Beautiful Condos in Vancouver

The Newest Condominium Developments in Vancouver are Amazing

If you could move anywhere in Canada, I’m betting that Vancouver or Victoria or Kelowna might be first on your list.  For many young and old migrants they are the destination and that’s pushing up condo prices for houses and condos here.

The climate, economy, lifestyle, culture, nature, and recreation here has made Canada’s West coast desirable for decades for Canadian retirees and now for new residents from around the globe. Its changed the culture and reputation of British Columbia and Vancouver. The 2010 Olympics played a big role in that.

Despite the alternatives of Costa Rica, Mexico, Florida, and Arizona, BC has a special allure for the modern retiree who has few plans to sit around. And for others who want to continue working, Vancouver’s economy in particular should keep them busy and open up new career possibilities.

Vancouver’s Wealth Inspires Modern Luxury

Yes the world’s attention has been on Vancouver real estate for some time now.  While the cost of condos here is rising as fast as the skycrapers, the lack of land and housing availability in Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, and City of Vancouver ensures demand will be strong for condos as rental properties or homes. Builders and investors are smiling.

In September 2017, the average price of Vancouver Condos hit an all-time high at more than $872,000 CAD.  Condo sales are up 21% YoY and condo inventory is down 34.4%.

Housing here is some of the most expensive in the world so investors and condo buyers are focusing on condo apartments, just as they are in Toronto or Miami. The influx of immigrants and foreign students in Vancouver is making the condo market even more heated. Builders are at least trying to respond with a new attitude toward condo living.

Global Investors Love Vancouver

Investors and buyers from around the world are excited with the beauty of the luxury houses and condominiums being built here. Designers are breaking through tired, outdated design concepts to create places people actually want to live in.

There are few 4k videos of new condo construction available, but let’s have a quick look at one prestigious condominium in Vancouver.

Vancouver residents are exhausted from the high prices and believed it was only Asian buyers who were driving condo prices up. The truth may be that Vancouver is now a world class city, perhaps the most beautiful place to live on the planet. Combine Canada’s booming economy and the seaside/mountain lifestyle and how could it be a surprise that everyone wants to move here?

How many cities offer world class restaurants and museums, mountain hiking and snow skiing, ferry rides, biking trails, mountain biking, kayaking, watersports, seaplane tours, coastal train rides, deep sea fishing and more all within a half hour city drive? I could spend all day just drinking coffee and watching the seaplanes coming and going. Vancouver’s fascinating attractions just never seem to end.

Ole Schearen’s Proposed tower at 1500 West Georgia Street breaks condos out of the boring mode. The building will have offset apartment modules and outdoor terraces which offer exhilarating views of the city.

The views of the greater Vancouver region and the lack of housing availability may be the key engines of the drive to the sky.

Asian buyers in particular only want to live in Vancouver and that’s pushing up demand for condos keeping Vancouver realtors very busy. Fortunately, they’ve got all of these stylish condominiums below and more to choose from.

And while we’re on the topic of condos, there is a growing demand for student housing in Vancouver. And that has drawn substantial interest in Vancouver’s condos as student housing communities. Recently CIBT converted the Viva Tower Hotel to luxury student accommodations.

And due to severe land shortage, Vancouver’s condo architects and developers must design with higher density in mind. Now the reach for the sky begins, with some people agreeable to erecting 1,000 foot tall skyscrapers to help Vancouver “grow up.”   That’s already occurred in Toronto, however the new Vancouver condos are truly awesome.

Before we soar above Vancouver, you might also like the low rise condominiums too:


And the neighbourhoods such as Coal Harbour and False Creek are a big part of the draw giving new residences a much better living experience.


Trump International Hotel and Tower
Trump International’s newest development looks amazing. It’s coming along well toward completion. Located in Vancouver’s Coal Harbour area, this 63 story high mixed-use development features 217 and residences and a luxury hotel with 147 suites.



Lavish Luxury in Coal Harbour

This $18 Million Penthouse has plenty of ceiling room and panoramic views. You’ll never get bored of something to look at on the 48th floor of The Private Residences at the Hotel Georgia. You can watch ships float up English Bay and see all the way to Vancouver Island’s mountains.


The Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel

This 47 story reinforced concrete and post tension slab tower has 415 guestrooms on the bottom 22 floors and 175 residential units above. The top floor unit sold for a record $25 million but offers amazing views of Canada Place.  pacific_rim_penthouse

Terraces at the Peak at SFU by Intergulf

This new construction project is an amazing location in Burnaby as the pics below attest. The 13 storey building features 117, 1,2 or 3 bedroom condos up to 2000 sq ft. It may be sold out by now, however you can find out more at their website. Definitely worth a quick visit.

Image courteys of
Image courteys of
Image courteys of

One Harbour Green

This building was completed in 2006. It offers 57 suites on 23 floors. vancouvercondos-One_Harbour_Green

The Arc by Concord Pacific in Yaletown

Concord Pacific’s very creative architects and engineers have built something so unusual, modern and luxurious, it’s beyond words.  This building wins my award for this most luxurious and well architected condominium in Vancouver.




First Baptist Church Residential Tower

It’s in the works, a 56-storey zebra-like tower in downtown Vancouver situated next to a church.  It will contain 295 units. It was designed with an external channel to reduce heating/cooling costs and allow residents to socialize.

vancouvercondos-969-Burrard_5 vancouvercondos-969-Burrardchurch

Shaw Place on the Harbourfront

Shaw Place stands 483 feet high.  The lower 16 floors of the tower are offices while the upper 24 floors have 130 work-live condominiums. One of the most attractive features of living on Coal Harbour is that it’s next to Harbour Green Park, the Vancouver Convention Centre and Vancouver’s famous Seawall.


