San Diego Real Estate Forecast

San Diego’s Real Estate Market

It’s hard not to forecast San Diego as a good housing market from 2017 through 2020 just as it is in LA, San Francisco and the Bay area. Buy if you can find anyone willing to sell.

The gorgeous climate, wonderful lifestyle, improving California economy, increased immigration of workers here, beefed up military spending, and proximity to Mexico and the Asian block countries means it is perfectly positioned for big housing demand and very high home prices. 

There’s no better place to relocate to if you’re established or your business is doing well. San Diego will give you back everything you give it and more. I’ve had amazing clients in San Diego.

San Diego is an exciting place to live and for real estate investment. Similar to South Florida, it’s younger buyers in the US and foreign buyers that are eyeing property here. And while many experts call for only moderate price increases, you’ll see the stats below are suggesting higher San Diego home prices and decreased availability. It’s the right time to sell your San Diego home.

What’s San Diego’s achilles heel? Lack of housing development and urban intensification. Another problem might be politicians trying to suppress growth in this little piece of heaven.  But San Diego’s smack dab in the middle of everything. They’ll be under extreme pressure to stop the resistance and net migration into SD County.

Political Resistance to Population Growth

In the face of huge demand, politicians will be under the gun about putting the Kaibosh on SD’s amazing real estate fortune. This factor will ensure prices will rocket out of control.  Are local SD County politicians and the California government doing much to grow housing developments inland? Will the exodus of illegal Mexicans ease the issue? Are illegals buying homes?

Demand for homes in San Diego County will never subside. It is one the best places on earth and prices will stay high. For homeowners here, it is on of those infrequent opportunities to cash out and make a killing. You only need a dream and somewhere to go.

Here’s an easy to understand Forecast of San Diego’s real estate future.

San Diego’s Real Estate Forecast for 2017 is Rosy

And that’s despite the negative outlooks of some toward all of SoCal. February 2017 saw significant price increases (e.g., La Jolla up 29% year over year for detached houses and 55% for townhouse condos) and it’s driven by the California housing shortage crisis. Because of that, we’ll see big home prices right through the spring. The same outlook applies to Los Angeles, Orange County, San Jose, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

This graphics below shows housing is in short supply and affordability is plummeting. It’s an emergency situation that forecasts big rent increases and strong home price growth. Since home building takes time especially in a heavily regulated environment, there’s little chance of diminished demand. With incomes increasing and millennials coming into their family building years, the stage is set for rocketing prices.

The Three Tiered Market in SD

This excellent chart below courtesy of First Tuesday, shows how demand for lower priced properties is almost a separate world. It’s this more steep tier that is most likely to see huge price growth. Will this turn into a San Diego housing bubble as part of a US housing crash?  The 2007 real estate crash saw big drops in luxury home prices in SD and this time around, we have to wonder if foreign money will vacate fast if the market heads downward. My opinion is that California and San Diego are pretty strong and there’s no other compelling destination for foreign money.

3 Tiered Real Estate Chart Courtesy of first tuesday

It’s an excellent opportunity for rental property investors who want to capitalize on the severe housing and rental property shortage. Property owners near the I5 with waterfront views in La Jolla, Del Mar, Claremont, Solana Beach, and Encinitas may not have much to be concerned with.

As long as the Trump ecconomic surge continues, San Diego’s outlook should be bright.

Should I Sell My San Diego Home?

You could hang onto your home for another 20%, but if enough San Diegans do keep their home off the market due to greed, the repercussions could be serious. This holding onto property is happening all over North America. With nowhere to go, there’s likely not going to be a big selloff anytime soon so price rises could elevate. To ease this crisis, governments could offer incentives for home sellers to let go of their property? For sure, new housing will not ease this crisis. What will make a difference is Realtors convincing people to sell their homes and move on with their lives.

Screen Capture courtesy of SDAR

The housing shortage is a  global phenomena, not just in San Diego. All the in demand cities are seeing foreign that’s fleeing other countries boost up prices in New York, Palm Beach, Toronto, and Miami. The new problem we may face is a shortage of construction workers, which could raise construction costs. That will put upward pressure on resale home prices.

 Considering Buying or Investing in Real Estate in San Diego?

