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Ramping Up Realtor Digital Marketing

Successful or not so successful, real estate agents must always be powering up their lead sources. That means building those marketing assets, promoting your offer, optimizing your lead funnel, and nurturing for more closed sales.

Today, client prospects know you more from your online real estate marketing than they do personal face to face meetings. And online contact can be more frequent and effective, leading to in person meetings that seal the deal. That why website and social media marketing packages are vital to a sustainable real estate business.

This means reach, visibility, persistence, growing email lists, is vital. Without that, you have nothing. And strong marketing also impacts and motivates prospects which increases their engagement levels making them more likely to convert to real clients.

Front and Center with Buyers and Sellers

Many Realtors have a mental roadblock. It’s a problem of visualizing how they could dominate their market and how all their competitors would fade away.  They think “there’s so many other agents that are better than me.”  Being the best isn’t the goal. Delivering the best offer is the key.

The fact is, marketing is a simple game of putting you front and center such that everyone else does fade away. It’s the same issue for millions of business owners who can’t see they offer anything better the competition.

This is a mental trap you must escape. Not only can you present a better unique value offer, but you can make it seem like the only one in the universe. Those competitors who may be way better than you as a Realtor, will cease to exist.

Done right, your marketing can eliminate the competition by making you look larger than life. So let’s dive further into beating the psychological Achille’s heal that cripples most Realtors.

Your real estate marketing strategy has 2 primary goals:

⦁ create strong visibility to capture buyers and sellers
⦁ build credibility and trust which helps create and leads and encourages listings

What is it We’re Ramping Up?

You’re going to increase reach, visibility, impact, attention, engagement, leads contacting you, sales behaviors, and overall revenue. Your local circle of clients, connections, variety of business, referrals, and more will all grow. With strength, you can bring in other agents to work with your system.

Top Realtors don’t think of only local success, which you will achieve, they visualize broader success over bigger geographic areas. There’s many more sales in a Metro region or county than in a neighborhood. It’s all online, so why cut yourself short on connections and leads?  Once you get sufficient leads and clients, you can branch out further. I’ve seen this done many times.

Building Powerful Marketing Assets

Realtors often think of houses and properties as assets, but have trouble visualizing digital content and websites as assets. They are in fact, valuable assets, but they still have to be used expertly to create a buyer or seller lead.

Your lawn signs, office building sign, window signs, vehicle decals, live events, business cards, videos, and your website with listings are all great assets. Together, they can be formidable.

Having a great website and social pages to build your audience are the foundational assets of your Realtor marketing system. As it turns out, they’re core features of a modern digital marketing strategy. And worthy real estate marketing packages are all about building assets to present via these channels. Your material presents you, gets your UVP across, creates emotional connections, and builds trust.

Once you have your digital assets created and generating visits, you must find a way to engage visitors.

Remember the old AIDA formula: Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. You need assets to accomplish each one of them. You may not have realized it, but your Facebook post, web page, lawn sign and others fulfilled at least one of those steps. That’s how you generated your past clients.

The first job is to strategize how to get attention, and grow your visibility in the market, and get prospects focused on you. You can do this through high quality blogs, market reports, discussions on how to buy, and other helpful advice for buyers and sellers.

Job Number 1: Create the Realtor Value Offer

A Realtor brand image is the simply the image of value people get from your online content — it’s delivered via your content — from emails, to blog posts, to ads, to videos and your listings pages.

It’s your unique value proposition conveyed powerfully and consistently. It works. Branding is real as buyers and sellers are looking for Realtors who speak about the right things and show they share the same values. Yet, the thing is they just want to know they can trust you, so your whatever marketing content you use, you’re getting trust and credibility across.

Think about the Realtor hucksters on Youtube and how they speak to their audience. It’s a wonder they have any clients at all. That’s branding that ruins brand images.

Next, amidst all of that useful, wonderful digital content that’s getting your UVP across, you have to make an impact and keep their interest. This is where you stand out from the rest. Many Realtors haven’t got the foggiest idea of what their unique value proposition is. They don’t know how to build a differentiation and demonstrate each point with a variety of material.

The thing is, you can only build differentiation over time for a lasting “image of value.” People only feel trust and comfort after period of receiving your marketing messages (your online content).  After a few months of marketing, you will establish a more powerful image as a preferred Realtor for them based on the benefits and attitudes you communicated and promises you make.

There are hundreds of other Realtors with the same value proposition because they’ve done nothing to differentiate. Is yours better than there’s? It doesn’t even have to be.  Because after a period of strong marketing, prospects not only focus in on your service offer, and see you as the embodiment of that value they want, that they also forget other agents. Your competition fades into the background leaving everything to you.

