Housing Market
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Housing Market

US Housing Market Sales & Price Forecast For the 4th straight month, home sales have declined across the US, yet home prices continue to climb.  The average listed price of a home on the MLS reached $380,000 in May. While some are suggesting the housing market is in trouble and demand is about to flatten…


Jobs Forecast 2021 to 2026 | Employment Outlook US Cities BLS Statistics

US Jobs Outlook The bungling of the recent jobs report is a sign of trouble with the current government and a sign the job market is troubled.  The current report showed only 266,000 jobs created when almost 1 million were expected. This is a disaster. There are some job market and economic hurdles to deal…


Weather Forecast 2020

Scorching Hot Weather for all of July for Eastern North America It’s going to be an unusually hot summer for 2020.  For June, the temps have already been warm, and the heat is forecasted to continue throughout July, August and even September. A huge weather front is setting up to persist throughout the full month…