Here’s 13 factors you should be weighing when buying or selling in San Diego County:

  1. Housing Demand – High overall demand – “all cash bidding wars” in some cases
  2. Housing Supply – Throttled, supply is far from what’s needed
  3. Mortgage Rates – Continuing Low, especially in light of global economic slackening
  4. Down Payment and mortgage rules – Banks are withdrawing FHA loans however some are offering downpayments as low as 3%
  5. Regional Employment – Very low and falling
  6. Buyer Income – low yet rising quickly
  7. Home Prices – High and rising – out of reach for most buyers – many consider San Diego County homes grossly over-priced
  8. Demographics – Millennials coming into family and home buying years and their income is growing fast
  9. Number of Renters – increasing fast
  10. New Home Construction: slow (100k to 140k per year) and illegal workers being chased out
  11. Economic-Foreign Trade – Trump expected to raise US GDP and add fuel to incomes and home prices
  12. President Trump – uncertainty of what Trump will create and how much interference he’ll see
  13. Taxes on Sale of Home – Tax situation is great for sellers

What will the San Diego Real Estate Market Look Like in 2017?

2016 was a great year and there’s no reason to believe the market will falter. In fact, San Diego’s situation is very similar to the Los Angeles real estate forecast.  Typically, SD’s housing market doesn’t pick up until after the main markets have grown. Normally, it takes years before demand for high end luxury homes reaches speed here in SD.

The market right now is in waiting mode for US buyers to get richer – particularly Millenials entering their family raising years.  Sure there are South American Buyers looking for homes right now, as well as Russians, but that demand could dry up soon.

With the new Trump Era fully engaged, job growth will pick up steam in Southern California. This will drive growth in places like Escondido, Del Mar, Oceanside, Carlsbad, and San Diego.

San Diego Home Prices

Take a look at San Diego’s historic price chart courtesy of SDAR. Detached home prices are up $300,000 in the last 4.5 years. We’ll be looking at similar price growth rates in 2017.  Many experts are commenting more on a possible housing crash, which would include San Diego.

If you’re thinking of selling, this might be the best time to contact a San Diego Realtor and begin the process. There is no vertical price rise on the graph, or glut of first time buyers with underwater mortgages, but 29% price rises in La Jolla might be a signal of trouble ahead.

My guess is that we’re in for good times for a while in San Diego. Make sure you review the Los Angeles report and the Toronto Real estate forecast to give you a better understanding the global foreign buyer demand that’s affecting all markets. US home builders should  be optimistic about demand and put pressure on legislators to free up land and offer incentives.

Case Shiller’s home price index for San Diego is 229 compared to the national average of 185.

Screen Capture courtesy of SDAR Stats
Screen capture courtesy of SDAR Stats

According to SDAR, home prices are up 6% to an average of $540,000. The real estate trends reflect the general demand as shown in the Los Angeles Market report.  A sharp rise in real income, combined with lower unemployment, rising GDP, and fewer listings available points to higher prices in 2017, 2018 and 2019.  But things are heating up as we saw in La Jolla where detached homes rose an astonishing 29% to an average of 2.26 million. These rates are only seen in other cities such as Toronto.

Screen capture courtesy of SDAR Stats
Screen capture courtesy of SDAR Stats


About Business: Should San Diego be a Startup Haven?

Forbes published their top cities for startups report and they chose San Diego as the best place to launch a new business. You probably wouldn’t get too much argument that a medical and security software startup would thrive here, but is SD better than silicon valley at anything else? Blair Giesen of is a little skeptical that investors are here and that San Diego is a tech hub. But don’t tell that to San Diego Startup Week who just had their 5 day convention. And conventions are one big advantage San Diego does have.


San Diego Has All the Charm and a Good Economy – But are You Communicating That Well Enough?

California was just named the 5th largest economy in the world and it’s had a great year in 2016. That’s amazing, but does San Diego’s small business and startup growth compare to that of LA and silicon valley? Some of the data below suggests that despite growth in manufacturing and professional services, talented workers may not want to move to SD county. With the Trump presidency firmly launched, San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles may be headed for boom times.

Source: Wallet Hub

Which industries are best for startup businesses in San Diego?


Team Up with the Right Partners

Should San Diego Chamber of Commerce and San Diego Regional Economic Development be doing more?  Although some startups have found success, it isn’t easy to succeed especially in digital marketing against tough competition. Companies would be wise to get connected with companies and investors in other cities, perhaps Canada or the UK to build a wider base of success. By networking and accessing those components that don’t and never will exist in San Diego, SD might be able to compete equally with LA, NY, Boston and Silicon Valley. What shouldn’t be underestimated is the desire of companies in Vancouver or Toronto or London to work with SD companies. Motivation is a key factor in performance.

