SEO Content Strategy

Combining Search Engine Optimization and Content Strategy creatively and expertly, gives you big reach and impact. Hire a 19 year SEO/Content innovator to optimize your site for Google RankBrain and to delight your visitors.

Multi-Channel Marketing

SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, email, Social Media & Remarketing Multi-channel marketing using an automated marketing suite ensures timely delivery of your messaging. Maximize your traffic, conversion optimization, and customer loyalty.

WordPress Web Design

WordPress isn't just a buzzword. It's a powerful content management system that helps you create and control content. A scalable, efficient, mobile-friendly design platform with fast-loading layouts is a must-have for SMBs.

Real Estate Web Sites

For Realtors who want more than to survive. We'll integrate super-optimized mls listings, blogs, and a CRM powered real estate website for maximum reach and lead generation. Be the king of Google, entertain with Facebook, and give buyers what they want -- listings.

SEO Content Strategy Guide by Gord Collins

Use Google’s Reach and Credibility

Google’s FREE organic listings are still the top source of new online leads. Yet Google’s increased focus on user engagement means your content must be expertly optimized. Delve into the art and science of SEO, from keyword and topic research, to the Rankbrain AI ranking system, to designing the ultimate relevant content experience.

The SEO / Content Strategy Guide 1.0 has 313 pages of actionable strategy, tips, and insights.  Get it Now!

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19 Years Industry Expertise

SEO Specialist/Content Writer for 4 digital marketing agencies. Clients in Hotels, sporting brands, electronics products, banks/mortgage companies, branding agencies, ecommerce stores, real estate websites, construction & building supply, insurance agencies, and more.