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Links and Relationships

One of the key and lasting ranking factors in Google’s index algorithm, is inbound links.  Google likes what it trusts and can see, and its algorithm is still heavily reliant on links for determining rankings, with some exceptions (high engagement content). While begging for spammy, weak links worked 8 years ago,  it is only good content that generates them now. So whether you encourage website owners to link to your website through social sharing request and strategy, or through the “skyscraper technique” you must get inbound links so Google awards your site Trustrank. Trust is important and Google calculates it.

When you combine epic level original content with trusted inbound links, you can get astonishing results. I hope I can help you master this fairly difficult task. At this point, you probably realize hiring a low paid intern to beg for links is not going to work. Not for top performance.

components of algorithm
Image Courtesy of Neil Patel
Chart courtesy of Neil Patel

Trusted, high quality links can also power up the rankings of poor content. Yet these links are the most difficult asset for your SEO specialist to capture. The reason is that you don’t capture links. Links are something that’s earned through relationships with people in your industry or your target market.

The process of getting links can be a powerful way of developing beneficial relationships. So there’s business value in advanced link building. If your link builder is knowledgeable about your industry, they can be an extremely valuable asset.

Confidence and Optimism

Because Link Building is tough work, we need confidence, optimism, endurance, and the good sense to a build an organic approach and follow it.

Sir Richard’s Confidence Comes from an open mind and a strong belief he and his company will succeed. His integrity and good will inspires confidence in business partners. These are his “links.”

Building links is very tough work requiring a time commitment, a content strategy, an outreach strategy, and an engagement strategy. It is the most difficult digital marketing service and you must understand this before venturing into this task. You can buy links. And you’ll find them very expensive and not well targeted to your industry and desired keywords. That’s why custom link building is such a cherished and high-priced service.

If you have a commitment to your company and to digital marketing itself, please call me. If your confidence and commitment are weak, you would be wise to simply advertise on Google and Facebook, but that begs the question of whether your advertising/content assets are sufficient quality.

Whatever is killing your confidence, it’s something strategy and UVP research can overcome.

To Build a Link you must Build a Relationship and Deliver Unique Value to your Supporters

Elevate Your Approach to Create the Best Links

To get started, let’s change our vocabulary from links to: premium connections, impressive content, amazing relationships, superior results, exalted link partners, cutting edge social engagement, radical content ideas, epic coverage, excellent insight, most generous participant, and industry leadership.  Mindset is everything when you want to be the best and create the top results in revenue and marketing equity.

Everyone wants to accelerate their link-building, rankings, traffic and leads. That’s understandable, especially in a climate of instant rewards.  However, time is needed to negotiate high-quality links. There’s no getting around it.

The goal of any advanced link-building effort is to acquire links from websites that are trusted, targeted, authoritative, topical, original, unique and active. Yes, the work of getting links from these sites is strategic and grueling. As Rand Fishkin explains below, the art of link building is built on planning, generosity, exchange of value and relationship building.

Yes, Twitter is a Great Way to Launch Relationships

Why Twitter? Because people don’t like phone calls, emails, or Linkedin messaging. It’s all spam to them. Twitter however is so harmless. You search, follow, retweet, like, promote, then begin engaging with them. Sure it takes time, but when you build up goodwill and positive connections over time, they can be moved to Facebook, email and face-to-face meetings with powerful people.

The Links Google Wants to Spider

In this link-building stage, we’ll develop a plan to create better, premium, uniquely valuable content and have a more persuasive approach to reach out to the right website owners/contributors for a link. Google wants to follow links to good content so this is what a good link is all about: Excellent, premium, amazing, valued information and experiences.  Crappy quality links never keep their value because see’s that visitors are not engaging with the content.  Good Links and good quality content go hand in hand.

Here’s just a few advanced link building strategies I use:

  1. create high-quality content of high relevance to distribute or share (e.g., a list of scholarship funds for college students, which may result in some .edu links)
  2. create, and curate valuable research/data insights on a specific relevant topic (housing sales trends for a neighborhood for last 12 months)
  3. contacting journalists and other media people and pitching them a story idea (e.g., HARO)
  4. finding mentions of your brand or company name and asking the site owner to link to your site
  5. finding mentions of a specific topic on the web and asking the site owner to link to your carefully crafted post or page on that topic
  6. submitting testimonials of a business in exchange for a link
  7. finding very popular posts and create a high-quality post that’s an extension of that topic or which shows that article is still relevant — support the writer’s desire to keep that post performing
  8. finding a popular article and write a better version of it, then let those who linked to that article know that you’ve created one that supersedes the first
  9. creating original content for the client (video, infographics, blog posts, tweets to promote them)
  10. outreach to connect with influencers, bloggers, and website owners who need better content and to connect with higher-quality connections online

A Core Link Building Strategy – Generosity to Create a Relationship

Link building at this level is guided by an overall strategy — an action plan to create, organize, and distribute content assets and to more actively engage with targeted people. And when we combine content marketing and link acquisition via our key tactics and time our distribution and engagement, our requests are more credible and impactful.  And remember, the goal is to create a relationship with those who might support you. You must create that relationship with them before they will help you. The more value you create for them, the better support they will give you.

The Future of Link Building

This infographic discusses some of the pitfalls and opportunities in advanced linking building

Infographic courtesy of Audience Bloom: What is the Actual Value of a Link?

It’s more time consuming to work on link building personally and it’s more demanding of your skills, yet when you rank at the top on Google, your hits and quality of visitors rise substantially. Visitors from number one rankings are much more enabled and qualified as a prized, long term value, customer. Advanced link building is one of the very important tasks that you won’t want to disrespect and skimp on. The rewards are exceptional.

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