San Diego’s wonderful leisure climate and opportunities are a powerful draw to bring smart talent, business entrepreneurs, and investors from around the world. All that’s needed are people who believe in San Diego!

Check out SDEDC’s downloadable infographic of the current economic stats (June 2016)



Should SD be Leveraging the 4 Pillars instead of Leaning on Them?

San Diego has 4 key industries including maritime/naval, healthcare, tourism, and research.

Although US naval fleets and operations are the biggest engine of business and tax revenue in San Diego, the future of war doesn’t look good. If defense budgets stay at current levels, that’s fine, but San Diego needs to grow and diversify to generate greater opportunity, investment and of course jobs.

percapitasandiegoAccording to, in 2012, most employment sectors in San Diego enjoyed job growth. And the city’s current 4.2% jobless rate is extraordinary. Most cities can only dream of that. The largest gains occurred in professional services (+5,700 jobs), leisure and hospitality (+5,400 jobs), and retail and wholesale trade (+4,500 jobs), and education and healthcare (+4,300 jobs). The only sector that lost jobs was government (-1,400 jobs).  

It’s expected that from 2013 to 2018, growth will average 1.9 % per year and the fastest rates of growth will occur in information and professional and business services with annual rates of 3.8% and 2.9%

Compare SD’s per capital income growth to San Francisco’s pictured here at right, and you can expect more skilled, creative talented IT related workers to choose Palo Alto and Mountainview rather than San Diego to work and live. But for startups, it might be better to stick to Toronto (see’s vote), Vancouver or Charlotte. Boston, LA, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley are expensive. And Sergei Brin of Google agrees.

Don’t launch your startup in Silicon Valley. During the boom cycles, the expectations around the costs – real estate, salaries – the expectations people and employees have … it can be hard to make a scrappy initial business that’s self-sustaining. Silicon Valley is good for scaling that opportunity, providing more capital and allowing more risk.” — Sergei Brin stated at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit June 27, 2016

From 2016 to 2020, SD’s population will grow about 180,000 and per capita income will grow about $4,000 to an average of $58,428. The professional services sector will see the strongest job growth in total of more than 20,000 new jobs.


San Francisco’s average income is $30,000 above San Diego’s. It will take a lot for San Diego Businesses to overcome that, and the fact that Silicon Valley is full of investment money.

And in this graphic at right, we discover that per capita income will rise much faster than the California average (other CA counties will do much better).

High wages in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Mountainview, Santa Clara, San Jose will draw high skilled IT workers like flies. However the Bay Area is pricey and the cost of doing business there will eat away at capital and profits.  Silicon Valley looks to India for alleys but Donald Trump might throw a monkey wrench into their machine.


REAL ESTATE: High volumes of sales and soaring home prices indicate that compared to the rest of the nation, California metros are benefitting from strong housing sector growth in 2013. San Francisco is considered by some to be the strongest market in the country, closely followed by several other California metros including San Jose, Sacramento, Orange, and San Joaquin Counties.


Where will you find San Francisco apartments for rent? Are you looking for the best cities to invest in real estate in 2017? Where is the best Vacation destination: Costa Rica or San Diego? Is this he right time to sell your home? Reports suggest people don’t intend to sell their homes so what impact will that have on the US housing construction forecast?  How will first time buyers ever get the mortgage financing they need to buy?

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Grow Website Traffic

Website Traffic is Your Company’s Lifeblood

Traffic is everything. Without it, there is no impact, no content consumption, no brand, no convincing sales pitch, and no sales. So why would a business person decide not to create the biggest flow of well qualified traffic?

It doesn’t matter how much traffic you have — Get More and Better Traffic

When I met the team at Delta Hotels, they had a lot of traffic, over 1 million visitors per year. They said they wanted more! Well, I wondered at the time whether I could help them. How would you feel if you were handed that assignment? It’s a different kind of challenge when they’re already doing well. It wasn’t that long before I grew their traffic to 2.5 Million per year.

Who knows for sure how a hotel booking is actually generated? If you’ve searched online for a room, you know how much searching goes on. The hotel that wins a booking has to hang in there, stay visible, keep them engaged, and convince them.

So add engagement to a ton of traffic, and you can see how that would affect a company’s bottom line and boost long term value.

SEO Content Strategy Guide by Gord CollinsIn my new book, The SEO/Content Strategy Guide, I explain how to build BIG traffic using engaging content that customers like and which Google’s new artificial intelligence ranking system (RankBrain) also likes. There’s lot of benefits to having traffic so the effort is well worth it.