99 Pender

99 Pender will be a uniquely shaped tower at the crossroads of the business district and historic Chinatown and Gastown in downtown Vancouver. It is in the proposal phase presented by two developers and Bing Thom architects.


Vancouver House

Vancouver house is a 56 story twisting structure which seems to shy away from the Granville Bridge to tower over  Howe Street.   The condominium development will offer 407 condo units, 95 rental units, 80,000 square feet of retail space and 77,000 square feet of office space.


Tower Green West

Tower Green’s unique value proposition is sustainability, energy conservation, water efficiency, occupant well being, located in Coal Harbour. The waterfront, shops, and good access via the aquabus makes it a very different way to live.




Just one more beautiful condo building to see, but this one is in Victoria BC. This is my idea of the ultimate condo, mid rise with amazing views.

The Janion

Over looking Victoria’s Inner harbour is the Janion, a fusion of past and present. The front of the building is restored brick structure while the back is sleek, modern with endless windows.




Have a good at some amazing Toronto Condo projects too.

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Houses for Sale in Phoenix

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Relying solely on a local Phoenix Realtor might be common, but putting all your eggs in one basket could mean you’re not finding the best houses for sale.

The reason for this is that a lot of homes aren’t listed on the MLS where Realtors draw almost all of their leads from. Some realtors have pocket listings which they want to sell themselves. Can’t blame them. The real estate business is a difficult, competitive industry.

There are at least 5,400 homes for sale in Phoenix listed on alone and zillow has almost 7,000 homes listed. That’s a lot of houses for sale! The house you’re looking for may never be listed so you’ll want to be more proactive to get first dibs. 

House prices have not reached the pre-recession highs in 2007 and given the moderation trends occuring now, they may not reach them. You should have slightly better luck in 2018.

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Real Estate Investors Huge Impact on the Economy

The Net Benefit of Real Estate Investors – $9 Billion!

A joint survey by Bigger Pockets and Memphis Invest revealed some fascinating insight into the attitudes of real estate investors and their impact on the US economy. They concluded in their 2014 report, that 28 million real estate investors have a $9 Billion+ effect on the economy. The survey results are displayed in the infographic below.

This really is timely and newsworthy. The numbers in 2017 might be even higher. Add investment in new multi-unit rental property and commercial real estate and the numbers are astonishing. If money begins leaving the stock market and pours into the housing market, how will this affect your own best investment picks?

In the past ten years, investment has been focused on electronic technology and software and with that, the US economy hasn’t fared well. Housing is something the US has always done well and it looks like the general population is about to get wind of this fact.

The spin off investment in furniture, appliances, home servicing, renovation, new school construction, new retail establishments, and more creates jobs in the US and further investment within the US. Is Donald Trump ready to capitalize on this basic and proven economic process? Quoted in a Bloomberg report, Robert Shiller says the US could be in for boomtimes and that means lots of new developments and higher home prices.

From Los Angeles to New York to San Francisco, a healthy housing market could soon boom and you’ll want to discover the best ZIP codes for real estate.

Perhaps this is the signal we need to put more investment dollars into real property, whether for buying as an income property investment or in new homes to live in. This infographic offers some excellent insight into investor profiles, risk tolerance, rental price predictions, and more.

Infographic courtesy of Bigger Pockets and Memphis Invest

Trump: Responding to the Housing Crisis

It’s hard to argue that there is a housing crisis across the country. Even in Canada, with its limitless supply of land, there is a housing crisis too. So we know there is and was something very negative that has been suppressing investment in real estate in North America. This could be about to end with the Trump era.

It’s still uncertain as to what he intends to do, and he probably hasn’t decided what to do. It will all play out in real time. Investors, governments, builders, renovators, realtors, and mortgage agents will have learn, react and plan on their feet. So, it’s an exciting time where everyone will have their values and understanding of the economy, housing market and real estate investment wisdom challenged.

There will be some big failures in the coming years too as Trump further drains the swamp. Old and young investors alike will find the new, clean swimming pond frighteningly responsive and hazardous with all-new predators and regulators. They all want a piece of the housing pie too.

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Urban Land Institute – Real Estate Forecast to 2018

ULI Real Estate Consensus Forecast:  A Short Term Outlook from Real Estate Economists/Analysts

The Urban Land Institute has just released it’s Fall 2016, 3 year Short Term housing and real estate outlook report with predictions from 51 real estate and economic experts. Quite a few organizations including NAR, National Association of Home Builders, Trading Economics, Kiplinger, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Bloomberg, Moodys, and more produce their own housing forecast reports.

Which ones are credible and reliable outlooks of housing activity ahead?  If you’re a homeowner, investor, mortgage agent, or realtor, it may be wise to read and weigh a number of them for a more reliable forecast.

uliThe Urban Land Institute, or ULI, is a Washington, D.C., Hong Kong, and London think tank and research institute whose purpose is to provide leadership in the responsible use of land to build thriving communities worldwide.

Some of its organizational mandate is to encourage progressive development, conduct research in sustainability, smart growth, compact development, and workforce housing. The ULI was created during the Great Depression in 1936 and now has 38,000 members (according to Wikipedia).

