Federal Court Rules Against Toronto Real Estate Board – Toronto Mississauga York Region Durham Peel

Federal Courts Rule in Favour of Anti Trust Legislators

The Federal Court of Appeal has upheld an April, 2016 decision made by Canada’s Competition Tribunal. It has ordered the Toronto Real Estate Board to allow its members to share the sales histories of listed properties online.

This ruling relates as well to the incoming opportunities of Blockchain technology in real estate. What’s at stake is the all important client and property databases.

TREB has always contended that its first priority is to protect homebuyers data and privacy. It seems the courts didn’t buy that argument. This isn’t an isolated war in Canadian markets and courts. REBGV in Vancouver is fighting to hang onto its data too.

From the ruling: “The tribunal made no error in finding that TREB engaged in an anti-competitive practice and that this practice had and will likely continue to have the effect of preventing or lessening competition substantially in the (Greater Toronto Area).”

Whether this is good news or not so good news depends on who you are. It’s certainly good news for online real estate service businesses. They can improve their services with this open data source. TREB’s 45,000 realtor members may feel this is a threat to their own businesses who benefited from stifled competition.

It will create a further evolution in professional real estate sales. Agents and brokers will have to be smarter, more effective, and create a better presence online. The new market will move from Realtor intranets to the Internet and smartphones.

TREB is appealing the ruling and hoping to stay the order that allows immediate release of the home sales information. It’s a small win for some, but eyes are on the future, where more of the TREB data can be released and reported on.

Without accurate, up to date housing data, it is very difficult for service companies to do business in Toronto Real Estate. TREB has almost monopolistic power in an era that is demanding access to market data.

In a Toronto Star Report,  the governments’s commissioner of Competition, John Pecman says Friday’s ruling is an important win for competition and consumers.

It paves the way for much needed innovation in the real estate industry,” he said in a statement about the case has been going on for six years.” – from Torstar new report.

Realtors can now post home sales data on their websites for buyers and sellers to see.  The tribunal also said TREB must provide data such as sales figures, pending sales and broker commissions, which might be embarassing situation for some.

It’s All About the Housing Data

Although the argument seems to be about the release of the actual sales price history of homes, it may actually be more about control and the rest of the data in TREB’s gargantuan database.  Although TREB wants control of the data, which could mined for incredibly business value, it looks like they are losing the battle.

Perhaps TREB should go with the flow on this one and charge a fee for it? Even if the data is the property of TREB, the ruling shouldn’t prevent TREB from selling their data. If there are privacy issues regarding the data, then the Federal Government may be held liable for releasing it.  Homeowners themselves were likely lead to believe their property and personal information would be protected and private.

Sounds like a legal can of worms.

Some wonder if it’s a sad state of affairs if a Realtor’s only value proposition is as a gatekeeper to the data. That data has immense valuable to a lot of investors and home buyers. Previously, only Zillow had this type of housing sales data. The release of TREB mls data may be a nail in the coffin for Zillow.

It is likely new businesses and business models will evolve as a result of the ruling. Smaller businesses can jump on it right away to offer enhanced services online, but other large scale, Zillow, Zolo or Zoocasa enterprise level businesses will likely have to wait until the matter is fully settled in the Supreme court.

We’re in a data driven business world, and until now, the housing data was contained. Now with that dam bursting, it opens up many possibilities for entrepreneurial startups in the real estate sphere.

For real estate agents, the news is likely not a good one. Agents will now have to work much more effectively at building new real estate leads, holding onto old clients, and revamping the power of their own realtor brand image.

The release of this immense database will open up all sorts of entrepreneurial opportunities and range of services by real estate marketers of all types.  The Canadian markets are opening up open market models you see in the US.

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Ontario Foreign Buyer Tax Short Sighted and Harmful to Economy

Foreign Buyer Tax Doesn’t Help Housing Crisis

As Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne announced the new Foreign Buyers Tax in Toronto recently, she ignored recent stats that showed Vancouver’s use of the money grabbing tax was wearing off.  

And she ignored discussion of housing supply and support of builders, and how housing investment creates jobs and helps pay off our massive provincial debt.

With Wynne’s 14% approval rate, not many of you believe in her and the liberals any longer. They are involved for only one more year yet they can do some damage during that time. The foreign buyer tax, rent controls, and the 14 other housing hacks to suppress Toronto home and condo prices which she’s announced, could have grave long term effects for us all — suppressing investment, drying up rental availability, and raising GTA home prices to ridiculous levels. It’s actually an alarming situation that makes people more concerned about a housing bubble.

