Maximize your Impact to Hungry Buyers and Investors

The housing market is so hot, we might think we could put a home up for sale in any condition, site unseen and get tons of offers. Yet if getting a property sold is a no brainer in 2017, then maybe you should be doing more to get a higher price for your client.

Here’s one special new technology to show your prospective client you’re doing all you can to represent them.


The money you pay to have the home cleaned and staged, and the commission the homeowner pays can all be erased. And by further promoting it vigorously online to get the maximum number of buyers you’re adding further fuel to the price fire. That’s a lot of value added for you, so why not do this?

Buyers Want to Get Up Close and Personal

The reality is that buyers like to see a home up close and personal. Foreign buyers and investors, or out of city buyers too, would like a good look at your listed properties. If only there was some way they could experience a home tour online.


To resolve the buyer’s quest for information and them that amazing home tour experience, a great software product called Matterport 3D is making it possible. Video tours of properties aren’t new. What makes Matterport 3D unique and so in demand with realtors from Boca Raton to Los Angeles to Toronto, is the quality of their interactive home tour.

3D Tours Make an Impact Online

Who needs 3D when you could use a drone video? The Matterport tours allow the homebuyer to view the home as they wish. I’ve blogged about making an impact and establishing a powerful unique value proposition.

3D video tours are engaging and they have marketing value.  They make it easy for the homebuyer to look at or obsess about the features that are most important to them. And it’s full ceiling to floor coverage. For real estate investors, this format offers more confidence that the home and property is worthwhile.


Way too Cool Add On Features

Use a Mattertag™ Post  — This software feature lets you tag certain items in the home and add comments.

Fly Through Videos — You can also create your own fly through videos just like a drone would create!

Guided Tours — create your special presentation of key features to ensure they don’t miss the good stuff.

Matterport Spaces™ —  a cool service that will provide blueprint schematics of your home for only $15 per floor, and delivered to within 2 days, by Drone!  (Noooooo, I’m just kidding about the drone delivery, however my client Mike also does the drone video thing! :))

360 Degree Streetview  let your visitors get a good view of the street from the sidewalk.

3D Floorplan Blueprints — The Matterport Pro 3D Camera collects accurate visual and spatial data to map entire areas in minutes.

Screen Capture courtesy of

MLS Friendly Videos — for play right in your listing page and with your contact details. Get the lead while it’s hot!

What do you need? You must buy the Matterport Pro 3D Camera at a cost of $4500.  It’s no ordinary camera though.


Matterport 3D Tour Brings out the Beauty of this Wellington FL 4 Bedroom House

Take a visit to this home in Wellington, in Palm Beach County in South Florida courtesy of Boca Raton Realtor,  Mike Goldberg of United Realty. This house has so much character and beauty, typical of most modern houses for sale in South Florida. The customer can explore all the nooks and crannys at their leisure. Try it out below and you’ll see how interesting it is to explore with.

Mike’s a good photographer and that makes a big difference. You could always hire a real estate photographer to create the right light, floor locations, and angles.  If you’re a homeowner in the Palm Beach County area of Florida, contact Mike about photographing your home with the Matterport Camera. This gives you a significant advantage online, and you’ll be enjoying online marketing with me!

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