Discover more on Long Term Housing predictions for the US and the San Francisco Forecast, LA Forecast, San Diego Forecast, and the Toronto Forecast for 2017 to 2020.  It’s an interesting report for investors, realtors, first time homebuyers, mortgage agents, and businesse in the construction and renovation trades.

The ULI housing and real estate report offers up specific forecasts for:

  1. Broad economic indicators
  2. Real estate capital markets
  3. Property investment returns for four property types
  4. Vacancy rates and rents for five property types
  5. Housing starts and prices

From the report overview, HUD states:

“The ULI Real Estate Consensus Forecast for October 2016 projects continued economic expansion over the next three years but at a somewhat slower pace than the prior two years; relatively high but declining commercial real estate volumes; continued commercial price appreciation, rent growth and positive returns but at more subdued and decelerating rates; better than average vacancy/occupancy rates, except for retail; continued growth in single family housing starts but remaining at levels below the long-term average.”

All indicators are above their 20 years averages with the exception of commercial price appreciation, equity REIT returns, and NCREIF returns. Looking ahead to 2018, HUD forecasts: commercial property price growth, equity REIT returns, NCREIF returns for the four major property types, retail availability, rental rate growth for office and retail, RevPAR growth for hotels, and single-family housing starts will perform below their 20 year averages.

Commercial Real Estate Still Looking Good

From the report:

“Commercial real estate prices are projected to grow at relatively subdued and slowing rates in the next three years, at 5.0% in ‘16, 4.0% in ‘17 and 2.5% in ‘18, all below the long-term average growth rate of 5.7%.”  “Capitalization rates for institutional-quality investments (NCREIF cap rates) are expected to inch up gradually to 5.2% in 2016, 5.3% in 2017 and 5.5% in 2018.”

“Commercial real estate transaction volume has consistently increased for 6 years and reached a volume in ‘15 that is surpassed only by that in ‘07. Volume is expected to decline for the next three years to $475 billion in ‘16, $450 billion in ‘17, and $428 billion in ‘18. Despite the decline, these volumes continue to stay substantially above the 15-year average of $280 billion.”

Roaring Times for Residential Real Estate

Hud says housing starts will increase 30+%, from 714,500 units in 2015 to 875,000 units in 2018, remaining below the 20-year annual average. Compare that to other national US forecasts for these periods.  How will Donald Trump affect US housing numbers?

Rental Apartment Availability to Increase

The report reveals the experts forecast an easing up of rental apartment vacancies with the national rate up 5.23% in 2018 however these rates are still below the 20 year average vacancy rates. The report doesn’t forecast apartment rentral rates in tight markets such as San Francisco or New York.

Screen Capture of Apartment Vacancy Rate Chart to 2018 Courtesy of


You can read the full report on the HUD website.

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Aurora Newmarket Real Estate Forecast – 2018 to 2020 | New Homes for Sale | New Construction Houses Condos Resale Properties

Real Estate Market in Aurora and Newmarket

Winter 2017/2018 was a quiet one. However with spring 2018 here, we’re seeing the Newmarket real estate market, Aurora real estate market and the East Gwillimbury market offering the best availability of old stock and new homes for sale in the Toronto region.

The new stress test rules have cooled the Toronto Real estate market, and prices have cooled in York region in particular. Last spring, Aurora, Newmarket, Vaughan, and East Gwillimbury were scortching hot markets with soaring prices for detached homes.

Aurora/Newmarket Home Sales Statistics

Screen Capture courtesy of

As you can see in this chart below, home prices are very similar to 2 years ago before the bubble peaked. Active listings in Aurora has from 83 in May 2016 to 226 currently. And in Newmarket there is a much healthier 280 active listings compared to 102 in May 2016.  Not great, but better for buyers.

The issue in York region is similar to cities across the US and Canada — a lack of availability. Without anywhere to go, people are hanging onto their houses even as prices slide. Their buoyed by the realization that with government development restrictions suppressing housing developments in York Region, their home price will not fall much.

If there is a Toronto housing crash, the price drops in Aurora, Newmarket, and East Gwillimbury would be extreme as we saw through the latter part of 2017.  With the coming of the provincial election, we could see a new approach to housing in Ontario (although the PCs haven’t said they would ease the problem). The hope of a Toronto housing boom is fading with the NAFTA negotiations failing.

City Sales in January Home Price Index Change YoY Average Price
Detached House January 2018 Dec 2017 Nov 2017 Oct 2017 Sept 2017 May 2016
Aurora 28 -2.54 1,079,493 $1,033,353 $1,249,613 $1,280,888 $1,458,481 $1,160,286
Newmarket 33 -5.09 $871,412 $879,151 $763,071 $916,350 $895,191 $871,904
East Gwillimbury 15 0.26 $851,687 $769,624 $946,465 $1,013,350 $895,119 $766,528
Condo Townhouses
Aurora 3 $393,333 $455,000 $457,429 $926,643 $515,333 $622,570
Newmarket 0 $592,417 $577,500 $727,500 $584,543 $530,492
East Gwillimbury 0

Living in York Region

This spring in 2018, buyers might find that perfect house in York Region whether new homes for sale or old housing stock.  Traveling up the 404 or 400 to check out houses for sale in  Aurora and Newmarket  as well as Bradford and fast growing East Gwillimbury, buyers do like what they see.  To buy a home in Aurora, you may be looking at $1 million.

New Condominium on Jonway, Aurora
Brookfield Developments – Just off of Leslie, north of Wellington Rd Aurora
Multimillion Dollar home in West Aurora
This new development on the old Glenway Golf Course grounds is completed, although there hundreds of new homes being built toward Yonge St, south of Davis Drive. Check them out on the Newmarket new homes page.

