Mt Rushmore South Dakota

Mt Rushmore South Dakota

Whenever you travel, you’re hoping for something with its own special feel and culture.  Places like San Diego, Vancouver, Banff have that. So does Mt Rushmore. (See pics on my Mt Rushmore Pinterest page)

Because of these old mountains, it was the perfect location to build an incredible national monument — to showcase American history and create something awe inspiring for the American people.  They say your greatest accomplishments in life are over by the time you’re 30. Well, they chose an old guy named Gutzon Borglum to build it and it was his patience, and his sons, that he created perhaps the world’s greatest marvel.

I visited there in 1990 and it is fascinating. Biker clubs choose Rapid City and Mt Rushmore as their summer vacation spot. Wind and water have worn down the mountains here giving it incredible character.

The mountain rises to 5700 feet and the highway goes down to Rapid City.

Mt Rushmore was featured in the hit Alfred Hitchcock movie North by Northwest. If you haven’t seen it, find it online. An amazing film made in 1959 and that was ultramodern in those days.

And, National Treasure, Book of Secrets with Nicholas Cage was also set in part here.

You can camp here, see the underground caves, go mountain biking, see the old western town Keystone and just enjoy the beautiful character of this place.

If you’re driving across the north US, you have to stop here. Don’t miss a real wonder of the world.


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