You know never who out of all those people who will visit your site will become your next best ever client, or who will share your message to others via social media, or who will become your raving fans. And there’s more.

When you get big traffic it lights up your analytics. In your analytics are hidden patterns of customer fulfillment. Here you not only find out what keywords they typed in, but also which content most likely led to a sales conversion.

Albert is Adgorithm’s new AI robot. Albert finds patterns in visitor behavior that leads to sales. It then looks for incoming visitors who are “lookalikes” to these visitors who became actual customers.  It greets incoming visitors, identifies the and can help serve up the content that most likely will create a sale.

Out of a thousand visitors to your website, only a fraction will become customers. So you need more traffic. And as the volume grows, the small percent of well qualified ones grows faster. When you get closer to the top rankings on Google, the quality of the visitors grows immensely. You need to know this.

Is your site traffic ailing? Whether you’re an ecommerce business, big brand sports manufacturer, Realtor, Hotel manager, professional service provider, or restaurant owner, you must grow your website traffic. And throw in the issue of how people are using mobile devices to discover businesses and you must agree that being visible online is really important to your business health.

Sit down with your business partners or manager and discuss your business plan for the next 5 years.  If your website isn’t up to snuff, and your content has no purpose or direction, you know here it’s all heading.

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5 Things Entrepreneurs Must Do to go from Employee to Self Employed

Making the Jump to Small Business Startup

People who desire the freedom and autonomy of self-employment are usually an optimistic and visionary lot, however with SMB failure at high levels, it’s easy for entrepreneurs to fall hard on the path to small business success.

I discovered this myself with issues ranging from client incompatibility, insufficient financing, personal/business conflicts, dead end service packages, not investing in my business, not going for it 100%, and false promises and more can end your otherwise successful business.

It appears that failure is inevitable. The key to success is what you make of your failures — Russ Alan Prince on

Graphic courtesy of

Constantly studying failure should be a monthly habit that might save you from falling into booby traps. Some people feel that avoiding mistakes and understanding what mistakes actually are, is a business management priority.

Studying Failure Leads to Key Insights

We  don’t spend enough time trying to analyze our mistakes. We’re too quick to move on without learning. Although, it isn’t easy to know what is a mistake. Usually, long after the mistakes are made, we eventually gain clarity. It’s our own reluctance and stubbornness that blocks the way to understanding how mistakes created our path to success or failure.

I’d recommend taking this topic seriously. Dig in and learn something they don’t teach you at school. Start searching for “business failure analysis” now, so you’re not doing it in 3 years. There’s some excellent additional tips at bottom.

And on this topic of small business success and avoiding mistakes, I came across a great article from Beth Done, a managing partner of Main & Rose  in Los Angeles. Her post on is entitled The 5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make when Going from Employee to Self Employed. I’ve got it outlined below.

But before we get into those tips, consider this entrepreneur success story:

Success Story: In 2010, Chris Campbell decided to quit his intense, globetrotting consulting job, and pursue his business idea. He came up with a cold brew process for coffee that makes it less acidic and bitter, something Starbucks wouldn’t do. The ready to drink market was one of those stellar opportunities, a niche with a future, and that tells us a lot about timing and markets. We should jump on the creating waving of technology or culture to be a sure winner in business.  

Campbell focused on the big picture, eventually met a Whole Foods store owner, got $9.2 million in Venture funding and now 7 years later his company has good revnue with a bottled ready to drink coffee product called Chamelion.

The mistake he avoided and speaks about? Don’t grow slow. He and his wife gave themselves 6 months to get it going, and in less than six months after the company was founded, Chameleon’s coffee was on supermarket shelves.

But did Chris and his wife avoid the key problems that foiled other entrpreneurs. What is it that determines success from failure in SMB ventures? They’re in the right market but highly financed. They’ve gone from big to small in a hurry. Did they have enough time to learn about the mistakes that could take them down in the years to come?

According to Telstra’s Smarter Business Research, Aussie SMBs (SMBs) admitted their biggest business blunder for 2014 was not building the necessary partnerships and relationships — from

So You’re Thinking of Launching your Own Business?

I think now might be one of those times when you could do it (Trump economic era), but as Beth Done points out in her post on, there are some key must-do’s before you consider it. I’m going to present her top 5 (with my thoughts) and add a few of my own observations about successful entrepreneurs.