Northern York Region continues to grow particularly as word gets out about new housing developments in Aurora and new homes for sale in Newmarket. and those in East Gwillimbury.

Newcomers are impressed with the quality of living in York Region with the open spaces, clean air, Cooks Bay to the north, the Durham forest to the east, and the small town living.

Aurora and Newmarket are perfect for growing families with the number excellent schools, libraries, recreation facilities, shopping, and a vibrant commercial/business area. These are communities with a definite character and high standard of living.

If you’re investigating the Aurora and Newmarket  or anywhere in Northern York region to buy a detached home or condo, you won’t be disappointed at the lifestyle in these quaint cities. Andas this most recent updated market report for 2017 suggests below, prices are appreciating and availability is being squeezed.

There are new housing developments here, some quite large, however most have already been sold out. It’s a seller’s market here like no other in York Region.

Check Homes for Sale in Newmarket or Aurora Right Now.

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[bctt tweet=”York Region is forecast to grow to a population of 1.79 million and employment of 900,000 by 2041″ username=”@gord_collins”]

Population Growth to Boost Demand for Detached Homes

The Aurora/Newmarket area is a special urban zone just north of Toronto, Canada, surrounded by development-blocked scrubland called green space. This scarcity of usable, development land for housing is the number one driver of skyrocketing prices in these two towns and a current housing crisis for many residents. For investors and speculators alike, this region is worth a good look.

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t believe the housing market in the Aurora, Newmarket and Bradford area won’t boom for some time. Huge new housing developments being built currently on the west and east sides of these much desired towns are providing hundreds of new homes for sale. Those new properties are hot commodities.

It’s a testament to the popularity of the region and the growth in migration from Toronto and Mississauga, and from south YR to north YR. But without land, homes can’t be built.

Here’s some eye opening stats on how single detached home prices and listings have changed in the last 12 months in the Aurora, Newmarket, Markham, Richmond Hill area to give you some perspective before we continue.

 Sales Chart 2016 York Region Detached Home Sales Comparison September 2015 to 2016
City Average Selling Price September 2015 Avg Selling Price March 2017 YOY Price Growth Avg DOM 09/2015 Avg DOM 09/2016 New Listings Active Listings Avg Selling Price / Listing Price
Aurora $908,640 $1,381,668 33% 22 10 130 64 105%
Bradford E Gwillimbury $650,324 $1,166,594 33% 30 26 58 60 101%
King $1,183,743 $1,854,652 31% 59 28 159 125 100%
Markham $1,114,035 $1,680,833 35% 15 13 70 118 100%
Newmarket $734,830 $1,143,251 36% 18 11 194 104 105%
Richmond Hill $1,169,054 $1,835,719 30% 15 14 371 243 105%
Whitchurch-Stouffville $876,188 $1,369,276 33% 29 15 107 87 104%

Ontario Government – Places to Grow and Urban Intensification Act

Will mounting pressure on the Ontario government force the increase of more land for development? Will the lack of housing stock for resale jump prices another 28% in 2017, and throttle the market here in York Region? My guess is the slowdown forecast by expert housing analysts won’t happen until late summer next year. The Ontario government’s urban intensification plan and places to grow program will provide strong upward pressure on prices in Aurora, Markham, Richmond Hill, Stouffville and Newmarket. This is by design.

People want to live in Newmarket and Aurora and improving roads in the region will at least offer the illusion of a nice to commute to work yet the truth is, roadways have also been constrained along with housing development.  Buyers are hoping and waiting for new listings in Aurora/Newmarket but the wait may be long.  Just this summer the Ontario minister of Finance announced new rules that intend to restrict development even more.

Bryan Tuckey, president of the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD). “The net effect will be higher housing prices across the board.”

Home Prices in Aurora ON

This comparison of prices and DOM of the neighbourhoods in Aurora below should highlight how things have changed just in the last 15 months. The average home price in Aurora Estates has risen $250,000 and in the Hills of St Andrews, up a whopping $450,000!  Since active listings are down this year, it suggests home prices will rise further in 2017. Will they rise through to 2020? As long as the Toronto market remains hot and overpriced, demand will keep spilling into Markham, King, Vaughan, Stouffville, and Aurora.

While new construction developments on the east side are available, there is no room to grow. Price pressure will be enormous through 2020 and beyond. If prices have risen 22% in the last, we can safely project that demand will continue through 2020 if the Toronto economy and the US economy should hold during that time.yorkregionhomeprices-top




Luxury Home for Sale in Aurora WestPrices are rising fast and many homeowners who previously wouldn’t sell are finally coming to the conclusion that now is the time to sell. But the market isn’t about about to die. Even with the governments acting to add taxes and raise mortgage qualification requirements, the demand for homes in Aurora and Newmarket is high. Lately, Aurora home prices have risen faster than any other municipality in the Toronto area.

New Home Construction Developments in Aurora ON

St John’s Forest – Mattamy Homes sales office not open yet

Treasure Hill – Time Village on 25 Mavrinac Blvd. Aurora, ON

Aurora Trails – Arista Homes Sales Center at  corner of Wellington St. and Mavrinac Blvd Aurora, ON

Newmarket Home Prices 2015 to 2016

A look at Newmarket home prices in the last 15 months might help us determine what kind of price increases and availability will mark the 2017 selling season. Newmarket homes sell for about $400,000 less than in Aurora, however, as more homes are sold in Copper Hills in east Newmarket near the 404, and new developments north of St Johns Sideroad, and in Glenway estates (former Glenway golf course), the average home price should rise.