Screen cap courtesy of the Globe and Mail

The real problem: Toronto doesn’t have enough housing, people are going homeless or must pay exorbitant rental rates and they can never hope to own a home. Those who want to sell, have nowhere to go. I think it’s obvious, Wynne is the culprit and the reason why home prices are so high.  Wynne takes voters for granted, and takes the tenuous Ontario economy for granted, and she could ruin that too. There’s no time for professional administrators with weird agendas in government anymore. Rent controls have been studied before and pronounced as failures. We need creative entrepreneurs, smart small business people with lots of ideas.

New development in Aurora built on several hectares of scrubland is making home buyers very happy. See ore about new home development in Aurora, Newmarket, and Bradford.

The Solution: we need investment money to build new homes and we need Ontario scrubland freed up for new home development. There’s lots of it – miles of empty vacant land that’s not even good enough for farming. And as I explain in this post, moving investment outside of Toronto is good for everyone.

The so called speculator-fueled housing price fire she blames, is actually fueled by a lack of housing supply in Toronto, which she created and big multidimensional demand from buyers. Speculators know Toronto is desperate for housing and will be for some time. Still investors believe Toronto is a great place to invest.  Not so says Wynne, who pushed her regressive 16 point housing hack. Not freeing up land for housing is a dangerous ploy that could contribute to a recession and make finding a rental unit impossible for millions of house and condo renters.

Quite the contrary to what Wynne stated, real estate investors, house flippers, and land developers contribute a great deal to the economy.

More commentary on the Foreign buyer tax:

ANALYSIS: Beware unintended consequences http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/canada-realestate-future-uncertainty-1.4079431

BC foreign buyer tax: https://renx.ca/british-columbia-foreign-buyer-tax-house-prices/

Ontario Minister tight lipped: http://www.citynews.ca/2017/04/21/minister-cant-say-foreign-buyer-tax-will-affect-housing-market/

Will investment money move out west to Calgary? http://www.660news.com/2017/04/20/foreign-buyers-tax-boost-calgary-real-estate/

Impact of B.C.'s foreign buyer tax wanes as March sales surge almost 50 per cent


I like how one writer called Wynne’s housing plan a Potpouri of Politics seemingly to lower rents and ward off a housing crash – destined to failure. And the growing homeless will see no relief.

The problem will never go away, because Toronto is hot. It’s an International mega city and nothing can stop that. Her government’s perversely named Places to Grow legislation — artificially limits housing supply which raises prices. And the new Toronto foreign buyers tax also increases Toronto housing prices since sellers will just add the tax cost to their selling price.

The question really needs to be asked: “Who pushed Wynne to support this ideology of stopping urban growth around Toronto?” Why aren’t the media questioning her ideology and who is behind it?

Currently, real estate is the only sector bringing investment money into Canada and Ontario. Shooting the Golden Goose just seems like a bad idea. If homelessness and lack of hope are a problem now, it’s going to be worse in 2 years.

We don’t need data to know that Foreign investors contribute to our economy.

Toronto is Where the Jobs Are

And Toronto is where Millennials aged home buyers (and new immigrant buyers) are and work. Whether they choose to live in Toronto condos or detached homes in the GTA, they want to live within commuting distance. Wynne doesn’t represent this generation’s quest for the life they want. She’s got an “alternate lifestyle” for all of us featuring poverty, big mortgages, and higher taxes.

Let’s face it, if Kathleen Wynne was your doctor, her special medicine that would shoot your blood pressure to 1000 / 860. After your head explodes she’d prescribe ice packs. The Liberal’s housing hacks are going to stifle investment and lead to higher prices by 2019. But then, she and her government won’t be around to experience the consequences. They’re the most unpopular government ever and will be heading out in the coming election next year.

Som Seif Speaks with Catherine Murray of BNN about Toronto’s future:

Lack of Housing Supply Will Keep Prices High

People have to live somewhere. Hundreds of thousands of new immigrants arrive in Toronto every year looking for homes. They’re not speculators. They want to live here and have their kids educated here. Think about how valuable a North American education is to these new foreign migrants. It’s life changing and gives their kids a big life advantage — perhaps bigger than native Torontonian kids (the forgotten).

Who Will Pay Ontario’s Whopping Debt of $318 Billion?

One way to help pay the whopping Ontario debt would be to graciously approve of foreign investment. Foreign real estate investors are already being taxed and are helping grow our economy by buying in the Ontario housing market.

Wynne also announced a new Mincome program to test out a minimum level guaranteed income for a few select Ontarians. This is probably due to her sponsor’s belief that the future looks grim for Ontarians. Her Apocalypse plan is to contain the Zombie’s within the GTA.  Why not build a fence like Donald Trump is?

