Grow Website Traffic

Website Traffic is Your Company’s Lifeblood

Traffic is everything. Without it, there is no impact, no content consumption, no brand, no convincing sales pitch, and no sales. So why would a business person decide not to create the biggest flow of well qualified traffic?

It doesn’t matter how much traffic you have — Get More and Better Traffic

When I met the team at Delta Hotels, they had a lot of traffic, over 1 million visitors per year. They said they wanted more! Well, I wondered at the time whether I could help them. How would you feel if you were handed that assignment? It’s a different kind of challenge when they’re already doing well. It wasn’t that long before I grew their traffic to 2.5 Million per year.

Who knows for sure how a hotel booking is actually generated? If you’ve searched online for a room, you know how much searching goes on. The hotel that wins a booking has to hang in there, stay visible, keep them engaged, and convince them.

So add engagement to a ton of traffic, and you can see how that would affect a company’s bottom line and boost long term value.

SEO Content Strategy Guide by Gord CollinsIn my new book, The SEO/Content Strategy Guide, I explain how to build BIG traffic using engaging content that customers like and which Google’s new artificial intelligence ranking system (RankBrain) also likes. There’s lot of benefits to having traffic so the effort is well worth it.

You know never who out of all those people who will visit your site will become your next best ever client, or who will share your message to others via social media, or who will become your raving fans. And there’s more.

When you get big traffic it lights up your analytics. In your analytics are hidden patterns of customer fulfillment. Here you not only find out what keywords they typed in, but also which content most likely led to a sales conversion.

AI Marketing

AI marketing software is invading the realm of SEO, copywriting, funnel optimization and sales conversion.

Albert is Adgorithm’s new AI robot. Albert finds patterns in visitor behavior that leads to sales. It then looks for incoming visitors who are “lookalikes” to these visitors who became actual customers.  It greets incoming visitors, identifies the and can help serve up the content that most likely will create a sale.

Out of a thousand visitors to your website, only a fraction will become customers. So you need more traffic. And as the volume grows, the small percent of well qualified ones grows faster. When you get closer to the top rankings on Google, the quality of the visitors grows immensely. You need to know this.

Is your site traffic ailing? Whether you’re an ecommerce business, big brand sports manufacturer, Realtor, Hotel manager, professional service provider, or restaurant owner, you must grow your website traffic. And throw in the issue of how people are using mobile devices to discover businesses and you must agree that being visible online is really important to your business health.

Sit down with your business partners or manager and discuss your business plan for the next 5 years.  If your website isn’t up to snuff, and your content has no purpose or direction, you know here it’s all heading.

Get the jump on building a great business, one that has no competitors. Contact me now at 416 998 6246 to get started. Buy my SEO Content Strategy Book and get a FREE consultation so you can begin mapping out a new path for your business — one to high traffic and much better visitor satisfaction.