Read this post if you’re not sure if your business idea is valid or has legs?

Screencapture Courtesy of

These hopes for self-employed success, self-directedness and freedom are all pipedreams until you really nail this entrepreneur thing the right way. Even those who think they’re great will soon be challenged by the reality of doing business today. And as Beth alludes to, you’ll be doing some success hacking despite all your preparation and business models. Hopefully, you’ll be willing to look at the negatives and potential mistakes and learn before set sail.

Speaking of business models, I have two posts you might like to take a look at. One is regarding digital marketing agency models, because marketing is so vital and reverse engineering an already successful company.

There’s so many things that take you down in business today, such as taxes, no marketing presence, skills incompatibility, wrong niche, poor networking, insane competition, and recessions. The penalty for failure though is probably a lot higher today than getting another 9 to 5 gig back. It’s like divorcing your spouse and leaving town.

Top 5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

  1. Not Finding the Right Niche — Yes, through research and experience you stumble into the right niche. And not having a niche often means not being sustainable. I you’re not being patient to go through this niche discovery process is not good. I’ve targeted Realtors even though others have warned me not to pursue that niche. Over time, your real niche, even inside a dubious niche, will appear. Your niche is your true calling – and it doesn’t appear until you’re ready to see it.  Not Being Patient — keep your mind open to where you belong, what you can do, how you can flourish in business. Rigid, old-school preconceptions could be a cancer to your success. Old school planning is good but is just a guide.
  2. Budgeting Poorly — Having a couple of years income in the bank is smart, but probably, this never happens. And ironically, it’s unlikely anyone will invest in your business until you’ve made it. What I learned from my first business is that you need to invest a good portion of your income/savings into the business and in marketing especially.  Smart investment of funds  important for larger businesses and but active budgeting for marketing determines your future income. And there are top names in business with the best products and services who lost to lesser firms because they didn’t do marketing. The crappy brand won!
  3. Underestimating Timeframes — It does take longer than you expect and you’ll forget this fact when the pressure to pay bills arrives. Bills are what make you come unglued and so does time to acquire customers. Speeding up some elements of your business is wise if you can do it (hyperaccelerated growth) however, speeding up other people and the economy is probably not doable.
  4. Not Being Selective Enough – Selecting clients, opportunities, and business partners is vital.  And to find the diamonds you need a certain amount of connections. With more connections, you’re likely to find the ones that fit perfect with your value proposition, style and goals.
  5. Having Incorrect Definitions of Success – And when the bills come in, only one definition of success will suffice — paying the bills. With that of out of the way, your real measure of success is how closer are you to your ultimate goals? Achievement, money, giving back, travel, hobbies, sports time, writing a book, visiting relatives and friends are all things you may have given up, and when you get them back, the feeling of success comes through.

Beth says: “Instead, pay attention to what really inspires you — and make sure you include that in your daily life.

What are the 5 Top Attributes of SMB Entrepreneurs:

  1. Versatile and Skilled – sometimes you have to do it yourself or know what’s really involved
  2. Well connected – lots of business partners, business connections, happy clients, and financiers for insight, advice, and support
  3. Moneyed – money is the liquid currency of business and it magnifies the power of their ideas and services and it sustains them in bad times or when a big push is needed. They make sure they’ve got the cash necessary. In a post on, Jared O’toole, an entrepreneur said this on the issue of money: “Start with capital, pick a way to make money, and stick with it.”
  4. Clarity – their personal and business vision is integrated and they all talk so confidently and convincingly about what they do and its value
  5. Ambition and Focus – they’re driven and they see people and tasks clearly. And they avoid poor projects and business partners who don’t commit emotionally or financially to the project — they pick like minded people to partner up with

One way to look at mistake avoidance is that it helps you get laser clarity about what you need to do and to avoid tripping yourself up. I hope these 5 pointers from Beth help you gain a more realistic and focused attitude. Because you’ll need it in these important setup and launch years.

Avoiding mistakes also helps you achieve escape velocity on your way to big success to break away from the crowd, differentiate your business, and gather all the resources neeeded to build and nurture an unbeatable unique value proposition.

So What Are the 5 Things You Must do to Go From Employee to Self-Employed?

  1. Choose a money making business idea that will ride on a cultural, economic, or technology wave and use your time and cash very wisely
  2. Understand clearly how your skills, experience and smarts will add value to your customers
  3. Find a successful related business to emulate, study their strengths, and build a bridge from that to where you are now
  4. Know how your marketing and personal networking will give you access to the right people and financing to elevate your company’s potential to compete
  5. Know the mistakes others make, why others failed, why the market might not be worth it, and how you can avoid and overcome these mistakes.