Newmarket New Home Construction Developments – New Homes for Sale

Are you on the hunt for new homes for sale in Newmarket?

Copper Hills Phase 4 – Sales office at 1035 Poppy Lane, Newmarket

ESPRIT Newmarket – Presentation centre at 219 Davis Drive West, Newmarket

Glenway Phase II – Andrin Homes and Lakeview Homes presentation centre at 26 Lesmill Rd #3, North York.

The housing stock is predominantly new and categorized as luxury real estate as you can see in the Aurora homes galleries, the prices put Aurora and Newmarket homes in that category. Take a look at this gallery of Aurora luxury homes  and you’ll see what’s typically available for $1.5 million to $8 million here. You’ll find some beauties in what are spectacular neighbourhoods providing an unparalleled quality of life.

Please do read the Toronto Real Estate Forecast to get up to date on the factors that are pushing Southern Ontario real estate prices up. The major reason is a huge demand for housing in general and for single detached homes in general. Millennial buyers in particular are eager to leave their parent’s homes and buy, yet prices are staggering. Previously, availability in Newmarket and Aurora were severely constrained yet price hadn’t quite jumped yet. Now prices are shooting up fast because buyers and investors are learning more about these towns. Given how desirable living north of the Green belt is, buyer demand will continue.

Is this the right year to buy rental income property?  Find out more about the best investments in 2017 including investing in real estate.

Demand for homes in Aurora and Newmarket will likely not abate for some time. Speculation may increase considerably in the next few years since it’s believed the Ontario government will not alleviate the places to grow legislation. There is talk about how something has to give as discussed in this article in York Region News, yet prices will likely not fall anymore than they’d fall in other popular locations.  The GTA is growing and York Region is slated for growth as part of the provincial government’s plans.

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Sell Your Home Now – This is the Best Time!

Selling Your Home at the Top of the Market is Wise

So many babyboomers and Gen Xers are sitting on a fortune right now. Some own houses that have average value of over $1 million and they don’t need to buy lotto tickets.

If you’re stuck and feeling as though there’s no way you can cash out of the real estate lottery, you should be talking to a realtor who has ideas about selling your house for a fortune and helping you relocate.

In this post, I reiterate why you need to sell, and offer some ideas on how you can manage this very fortunate transition in your life.

The housing market doesn’t offer opportunities like this very often. Almost never. So good advice is to look into selling right now. Don’t hesitate because if your local market crashes, your  once in a lifetime opportunity – you lose. Get out before the tidal wave of listings begin. Markets that rise this fast are vulnerable to a crash.

In Toronto in particular, we could be looking at a burst bubble. Last summer the banks were sounding the Toronto housing crash alarm and with the quickening pace of prices in the GTA this year, home sellers should be ready to pull the trigger.

I have friends and relatives sitting on these fortunes and some are preparing to sell. They’re on the hunt for rental properties or moving onto new builds in other cities. In the grand scheme, this is such a smart personal move. The $200k to $600k profit they will make on their home sale, it would take them 10 years to earn that money in their jobs. 10 years of hard labor.

Buy low and sell high.

That’s traditional wisdom in real estate investment, and it still works today whether you live in Miami, Boston, San Diego, San Francisco or Los Angeles. The cycles of the housing market undulate like a roller coaster ride at Disneyland, and are we nearing the plunge (crash forecast) in a few markets?

costacoupleThe housing markets in Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco are seriously overheated and a plunge in 2017 might not be so exhilarating or good for your personal wealth. Selling now in these markets might be the wisest financial decision you’ll ever make.  You’ve got a short term where you can market your home online and build demand, perhaps even to get over asking price.

Some babyboomers bought their houses in the 70’s and 80’s and are now cashing in for 1000% profit. No one could foresee that kind of return, nor would any of them know they would be so incredibly wealthy from selling that property when they bought it in the 70s or 80s.

Do you need a professional, reliable realtor to help you prepare and sell your home? Contact me so I can connect with a good one with experience and a passion for selling.

Sharing is good for your social health. Pass this post onto your friends and neighbors. Buying and selling is serious business and they need the facts!

Mike Wall has the right idea and has a guide to help you do the right thing
Mike Wall has the right idea and has a guide to help you do the right thing – convert your equity on paper to real cash

How Could You Engineer Such a Feat?

It’s easy, and here’s 7 alternatives that can help you cash on what was a great ride in the realty market and now your maximum payoff in 2017.

  1. Move Somewhere else Cheap for a Year or Two. Just rent in those towns, (12 to 24 months is $18000 to $40,000) and get ready to buy or custom buid your next home when the market falls.
  2. Sell and use some of the funds to renovate your parent’s old place to create an income suite. Live in the income suite for a couple of years. You’ll break even and you’ll be ready to do a custom build somewhere cheaper.
  3. Check Your Weight, Blood Pressure and Stress Levels: look at how stressful and stagnant yours and your family’s life has become — it is worth it to keep on paying down a mortgage when you’re passing by an opportunity to profit in the hundreds of thousands – get a quote from a realtor about intelligent renovations and staging – let’s fatten this one for market and save your health (later on, you’ll recognize the toll your life as put on your health).
  4. Tax Free Costa Rica real estate
    Can you believe some places have Tax Free living?

    Move to Costa Rica or Belize – these countries require you to have an income of more than $3000/month (or a big bank account which you’ll have). Consider how much fun you and your kids are going to have – unaparalelled experiences, once in a lifetime thrills and fulfillment.

