SEO Content Strategy Guide by Gord Collins

How to Fuse your SEO and Content to Multiply Your Sales Revenue

Separating Content and SEO no longer works. With Google focusing on user engagement, your content must be good or your rankings will fall. Discover how Google is using Artificial Intelligence to find EPIC level content and why it’s all they want now.

This book shows you how to take your content to a new level and create the ultimate experience for both your customers and search robots. 313 Pages of actionable strategy, tips, and insights. Get it Now!

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19 Years Industry Expertise

SEO Specialist/Content Writer for 4 digital marketing agencies. Clients in Hotels, sporting brand names, banks/mortgage companies, branding agencies, ecommerce stores, real estate websites, construction, building supply, car rental, and more.

SEO Content Strategy

Combining Search Engine Optimization and Content Strategy creatively and expertly, gives you big reach and impact. Tech is out, creative engagement is in. Respect yourself and have a 19 year SEO innovator optimize your site for Google RankBrain.

Copywriting & Content Strategy

Helpful, engaging, purposeful content written to satisify people and Google. EPIC content wins the ranking wars and grows your reach online. You'll never consider ineffectual agency copywriting again.

WordPress Web Design

WordPress isn't just a buzzword. It's a powerful content management system that helps you create and control content. A scalable, efficient, mobile-friendly design platform with fast-loading layouts is a must-have for SMBs.

Real Estate Web Sites

For Realtors who want more than to survive. We'll integrate super-optimized mls listings, blogs, and CRM powered real estate website for maximum reach and lead generation. Be the king of Google, entertain with Facebook, and give buyers what they want -- listings.