Houses for Sale in San Jose

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia. San Jose California

The Bay Area housing market suffered a big quite a change in 2020.  The Techsodus of residents to the suburbs and outward from even Oakland, Richmond, or San Leandro, and up into Napa happened.

But as the pandemic begins to recede, we’lll see a return of business, home buyers and renters in and near San Jose.

House prices are rising throughout the Bay Area and Santa Clara County, and when the pandemic is over, there will be a considerable return of workers and businesses to the area.

The quality of life in the Bay Area is worth noting and silicon valley is highly successful and highly employed region. House prices in San Francisco, Mountainview, Palo Alto and San Jose are the most expensive in the US. The quest to find a home for sale is made more difficult by the home price.

A well connected and talented Realtor can help you find great houses for sale in the Southern bay area and San Jose.

Finding Homes for Sale In San Jose CA

Try this home sale widget to find available in San Jose, Cupertino, Milpitas, Palo Alto, Mountainview, and South San Francisco. Home prices range from $50,000 to $68 million.

Alternative sources of homes for sale:

Learn more about the Bay Area housing market and the state of California.

The San Jose housing market is going through some transition.

Current and historical house prices in San Jose CA. Screenshot courtesy of Zillow. has only 1400 houses for sale listed in San Jose, while Redfin has 1000. Try the Zillow search widget above to see Zillow’s 1100 listings.

Get a much more thorough search for homes for sale with a more comprehensive strategy. Whether you’re looking for a detached house, condo, townhouse, or rental property, a thorough plan for searching is a must.  Work with a Real estate agent to get best results.

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