  5. Sell and move to a rural area – locations inland from LA, San Diego are amazing, as is central British Columbia, Muskoka and Haliburton, Northern California, Oregon, and Washington State and Colorado, upstate NY or in the Adirondacks, or how about near Phoenix? I wouldn’t mind some sunshine and warming heat to bask in. There’s a life of excitement, zest, passion and fulfilling experience that could be yours. You just need to make the decision.
  6. Build a custom home way out past the burbs and build in a rental income suite and get your next mortgage paid!  The renter could pay a good portion of your home loan and you’ll have plenty for a better education and travel experiences for your kids, not to mention a bigger yard for them to make every day fun.
  7. Sell your home, leave your job and start a new business. How about starting a new online business now that you’ll have the cash resources to make it go? You could use my digital marketing services to help market your home persuasively and for over asking price, then use my services to build your business and make it soar.  You could even live on Google Adsense revenue like I do! Let’s have crazy fun making videos and starting businesses in fun markets anywhere in the world!

Even More Reasons to Sell Your Home Now

Yes, there’s more reasons to sell your home now.  Perhaps you’re getting older and the commute to work is taking its toll on your health. This is no small matter. There’s lots of talk about telecommuting as traffic worsens everywhere, but guess what?  Despite rising costs like car insurance and gasoline, no one’s telecommuting.

Barb Schwarz book on staging during a down market will be handy if you’re deciding to wait a while:)

Perhaps you need to begin thinking about fulfilling your dreams while you’re still young enough? Maybe markets outside Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Seattle or Boston have excellent low priced homes at rock bottom prices that are about to start going upward on the price curve?

Accelerate your Family wealth. If you sell, you can give a portion of the proceeds to your kids, perhaps tax free, and let them invest in income generating property and pay off their mortgages.

Dark Thoughts – consider whether the economic fundamentals in both Canada and the US can sustain price growth and whether the next administration will tank the US economy.  In my Los Angeles housing forecast and US home price forecast, I pointed out how strong economic factors will likely prevail. In fact, things are good which means buyers are optimistic and willing to buy.  You need a buyer that’s motivated to pay you top price. If you wait too long, you may be stuck. New housing construction is on the rise.

Buyers are Hoping, Waiting and Voting for a Market Crash – A huge and growing market of Millennials want to buy a home but prices and mortgage rules are making that impossible.  They are waiting for the market to semi-crash so they can afford to buy.

Poor Market Awareness – The problem with the way most people buy and sell is that they don’t anticipate trends or respond to them fast enough We’re not economists, and even they haven’t been that accurate in the past.  It’s unlikely you’ll ever get a better price for your home in markets such as Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, the Bay Area, Boston, Seattle, or Toronto. Although you’re probably getting sentimental about leaving your neighborhood, the rewards and benefits of moving on with your life are many. A new life in a location far from the aggravation, congestion, noise and smog of the city can revitalize your life.

If you’re a babyboomer wondering about the quality of your years ahead, that curiosity or doubt should be sufficient warning.

The fact is, tens of millions of babyboomers and Gen Xers right now are weighing the value and opportunity of selling and putting a new emphasis on quality of life. You’re not alone.

Is 2017 the right year to purchase rental income property?  Find out more about the best investments in 2017 including investing in real estate.

This Golden Opportunity Will Pass

Consider how the plunge of oil prices affected those in Calgary, Edmonton, Dallas, Houston, and North Dakota and how they saw their big investment plummet in value becoming a terminal debt sentence rather than a return on investment.

When the market is high, be smart, cash in and enjoy the results.  Move onto a new exciting home and business life where you follow your passions and enter a new phase of learning and growth. Your family will thank you for it.

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Real Estate Investment Opportunities for Chinese Buyers Grows

Chinese Buyers Lead the Growth of Real Estate Investment

The demand for homes in Canada and US continues to grow relentlessly. China buyers are eager to have a piece of the economic revolution happening in places like San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, Seattle, Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto where prices have shot up. Chinese buyers in particular are amazed by the size of homes and property they can buy here. And they should keep buying either as an investment or with intentions to emigrate here

The influx of Chinese immigrant investors looking for homes for sale has been good for Canada. And while Vancouver real estate is what they were after, they’re moving onward to explore Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, and Montreal as possible places to invest.

Canada lacks the financial resources to build homes or to take advantage of our vast natural resources and the spread of the new financial infusion is creating business prosperity.  Currently, our economy is at its weakest in growth in 60 years.

While some foreigners have offered to bring in their own workers and take all the natural resources away, our government has wisely declined the generous offer. Instead, Chinese immigrant investors could make a huge difference to our quality of life by moving here and helping with our growth. And it might even prevent the social malaise of poverty that’s hit so many communities — particularly in the north where youth suicide is a growing problem. Homelessless is becoming a big problem in Canada too where it never has been previously.

Our Canadian dollar isn’t low enough for Canadian companies to compete internationally with China, India, Viet Nam and Mexico. We’re suffering and the easy fix for that is investment money from China. Chinese immigrants love the opportunity to own a beautiful home here and have their children educated at what are increasingly excellent schools. The rise in quality of education institutions across Canada is shocking. However, entry into the new schools is expensive.

Chinese buyers are looking for good tax haven/risk management, and that’s driving the market. If Vancouver doesn’t want new investment anymore, that’s fine. Investors will find plenty of real estate and high quality of life in Alberta and Ontario. Chinese investors are finding out more about Canada and that it isn’t as bad as they thought. The quality of life is very high and they can launch new businesses in travel, resource extraction and processing, and financial services. Canada’s banks are very stable, benefit from a low currency exchange rate, and thus risk is low with fantastic upside.

