Top Real Estate Lead Generation Sources

Great Real Estate Leads?

With the 2020 spring housing market boom not far off, Realtors from San Diego to Denver to Boston to Florida will be trying to ramp up their lead generation.

This season will see the lowest supply of resale homes available in a long time. Agents will be turning to the lead generation aggregators for new leads.  Even for these lead generation companies, the pickings will be real slim in 2020. You should be actively invested in lead generation using AI marketing solutions.

AI will definitely give you an edge. AI’s advantage involves content testing, and timely delivery of personalized customer experiences. It’s surprising that sales success comes down to personalized content and predicting when homeowners will sell their home, but this is what’s happening with the power Artificial Intelligence.

A better approach to lead generation is to create a powerful lead funnel yourself.  Be your own aggregator. How do you think they’re doing it?  They’re tapping ppc ads, Google local business, SEO, and social media channels.  And you can compete with them for the high quality leads doing the very same thing.  It’s simple, do what the lead aggregators and top real estate publishers are doing. Build your own empire.

The aggregators have a reputation for recycling low quality leads which will eat your time and energy.  I’m not suggesting you can’t use these lead generation companies as an additional source. But you should be choosey.  Your 2 million real estate agent cohorts are using them too.



Seller Side Real Estate Leads

It’s the same for seller side leads. Most buyers are sellers so they’re going to go online before they sell for one reason or another. As a realtor, you just have to be online in the right locations and voila, they see you. That one seller you get contacted by, may know others who are selling too. They usually share that information too.


Jay mentions that one agent lost a sale from one of his top contacts because he wasn’t in touch with them, and they went with another agent.  If you’ve got 500 contacts, ya, it would be tough to keep tabs on them all, and one could slip through your fingers.

The internet can be used to build personal contacts and it’s a fantastic source of buyers and sellers looking for a home or agent.  Real estate agent, you may not know, is a popular search term on Google search and is one of the most expensive keyword phrases you can bid on in Google Adwords. Many people aren’t acquainted with a real estate agent, or they’ve simply forgotten names.

What About Predictive Analytics for Real Estate?

Yes, now you’re hitting on the future of real estate sales. Via social listening (predictive analytics) you can identify people who are involved in activities that typically precede a home sale.  Those homeowners may not even know it. Or maybe they do feel it’s about time to sell, but haven’t received a friendly nudge to set it in motion.

Being first as you know is everything.

This infographic from REH Real estate shows that Facebook advertising is one of the prefered lead sources due to its excellent demographic targeting. Facebook’s user demographics, targeting and reach are hard to beat and this should be one of your key lead sources too.

Blogging for Realtors

Successful real estate agents are much more likely to blog as well. Those agents who close the lowest numbers of leads don’t blog.  The big reason is that SEO and content have a cost they can’t afford. The more successful the Realtor or real estate brokerage or real estate marketing sites, the more emphasis is put on content, which is generally discovered via the blog.  Blogs work very well with social media, so a content strategy is what sets the top lead generating Realtors from the pack.


The Top 10 Best Lead Sources

Here’s the top 10 best sources of real estate leads. If you don’t like the order, then please leave a comment and give your reason for which lead sources are the best.

  1. SEO Leads: Google and Youtube indexes your videos, website pages, blog posts.
  2. Social Media Leads:  Realtors are into social media posts big time now.  However, the quality of the posts and the brand image projected is of questionable quality. Few agent understand branding well, or are willing to put an effort into it. That’s unfortunate, because all agents can do branding effectively.  After all the posts you do, all that you’ve created is a memory or feeling about you, what you promise.
  3. New meetings with people: phoning, socializing, and door knocking — talking to as many people as possible builds your local network. 50 introductions should create a lead.
  4. Past clients and your Contact Database — send them info they can’t get anywhere else – market updates, just solds, and become the local expert they can rely on for insight they want
  5. Outdoor Billboards and Transit ads – Still very visible in local areas but takes time and persistence to pay off (perhaps years)
  6. Passive Expireds – they didn’t sell their home. Why? A different approach is worth a try.
  7. Open Houses are an invitation via email, social media message, or yard sign.  It gives you a face-to-face opportunity to meet people interested in buying or selling a home. You can hand out business cards to those who are curious and get them to look at your website and start searching on it.
  8. Yard signs – your sign gets seen in action in your target neighbourhoods, thus drawing attention and getting people thinking about selling their house themselves
  9. or – major associations listings from your feed
  10. Major Brokerages  –  Remax, Century21, Coldwell Banker and Keller Williams something dish out leads who came to their offices (walk-ins) or online searches at their brokerage website.
  11. Online Lead Generation Companies – They do mass advertising campaigns on Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, and other websites as their lead farm. Check out which are the best lead generation companies and evaluate which are worth a try.

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