:

  • find which approaches and sites will give us larger outreach which then could create the high quality links you hope for
  • what resources do you have to create high quality content?
  • how much time and money do we need to create high quality content to share?
  • what passionate topics and presentation do we need to interest people in to link to your site?
  • what can we do specifically for other businesses which they can’t do for themselves?
  • find out how can we create common ground or points of intersection with people or businesses you need to get links from
  • determine which content type works best: infographics, case studies, news, statistics, or perspectives/blogs?
  • create a spreadsheet with url, contact info, and what you’ll do to reach out to influencers, bloggers and readers
  • let as many people know about your content as possible, and make it easily available
  • link to your linkbait from your current high ranking pages (visibility) as the readers are the most likely ones to share your content and message
  • execute and find something that works?

These above tasks/tactics above are what we need to do to get ourselves positioned to create a powerful links from sites that Google considers important. If all of this is too demanding of your time and energy, you would be wise to hire a link building pro.

Statistics show that small businesses which hire experts have a much greater chance of survival. Those which don’t, often fail within 5 years. Experts help you plan your long term strategy so you’re in business continuously even through recessions. Experts help you rise to a competitive level soon which brings significant awareness of your company and builds loyalty through your brand.

Link building is a tough task. Set aside a good amount of funds and enjoy the targeted intelligent process of link building. It’s a networking process you can use to build new customers or clients. There are so many add on benefits to doing professional link building.

To choose a good link builder, check out the quality of their blog and social media sites, and whether they’re actively involved in promoting their business.

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