Student Housing in Vancouver

Investors from Asia are also taking note of the growth of education services for foreign students. The student housing rental market is burgeoning due to the explosion of students coming to cities like Vancouver. That makes student housing investment a hot ticket for those can access it. Companies such as CIBT in Vancouver are building and buying properties solely for housing foreign students from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Dubai and other locations across the globe. The lack of housing availability in Richmond, Vancouver, Surrey, and Burnabyis creating a demand for these solutions.

Instead of slowing investment growth, the foreign buyer’s tax in BC will actually launch a new level of investment in Canada.  This is just be beginning.

الاستثمار العقاري في كندا                                                投资在加拿大

The loonie has remained low so whether investors are moving their investment via Renminbe or Yuan, the exchange is still favorable. Investors can buy commercial or residential properties and see fantastic returns over 5 years.


Picture courtesy of Malcom Hasman. Vancouver Luxury Home Realtor. Check out his exclusive magazine.

Middle East buyers are expected to spend 180 billion over the next decade across the world. 1/3 rd of all real estate purchasers in Vancouver are from China. Middle East and Chinese money will change Canada and the rest of the world. With the loonie so low, and active marketing by Canadian realtors, Canada’s share of that investment money could be huge.

It’s a window of opportunity for realtors in Canada and a key source of foreign investment in Canada. Without real estate money, foreign investment in Canada is at an all time low. Something our government doesn’t seem to be ashamed of.


欢迎中国投资者! 中国房地产买家大量购买房屋和财产在洛杉矶,纽约,多伦多,旧金山和温哥华。尽管有害的行动,如在温哥华的15%,外地购房者的税收,在加拿大的投资仍在继续。这一投资趋势是加拿大和美国非常积极的。 你可能不知道这里巨大的讨价还价。石油资源丰富的城市,如卡尔加里,埃德蒙顿,萨斯卡通有巨大的潜力。低买高卖。 在中国经济持续低迷,这让好运在加拿大和美国购买。公寓价格便宜这里有丰富的土地。亚洲买家在这里做得很好。阅读此报告中。 此外,起火的安大略省的环上读了。这是一个古老的流星降落站点的站点。该流星撞击形成了丰富的稀土金属 – 在金属的财富,他们打算尽快挖。贵金属数十亿美元,但如果将投资者从何而来?我希望中国的投资者将有助于做到这一点。告诉你的投资界的朋友约火圈。

Gòumǎi jiānádà huò měiguó de fángdìchǎn duì zhōngguó tóuzī zhě

huānyíng zhōngguó tóuzī zhě!

Zhōngguó fángdìchǎn mǎi jiā dàliàng gòumǎi fángwū hé cáichǎn zài luòshānjī, niǔyuē, duōlúnduō, jiùjīnshān hé wēngēhuá. Jǐnguǎn yǒuhài de xíngdòng, rú zài wēngēhuá de 15%, wàidì gòufáng zhě de shuìshōu, zài jiānádà de tóuzī réng zài jìxù. Zhè yī tóuzī qūshì shì jiānádà hé měiguó fēicháng jījí de.

Nǐ kěnéng bù zhīdào zhèlǐ jùdà de tǎojiàhuánjià. Shíyóu zīyuán fēngfù de chéngshì, rú kǎ’ěr jiālǐ, āi dé méng dùn, sà sī kǎtōng yǒu jùdà de qiánlì. Dī mǎi gāo mài.

Zài zhōngguó jīngjì chíxù dīmí, zhè ràng hǎo yùn zài jiānádà hé měiguó gòumǎi. Gōngyù jiàgé piányí zhè li yǒu fēngfù de tǔdì. Yàzhōu mǎi jiā zài zhèlǐ zuò dé hěn hǎo. Yuèdú cǐ bàogào zhōng.

Cǐwài, qǐhuǒ de āndàlüè shěng de huán shàng dúle. Zhè shì yīgè gǔlǎo de liúxīng jiàngluò zhàndiǎn de zhàndiǎn. Gāi liúxīng zhuàngjí xíngchéngle fēngfù de xītǔ jīnshǔ – zài jīnshǔ de cáifù, tāmen dǎsuàn jìn kuài wā. Guìjīnshǔ shù shí yì měiyuán, dàn rúguǒ jiāng tóuzī zhě cóng hé ér lái? Wǒ xīwàng zhōngguó de tóuzī zhě jiāng yǒu zhù yú zuò dào zhè yīdiǎn. Gàosù nǐ de tóuzī jiè de péngyǒu yuē huǒ quān. Http://Business.Financialpost.Com/news/mining/what-ontario-needs-to-unlock-ring-of-fires-mineral-wealth-is-a-marshall-plan

Aiding to this trend of foreign money is Canada’s reputation as a safe haven. And oil prices are expected to rebound in a few years and that will raise property values. With the loonie predicted to stay low for several years, Saudis and mainland Chinese will continue their quest to invest.

This all begs the question: “How do you get foreign real estate investors to your website?”

Sources of Foreign Real Estate Buyers

Here’s the likely sources of traffic to your website:

  • organic search results pages and Google adwords advertising
  • organic and ad results
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • and numerous real estate sites such as zoocasa, trulia, zillow,, Yahoo homes, and Dream Homes Magazine for US buyers.

