SEO Content Strategy Guide by Gord Collins

Beat RankBrain and Optimize the Customer Journey

Google’s free organic listings are still the top source of new online leads. Their focus on user engagement means your content must be good or your rankings will fall. Discover how Google is using their Artificial Intelligence algo named RankBrain to identfy EPIC level content and test your customer content experience.

The SEO / Content Strategy Guide 1.0 explores how you can design your complete content to create the ultimate experience for both your customers and search robots. 313 pages of actionable strategy, tips, and insights. Get it Now!

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19 Years Industry Expertise

SEO Specialist/Content Writer for 4 digital marketing agencies. Clients in Hotels, sporting brand names, banks/mortgage companies, branding agencies, ecommerce stores, real estate websites, construction, building supply, car rental, and more.


SEO Content Strategy

Combining Search Engine Optimization and Content Strategy creatively and expertly, gives you big reach and impact. Hire a 19 year SEO/Content innovator to optimize your site for Google RankBrain and to delight your visitors.

Copywriting & Content Engagement

When we talk about copywriting and content, we assume it's engaging for users and that Google's new RankBrain algo considers it engaging too. In reality, we need to design it so it impacts emotionally, informs, and gives focused direction for our visitors. That requires a well planned strategy

WordPress Web Design

WordPress isn't just a buzzword. It's a powerful content management system that helps you create and control content. A scalable, efficient, mobile-friendly design platform with fast-loading layouts is a must-have for SMBs.

Real Estate Web Sites

For Realtors who want more than to survive. We'll integrate super-optimized mls listings, blogs, and CRM powered real estate website for maximum reach and lead generation. Be the king of Google, entertain with Facebook, and give buyers what they want -- listings.

A Simple Value Proposition to Accelerate Your Success

Is your client’s content an actual key business asset that generates expected leads and sales revenue? We’ll plan and strategize a body of new content that will drive your Google rankings and optimize engagement.

If you want to lead your market, you must innovate, be creative, take intelligent risks, and be fearless in facing growth opportunities. Let’s use no-limits strategies to get you positioned for the highest quality customers or clients.

First things first. What is the ideal result for you? Then let’s make that our goal.

• analyze your digital marketing strategy to discover where it could be improved

• remove the hard work of planning a strategy and executing it

• use my advanced knowledge of Google’s algorithm to substantially raise your rankings locally, nationally or internationally

• SEO optimized content to create new traffic from Google and keep clients visible on  your brand related phrases

• create original content that gets visitor’s attention, builds their existing intent, and keeps them engaged with your message and value proposition

• find ways to increase the communication of value to customers

• help you improve content for your email campaigns

• use social media to get content shared to improve search engine rankings

• multiply the number of phrases you can rank for so you’ll enjoy the maximum visibility and traffic possible

• informative infographics

• social media postings to maintain awareness and increase engagement with clients

• social media strategy – devising a plan for posting photos, ideas, and fun stuff to liven up relationship

• utilize the Personyze software – test content elements to improve engagement and conversion rate