You don’t have to be unique or loud, you just have to be number one with that kind of Realtor image using strong marketing presence. And there’s lots of ways to establish your Realtor professional differentiation. It will rang from community service, to expertise in your blogs, to listings you have, to conveying your understanding of prospects desire to own a home. That’s where you build credibility, trust, preference.

Preference is a powerful outcome of strong marketing. Home sellers won’t anyone but you, even with your flaws. They’ll have a mild obsession.

You achieve all of this through your digital assets. A tweet, FB video, or blog post is an asset. And they’re assets prospects respect and share to spread your name to their circles.

Job Number 2: Build Your Assets

After you’ve established your unique value proposition and know the messages that will resonate with prospects, you can build whatever assets that can reach them. Those can text ads, graphic ads, videos, 3d home tours, listings, photographs, reports, blogs, and web pages and social media postings. Assets are the medium for the message.

To readers online, you are your content.  You’re only relevant and trusted if you’re talking about topics they’re into, with viewpoints that agree with their outlook and challenges, and using the same channels. Your content is proof you’re on the same wavelength, someone they can feel comfortable working with.

And assets must be high quality and that means hard work researching, writing, creating, videoing, and crafting messages. Blogs and market reports, along with client stories can be impactful if they’re done well. It takes time and skill to create good material, but it does wonders for your brand image, credibility, and lead generation.

High quality is material relevant to your audience, not slick design agency graphics. Prospects are buying your message contained in your high quality blogs, listing pages, charts, videos, etc.

Job Number 3: Fine Tune for Maximum Focus

Fine tune the message and personalize the value proposition so it’s more relevant. The impact is related to how important it is emotionally. To register emotional impact, you must have a number of benefits strung together to really make a laser like effect on their minds.

And you must ensure the message is received by your targets. If you’re focusing on Facebook, then be clever to draw people back to Facebook to respond to something that’s very important to them. Think hard about what stage of buying/selling their in. If they’re sellers, they want to talk about when to sell, where to move to, what to invest in. They want to know how to protect themselves from taxes.

Fine tuning means tweaking the message and where they find it, so it makes a real strong impact. This makes it impossible to ignore you. You’ve become essential to their dream lifestyle, the one who help them capture a home.

Job Number 4: Continue Improving

High quality, persuasive, impactful and high ranking content are a task to create. And you must treat your content as “evergreen” meaning, it’s always alive and must be updated and continually relevant. If the first thing people interact with on your website is fresh, up to date and immediate, it has way more impact. There’s no time like now!

There are software products that can aid in this process, however, they’re expensive. The process can be done manually. Remember, it’s fresh updates for a purpose. It will help your Google rankings, and present it differently on Facebook or Twitter. The key to this isn’t automation, it’s for highest quality.

Highest quality marketing strategy, assets and tactics work to increase sincerity, relevance, and engagement. Realtors must avoid being mediocre, forgettable or annoying. Being authoritative is good but only if they like you. Quality garners respect because it makes you look first class and focused on their needs. They actually do want to have the best Realtor working with them, and your content will prove to them that you are the best.

With respect to your Google rankings and the conversion power of your blog posts, this collective freshening of your content really pays off.

Choose Realtor Packages that Create Sustainable Value

To achieve market leadership, you’ll need to step up your marketing budget and choose real estate marketing packages that are serious enough to produce. Anything less will position you as one of those agents in the faded background. Please don’t go there. Build up the confidence and take charge, because real estate is one career that is worth it. You’re very fortunate to have chosen your profession and it can deliver all you dream of.

The winning agents I’ve served and those I know of across the US and Canada, definitely aimed to be top dog in their region. I see their successes on Facebook every day, and they’ve established their image of uniqueness and ability to deliver.

It’s wise to hire someone knowledgeable, creative, innovative, but focused on building your lead funnel online. SEO is by far the most valuable component. There are Realtors, one in particular, dominating the web such that they don’t bother much with social media. He has put extensive effort and time into digital assets. And here’s the thing. The content’s not all that great, it just looks impressive. It’s enough to get the job done.

However, we can do a better job optimizing your full collection of digital assets and dominating any niche you want. I’ve been taking on big corporations with huge budgets for a long time. I know how to get small fries competing well.

You should take this opportunity seriously as it’s not every year that you are in the midst of a sales boom. With listings and construction picking up next year, you’ll finally get the results you want.

Take a good look at what advanced real estate marketing packages are comprised of. It’s excellent value. You just need faith in yourself!

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