Important Features of A Great Realtor Website

Creating a great real estate website isn’t easy, but you’re a realtor and you cherish the challenge.  Besides SEO and social media engagement, here’s what’s important in generating a powerful real estate sales machine:

Mandarain and Arabic Language: If your targets are wealthy Chinese and Middle Easterners, you’ll need specially designed landing pages written in Mandarin and Arabic. They’ll be seeking upscale, likely $1 million plus to live in or to invest in. Of course, some are immigrants and will want a home for themselves. They’ll be better informed and comfortable with you if you have content written in their language.

IDX Listings: Have an interpreter translate some of your regular copy in your IDX pages. These prospects will feel much more comfortable if they see their language in the home listing pages.

Excellent Content Strategy: Consider how your content is mapped to your conversion funnel.  You’ll have content that fulfills the buyer journey.  Oh, and it should be search engine optimized.  For US buyers, ensure your copy relates to the property’s investment value. Add any forecasts and outlook for the local economy, Canadian economy, scarcity of homes/condos, and again, the low loonie.

Obvious Value Proposition: You should have a blog post(s) written on the topic in an informative and persuasive fashion. Since the listing page may be the landing page for visitors from Google, have a link to your “investment value” page. Reinforce the value proposition right away, since it’s actually more important than the home listing itself. The visitor will give you a very short time to make a believable promise of value. Now they’ll stay a little longer on your site, read further, and view more listings.

Trust and authority:  are important too. They’re spending millions so they want to know they’re not wasting their time, and that you’re someone who can find excellent properties and help them execute investment deals. Don’t worry that you’re not Arabic or Chinese. They may actually trust you more because you’re not.  They’re hip to shysters. Build your value proposition and your realtor brand on the high value of working with you. You’re the only realtor they need to know in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Kelowna, or Edmonton.

These are Wealthy People Enthused About Bargains in Canada

Most investors won’t be looking at anything under $1 million. So their search will look much like this.

SEO-superheroWith special landing pages written in Mandarin or Arabic, your site will have a chance of ranking for keyword searches in those languages. You might even consider altering the design to appeal to their preferences. Anything you can do to keep them in their comfort zone will help.

US or European buyers won’t be affected by the presence of these languages on the site. It’ll actually reinforce the value of these properties if buyers and European and US investors know they’re competing with Chinese and Arabic buyers. It’s an international bidding war.

Here’s 10 tips for your Foreign optimized website:

  1. Use an experienced SEO with copywriting skills who has worked on real estate websites (not a technical SEO)
  2. Write content that reinforces the value of real estate investment in Canada.
  3. Write tweets, facebook posts, and pinterest pins on specific properties
  4. Use aerial views of the home (use a drone with GoPro camera to show a full view of the property because it’s more emotionally engaging and
  5. Use classy videos of you presenting a property because they want to see and hear the salesperson.
  6. Write authoritative blogs on topics that show your realtor expertise — it’s more important to build your brand than talk about small topics.
  7. Write blogs on investment, currency, and how Canadian properties are a better bet than any properties elsewhere
  8. Write blog posts that will expand their view of real estate, which helps them overcome any limited or naive perspective they might have
  9. Write posts that reflect Canadian culture and preferences and the buyers who will be buying the properties off of them (remember, someone’s going to buy that property from them, so remind them that you’ll be finding great buyers for them too)
  10. Use lots of pictures, because they can overcome the limitations of language and interpretation.

Appealing to this new stream of wealthy buyers from the Middle East, China and US simultaneously won’t be easy. Build your brand of trustworthiness, knowledge, and always promote your significant, personalized, unique value proposition. Good luck with your new content strategy. ترجمة- قاموس 祝好运.

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Gord Collins has been an expert  San Francisco real estate SEO, Vancouver real estate SEO, Boston real estate SEO, and Toronto real estate SEO consultant for 18 years.  Check out his posts on prospecting tips, how to get people to sell their home,  real estate agent importance, and tips for luxury real estate agents. Gord will help you master social media, Google, PPC advertising and persuasive content development. And for link building, there’s no one better to launch your outreach campaign.

International Living – Living in Central America

Living and Retiring in the Tropics?

If you’re looking for a good real estate investment opportunity, you might want to check out International Living Magazine or Viva Tropical. They specialize in helping investors and retiries around the world to investigate buying Central American vacation and retirement properties. Watch out for scams of course, but you might find great deals on vacation condos and retirement properties if you’re intelligent and thorough.

Central American destinations like Costa Rica are growing in popularity as baby boomers tire of the cold North American winters.  Two publications offer a lot to their readers on the central American real estate market.  Although Costa Rica has been the kingpin of real estate investment in this region, there are other countries that are becoing more favourable for investment, even as an immigration investor.

Another good source of Central American real estate investment is They’ve got a wealth of articles, podcasts, and new on countries such as Costa Rica, Equador, Honduras, Argentina, Chile, Belize and more.

Check out more info on retiring in Costa Rica and which US cities are best to invest in.

Is your website traffic not what it should be? The reason is likely that the content wasn’t created strategically. Your use of content can be likened to an old motor from a 1950 pickup compared to a new electric powered car.  Your content might seem impressive to you, but it’s full power will never come out. It is inefficient. Perhaps Google doesn’t think much of it, nor do your visitors think it is compelling. Content is what it’s all about yet it must attract attention, make an impact, engage visitors, build intent and create a customer.  Let’s build a plan for you that will power you up on Google, get you shared on social media, and fascinate your visitors. It’s better to be good at something.

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