Homes for Sale in Charlotte

North Carolina has become one of the hottest housing markets for many displaced buyers from New York, Boston, New Jersey, Connecticut, Ohio, and even Californians, evading the problems of the big cities.

And Charlotte is one of the top ten cities that people are moving to this year. The charm of the city and its neighborhoods and the 4 season quality of life make it perfect for many. The pace of life in North Carolina and South Carolina are very attractive to those escaping the stress and congestion of northern cities.

During the pandemic, asking prices for houses in Charlotte was very high up around $350,000 on average. As summer wore on, those asking prices have fallen dramatically, which has to be good news for buyers wanting in live in this beautiful state.

Selling prices of homes in Charlotte have risen recently back up toward $300,000 on average. The median price of a sold home was $280,000.

Beautiful Charlotte NC Neighborhoods

There are plenty of amazing neighborhoods in the city. Some of the names to look for are Uptown, Ballantyne, Plaza Midwood, SouthPark, Elizabeth, Cherry, Foxcroft, Wilmore, and Myers Park, among many more.

Of course, as you’re house hunting with the houses for sale widget below, price will be a factor. If you’re selling your home in New York City, Boston, or New Jersey, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the square footage of your home. And you’ll be enjoying much more temperate weather and avoid the big snow falls of the North.

Currently on Zillow, there are only 2426 homes for sale in Charlotte while on, there are 3859 houses on sale. On Redfin, you’ll find 2415 homes. REMAX has 5230 properties for sale in Charlotte, while on, there are 2684 homes for sale.

If you expand your online search for homes, you’re aggregating more sources to help you get the jump for a quick offer on any Charlotte homes that come up for sale.

Is this the best time to buy a house? Is it the best time to sell your house? The winds of economic, business and political change have made right now an ideal house buying period. Prices are still lingering. The election is a big factor in which way the economy will head and that will definitely affect market timing, and in the stock market as well.

All housing markets in the South are in demand, so you can expect home prices in Charlotte, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Fort Lauderdale to continue rising. Austin Texas has many similarities to Charlotte with its great weather and vibrant tech sector.

The work at home era driven by the Corona Virus shutdown is driving a big change in the type of house being sought and tax advantages in the south, along with the warmer weather are very attractive to older buyers who want out of the cold and growing taxes of the Northern cities.

Search Houses for Sale in Charlotte NC

Right now, a $435,000, 3 Bedroom house in Charlotte will require a mortgage of about $2100 per month.

Enjoy your search for houses for sale in Charlotte, or other cities in the southeast. You never know which region or city will be most enjoyable for you and your family.

Have a quick look at the Tampa housing market, Atlanta housing market or Austin housing market as potential alternatives. The south and midwest are enjoying extensive growth in population which should fuel stronger economic growth as well. See more in the Real Estate Housing Market 2024.

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