Experts, family and friends are well meaning when they give you their input, which is valuable. If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing and you feel unable to overcome others negativity and misunderstanding, then you’ll lose faith in your mission.  Keep things balanced and in perspective, then you’ll gain clarity. I can tell without reservation, that once you set sail, clarity is very important.  Clarity reduces frustration, waste, wrong paths, and improves delivery of value to your customers.

Make sure you get in with the right crowd. That’s people who understand what you’re doing and why. They’ll help you get focused on what you want.

Good Luck on your new venture!


5 Signs You’re about to Have a Career/Business Breakthrough and 5 Ways to Make it Happen

Growth Hacking 101: Career and Personal Breakthroughs Usually Happen Together

Graphic courtesy of Pinterest

2017 was another record business and sales year for many people. How did you do? Have you been working very hard with little show for it? Well, it could be you just haven’t done enough networking, or worked on your unique value proposition, haven’t given up on what doesn’t work, or you haven’t hit critical mass as yet.

Most of us hit these walls passively. We run right into them and have no understanding of why they’re in our way. That’s frustrating. But you know, it’s darkest just before dawn. It’s at this point in your journey where you give up on what doesn’t work.

What is it that happens at your point of lifting off? I’m about to tell you the 3 key things that make everything else possible. There’s actually one good sign that you’re about to succeed; you’re working hard. Your intent is true if you’re working hard and making things happen.

The Wall and Ball and Chain Are Keeping You Stuck

When you hit a wall and reach your limits of frustration, as my very nice friend FabMary in Vancouver says, stay positive.  Why positive? Because it could be you’re getting very close to a breakthrough in success. As Laura Garnett discusses in her popular Youtube video, you may be nearing that huge breakthrough moment where all pent up energy explodes into positive acceleration toward your dreams.

Tony Robbins talks much about engineering and driving that critical mass moment where you “unleash the innery giant within you.” Hype or no hype, if you’re ready to go, then make that record sales years or big move happen.

Let’s say you’re a real estate agent, tech startup entrepreneur, hr consultant, or insurance agent.  Certain things have to happen, and if you’ve done your groundwork, strategy, networking, and worked on improving your value proposition, then your startup or dream career breathrough could be close. 

A new path chosen, perhaps a better one: Your breakthrough moment comes when you realize a new job or new marketing program or a new business model will get you to your goal

Don’t Give Up, Change Paths

Have you come close to giving up? That only means that you’re ready to give up on your old methods which unfortunately didn’t provide the fulfillment you’re after (and remember that fulfillment is actually more important than money. If you were trying to get your startup launched but couldn’t reach takeoff speed, then you need to back off of what you were doing. Are there 3 or 4 other business acceleration techniques you could use?  Once you find them, try them out, and put effort into them. You’ll be surprised at the forward thrust it generates.

If you ask Tony Robbins about breakthrough moments, he’ll describe them in terms of moments of decision and unleashed power, energy, enthusiasm and passion. And really, they actually are moments of deep insight where you are able to make a decision.  Tony says to change your strategy, your story, and your state of mind. Whenever you feel totally frustrated with something you were doing, back off, stop following that path. Don’t put energy down that path anymore. Let your mind wander to alternatives. This is where breakthroughs occur.

Your failures could be telling you that you were meant for bigger victories, better contributions, and a much more successful life.

As a productive employee or empowered entrepreneur, you have a lot to offer and these other channels or paths will let others see your unique value and potential. Influencers and followers will also find you. They’ll give you that boost because you’re ready for it. It’s this new belief in yourself too, that fascinates others and they want to see it happen.

Here’s Laura Garnett’s @garnettl 6 signs you’re about to breakthrough:

  1. You’ve hit a metaphorical wall. You need a new plan
  2. You are more open about doing things differently than you’ve ever been before
  3. Your determination and desire is at an all-time high. You are deeply committed to change and have the discipline required to make it.
  4. You know (or are determined to know) your genius and are willing to say no to anything that does not leverage it
  5. You have the support or financial safety or both to stretch your comfort zone and take a risk like never before

The Big Picture

3 things happen just before your big breakthrough: 1) You give up on old ways, beliefs and processes that don’t work, 2) you suddenly see a new path that you think will work and you begin working hard at it, and 3) you believe you are enabled and have the means to achieve it.

