SEO Services for Atlanta Companies

Atlanta is a city slated for more growth over the coming ten years and some businesses are getting positioned as part of this city’s evolution.

New companies and new residents will be drawn by the lower cost of living, affordable real estate and low cost of doing business.

Yet Atlanta businesses owners will struggle to find the highly skilled talent they need to power a market leading business. Hiring an accomplished SEO consultant is the wisest business decision you can make.  Search engines (e.g., Google) still deliver the lion’s share of web traffic, leads, and brand awareness. SEO is one aspect of marketing where you must put in a professional level effort.

You’re hiring for search engine optimization, but not really for web design, PPC campaigns or social media engagement. We need to get SEO strategy and content excellence right first or the rest may not matter.

Deliverables for your Atlanta Business

What are the key deliverables of SEO Services?

  • competitive research (audit of competitors, vital topics and keywords, value proposition, gaps)
  • expert content strategy (designing the right content to create rankings, attention, impact, engagement, backlinks)
  • expert copywriting (well researched and constructed content which is authoritative, compelling and resonates to Google’s ranking algorithm)
  • social media strategy, posting and engagement (connecting, engaging, and building persistent awareness)
  • blogging (building urgency, rapport, value, and persistent awareness)
  • communicating your unique value proposition (building brand, making prospects feel comfortable and feeling good about your company
  • adding value to your other marketing channels (lead generation, communications, branding)

Advanced SEO Services

The point of search engine optimization isn’t to try to capture high rankings. The plan is to study your requirements, build the assets, optimize the topics/keywords, and promote to put the strategy in action so you do get the rankings on relevant, high converting keyword phrases.

The plan is always to create a customer, build brand, and grow sales. Professional approaches are needed today given how rigorous Google algorithm is, and how competitive the ranking space has become.

Read more on advanced SEO to clarify how Gord can generate high ranking, high traffic results.

Successful Companies who Used SEO

Here’s just a few of the companies I’ve helped build successes on Google, Bing and Yahoo throughout 2 decades of high rankings and big exposure.

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