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Should you be booking a spot at the next Realtors Conference and Expo in Orlando Florida?  Yes, because the enthusiasm and spirit of these big conventions is something vital for you to experience.

And you can bet the top realtors in the industry will be attending speaking about housing trends, realtor strategy, technology and more.

Matt Cutts – Google’s Chief Search Engine spokesman speaking at San Jose 2005 convention in San Jose

This is a Realtor career builder. They’re like the many of the big SEO conferences I’ve attended in California and Toronto and they give you a great event, some great memories and some valuable professional contacts.

In fact, just yesterday, I was just speaking with one of the top SEO people in the industry in the last 20 years out of Boston. I met her at my first big SEO conference in Dallas Texas in 1998 where she was a top event speaker.

She referred to my SEO books in her classes which was quite an honor. She had a very successful 20 year career and has moved onto personal life enhancement consulting.

You need to develop these types of connections in the real estate industry and build your awareness beyond your town or local area. These are people with vision, ambition and passion for what they do and your future clients will be impressed that you had the foresight to learn and grow.

The depth of the coverage in conferences isn’t deep, however it builds your confidence and makes you believe you could be a leader in your market.  Belief is very important.

The event I attended at Google’s headquarters in Mountainview, CA in Silicon Valley was a fun time and I hope to return again next year. They improve each year and do give you insight into the emerging trends you need to stay ahead of.

Here’s a video from last year’s event in San Diego (Michael Bull) speaking about social media.

Why a Big Real Estate Conference?

NAR Official Logo – Courtesy of National Association of Realtors®

Confidence and enthusiasm open the mind to new opportunities and out of these many tools, people, and ideas, comes your BIG idea. This is the one that will drive your real estate business success.  And from November 4th through the 7th, realtors from across North America will be attending  REALTORS® Conference & Expo event in beautiful, sunny, warm State of Florida.

Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center is the second largest of its kind in the US, with 70,000 sq ft of space, 3 full service restaurants and 8 food courts so you won’t have to starve.


Image courtesy of Golfweek

What will they experience at the NAR Convention in Orlando?  I’ve been checking out the agenda. Here’s a  list of the best marketing related sessions they’re offering.

Friday, November 4, 2016 Residential Economic Issues & Trends Forum NAR’s Chief Economist will discuss current conditions in the economy as well as his forecast. He will discuss current trends that are impacting the business including supply constraints, access to financing, first time buyers, and the looming rise in mortgage rates.
Friday, November 4, 2016 Valuing Solar Installations for Real Estate Resale Discover how to help your clients when buying and selling homes with solar installations. Enhance your knowledge about solar photovoltaic and how to estimate the market value of a home, and review the process for auto-populating the MLS when solar photovoltaic is a property feature.
Saturday, November 5 Five Steps to 5 Stars Educate yourself on online reviews, how consumers use them and how to provide relevant information online for buyers/sellers, so they select you for the job.
Friday, November 4 200% Growth: Who’s Done It & How They Got There  Identify how to set your business goals twice as high as last year with this panel’s ideas.
Saturday, November 5 Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drones) and How They Can Help You  Are you curious about drones and the future of real estate? Review Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulation updates, find out how to make purchase decisions to fit your business needs.
Saturday, November 5 Active Property Marketing: Unlocking the Power of Listings  Find out how to create a wow strategy to dominate your market and discover how to win listings and inspire referrals.
Sunday, November 6 8 Strategies to Achieve Super-Star Success in Residential Sales Evaluate eight specific strategies you can implement, which are related to dollar productive activities, no-cost strategies, attaining balance and gaining the right mindset for success.
Sunday, November 6 The Top 5 Sources of Listing Leads in Today’s Market  Discover where to find listing leads. Find out how to stop wasting money on ineffective lead generation tools, use inexpensive strategies and get 30 qualified sellers in 30 days who want to sell now.
Sunday, November 6 Ninja Selling: Double Your Income & Work Less Discover how to generate a continuous supply of buyers and sellers by implementing nine habits.

There’s some excellent topics and great speakers for a motivational and career launching time. So why not think about driving down to Orlando and attending?  Come on, get’s some enthusiasm and make a commitment to yourself!

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And here’s how you can prepare for the conference:

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