You need all of these 3 macro factors to get it going. If someone were to give you $1 million, would the breakthrough happen? No, because you haven’t let go, and you haven’t found the new path. Yet there is a path and every successful person has gone through this same process you’re going through – from beginning to fulfillment.

5 Ways to Create Your Own Personal and Business Breakthrough

  1. peace
    Graphic Courtesy of Motivation Grid

    Stop Doing what you’re Doing –  It’s not working and you’ve reach your limits in frustration. Cursing and swearing are the visible signs you’ve hit your limit. Step away, back off and do something else. You’re in no state of mind to continue with whatever you’re now pushing. Go for a peaceful walk, sit on a park bench, and slow time down. Let go of your failures, resentments, pride, and other’s expectations. They don’t mean anything anymore. Your resentments are a prison you control. Let them go.

  2. Relax and Dream about your Goal – let your imagination find the end point and then work back from that point. Rid yourself of your vanity because it is closely tied to that frustrating path-to-wall thing you’re stuck in. Explore your vanity and see the evil in it. The reasons you were desperate were probably not legit and if they were, your new path will find a way to fulfill those wishes. 

    Dream and wipe away limitations from yourself and others that are keeping you from your potential.  Think hard about why you’re fighting something and whether it is a positive part of yourself or a cue to the path you really want to take to be happy.  Keep dreaming about happiness because it will pull you to where you’re meant to be. It may be far better than anything you can dream of now.  Have a sense of wonder that recognizes that you don’t know it all, and that’s okay.

  1. Identify 3 New Paths – Could you live somewhere else even temporarily? Could you move to a new city? Could you work in a different industry? Could you network with new people who would appreciate your skills and use them? Are their new areas of expertise you could explore? Are their people you can show support for, appreciate and be generous to? Spend time with a few people you’ve neglected. Walk to work a few times, walk home a few times. See what you’ve missed. Visit a new city, and let your mind breathe.  Do a little wandering and exercise your imagination as it pleases — let it be in charge. Take care of yourself and you’ll find you have more to offer others.
  2. Pay attention to the people who are in your future and quietly, generously helping them. They’ll increasingly come into focus because you match up so well. They may be living the life you want, or they’re very capable, innovative, practical, intelligent, energetic, and confident. They may just be icons, models, or signposts of the path to where you’re headed yet they’re very important. Even if you’re a genius, psychologist, the reasons are deep and unfathomable. Don’t overthink, because it’s only your intention that matters. Important. Find 3 key people who fascinate you and whom you could emulate. Find a problem they need to solve, a goal they need to achieve and help them. Spend time promoting other people and give some quality time helping these 3 specific people.
  3. Let the new path come into view and begin building it out with new activities, connections, ideas, and conversations. Don’t control it, just do it. Everything you’re doing is building personal strength and a new brand or personal identity for you.  People will see it in your social posts and in your new attitude at work. With you passion for this become fully activites, you’ll begin to see all your old problems and frustrations as silly events as though it was another person. The new you is breaking through. Let it take you on a great journey and watch your self-esteem and success rise.

I barely mentioned anything specific with respect to careers, money or business because all of that wisdom is already inside your head. That creativity, innovation, skill, expertise is probably already present. This is a system of resourcefulness to help you break your chains and let your new paths come into view. An exciting journey that only you understand.

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28 Ways to Attract Wealth Like a Magnet

How to Attract Investors, Sales, Partners, Fans, Promoters and New Business Opportunities

One thing Babyboomers like me and entrepreneurial Millennials share, it’s a desire to make more money. Yet money is fickle and that requires some intelligent strategies on our part.  No B.S. Weath Attraction in the New Economy is a book by Dan Kennedy and it might be your ultimate guide to drawing money to you like a magnet.  Sound interesting? Then let’s learn about the magnet or the core of the strategy.

Bars of gold

Dan offers up 28 great tips on how to position yourself like a mastermind to attract wealth and success. It’s all part of reprogramming yourself for achievement. If you’re hoping to become an entrepreneur or are already launching a startup with no funding, this can help get the right mindset to start making things happen.


Work Smart not Hard

wealth-attractionThe premise of the book is that you don’t have to work hard to become wealthy — however let’s not kid ourselves.  Success often takes a passionate, hellbent, persistence and dedication. Life is competitive and others want what you want. Dan suggests that you must be positioned correctly to attract wealth and then work hard to get it all working for you.

The toughest part is in applying Kennedy’s positioning factors successfully to your specific situation. But you’re bright and ambitious if you’re still reading this, so you likely will make it happen. You dug in which says a lot about you and what you want. I think this post and the book will help you.

Make sure you share this with others you know as it helps the understand what it is you’re trying to do.  Getting their help is vital.

You Can Do It

For money to be attracted to you, you have to be able to create value for investors, employers, influential supporters, friends, consumers or whoever.  Dan Kennedy is saying is that value is relative and up for interpretation and how you take action to get all the pieces correctly positioned is when wealth will be focused on you. Some billionaires got rich through making junk.  Therefore you have to discover your “junk” or your unique value proposition.

Makes you sound a little like a product, but in essence you are a product and a brand (you’ll need to develop a unique value proposition and a brand positioning statement). You are the core of the wealth system you’re about to create around you and your value offer to clients, customers, partners and investors is important.

Positioning for Greate Wealth take Time and Courage

When I quit my job in 2004 to launch my own business as an SEO guru, I was doing just that — creating the best value I could to reach wealthier, enabled, and entrepreneurial business people.  The goal and the desire repositioned me to attract wealth.

I created my website and developed my site content to be found via Google by my targeted audience. Sure enough the corporations, marketing managers, agency managers, and other individuals I wanted to have as clients found me and hired me.  They were in the US, UK, Canada and China.  I was earning a lot of money and traveling frequently so I had positioned myself well and discovered a great lifestyle.

Unable to control the economy and sustain/build my business, I learned that maintaining success is not a given. It can be taken away by positioning yourself with the wrong people, wrong services, and wrong markets. I can happen when you accept an employment position where you lose your drive and feelings of empowerment — where you sit a and spin your wheels and find yourself spinning and lost.  To break out of that nasty circumstance is something 99% of the population can’t do. They are stuck and positioned for a steady paycheque and perpetual misery.

Positioning for success is all about getting the best people around you as part of your “perfect situation.”  Ending up as a cog in someone else’s wheel is the worst thing that can happen to you. That’s the opposite of what Dan is communicating in this book.

Your Brand Image – Laser Clear and Persuasive

Key to the strategy Dan Kennedy mentions is your positioning – that positioning is your brand.

Without personal branding your career is dead. This Infographic is about why personal branding is so important and what personal branding can do for your career. Created by Anna Rydne, @CoSkills

I created an image of myself, a brand image, that told others who I was and what they could expect from me. I made it work, demonstrating expertise and being fairly straightforward and transparent. That positioned me as a competent, reliable services provider. They gathered around because that is what they wanted.

Kennedy touches on the elements of a professional brand image but doesn’t tell how you to put that all together.  Your situation is unique of course and will require some mapping out. See the visioning post about discovering what you want. But remember, entrepreneurs, employers, clients, and investors don’t really care what you want– they want to know how and what you are going to do for them.

On the topic of what you’re magnetizing yourself to receive:

Our brains become magnetized with the dominating thoughts which we hold in our mind… these magnets attract to us the forces, people and circumstances which harmonize with our dominating thoughts”  — Napoleon Hill.  

Basically, whatever you think and feel about yourself, determines who will be drawn to you. Kennedy is telling you to take action, elevate yourself and draw better people and better circumstances. Then the sky’s the limit.

Here are the 28 wealth magnets:

  1. No Guilt – feel no inhibition
  2. Belief in Abundance – see money everywhere and unlimited affluence
  3. Break Free of Fairness – Everyone can get what they want – wealth is unlimited.
  4. Accepting Your Role and Responsibility
  5. No Fear – set your price without reservation or inhibition
  6. No Excuses
  7. Speak Money – Be where the money is
  8. Be Somebody — turn yourself into a celebrity — make you the focal point of your marketing — be an expert
  9. Be Somewhere
  10. Do Something
  11. Demonstration
  12. Follow up
  13. Integrity
  14. Ask
  15. Domino Opportunity
  16. Passion
  17. See What Isn’t There
  18. No Boundaries
  19. Clarity
  20. Independence
  21. Think Value not Time
  22. Think Equity not Income
  23. Marketing Prowess
  24. Behavioural Congruency
  25. Act Wealthy
  26. Energy from People
  27. Courage
  28. Pace

I think it’s a great concept and good book, but in the end, your degree of success really depends on your experience, level of insight, motivation, and creativity. It’s not a book about posturing. The author lays out the details of the plan, but to put it all together for a cohesive life strategy is a challenge.

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