Unfortunately with poor Free Trade deals, the picture for our youth is troubling, low waged, insecure, and poverty is growing visibly here in Ontario. With the exception of marijuana and tattoo shops, we have little to brag about. And with tight credit and NAFTA issues looming, you’d have to wonder how Ontario will create jobs.

Wynne’s support of the controversial Places to Grow program is at the bottom of rocketing Toronto home prices. Without land to build on, our thirst for “Places to Live” will never be quenched and prices will keep pushing upward. So her list 16 anti-investment tactics is wrapped within a failing overall strategy that will actually cost Ontario future growth and lead to higher prices.

The Toronto Housing Market Solution is Simple

Freeing up land around Toronto is the solution. There’s tens thousands of hectares of scrubland available for new housing developments (and it’s happening in Bradford, Vaughan, East Gwillimbury, and south of Barrie).

Wynne could create a new program to decentralize the economy away from Toronto and send jobs and good fortune to areas that need it.

The one good thing about the Toronto housing market boom is that money is being pushed outward to places such as Oshawa, Guelph and Barrie infusing those communities with new money. Prices in Barrie have risen 44% in the last year and this migration of investment money is giving Barrie something it rarely gets — investment and hope.

Solving the Housing Crisis

In a previous post I covered 10 ways the Toronto housing crash could be avoided and that Wynne’s government is forcing this housing crisis. The gist of the solution is to use this housing crisis as a reason to encourage investment in smaller communities outside the GTA. Instead of the current housing price spillover effect, why not actively move investment money and jobs outward to places like Barrie, Orillia, Orangeville, North Bay, Sudbury, Belleville, Gelph, Waterloo, London, Sarnia and Windsor?

The Liberal’s Places to Stop Growth plunges these communities into poverty and unwisely pushes intensification in places that don’t need it. These places are intensifying are their own.

Toronto Canada is in demand and the Investment money is already parked here.  Toronto and new incoming millennials intend to get married and start families, and new immigrants will keep adding price pressure. The 16 measures she took won’t work and in fact could stunt Ontario’s economic growth. Soon we will be battling higher rents, higher taxes, higher utilities (if we can find a place to live).

How would you rate the Wynne government’s support of small business? What are the key features of her small business growth support plan?

The foreign buyers tax was used in Vancouver which is much more Asian buyer influenced, and prices are already starting to rise again. They know how it’s all a matter of supply and demand.

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When Should I Sell My Home?

Should I Sell My House to Avoid the Coming Market Crash?

Timing is everything. Buy low, sell high and right now, the housing market is high. But the question a lot of homeowners are asking is “When will the real estate market crash?”

The Toronto housing market does have all the earmarks of a soon to crash market. And we know from viewing the historic charts that Toronto doesn’t recover well from these events. After the big crash or burst bubble event, housing prices stayed low.

Selling with experts means you may get an over asking price which is still common now.

Yet, today’s market is fed by International money — buyers from China, Russia, and the Middle East. And they can’t buy in the US because of wicked prices there.  So they’re coming here where their kids can get a first rate education and get citizenship in Canada. They definitely see a home as an investment and their money will continue to fuel the Toronto market.

So the “should I sell my home question” doesn’t have a certain answer, but the time is coming soon. The Toronto real estate market crash could happen late this year or may not happen for several years yet. We’ve all been expecting a Toronto market collapse for some time now, but it just hasn’t happened. We haven’t been finding and examining the real underlying factors.

Looking at the price charts alone isn’t sufficient. First we’ve just come away from the worst financial and housing recession ever in the US, and now the US is getting its financial act together. That fuels strength for a long time.

Screen Capture courtesy of Toronto Real Estate Board

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Why Wait for the Last Minute to Sell?

Quite a few homeowners are selling already and choosing to rent. Yet, finding a rental in the GTA for a decent price is very difficult. There is a rental crisis going on right now too. If you can find a rental, it’s a good time to sell your home.

The more sensible choice is to sell and move to parts of Florida, Costa Rica, Belize, Panama, or even Nicaragua. The cost of living is way less and you can get a lot for your $800,000 plus investment. You can rent an apartment in the Dominican Republic for $1000 month and live very well too. The health benefits of moving are something to consider.

Should you sell your house so you can travel? This could be your travel time, before you’re too old to travel.

Should you sell your home because your neighborhood isn’t what it used to be? All neighborhoods deteriorate over time.

Should you sell to move closer to your kids? Prices are really low across Canada.



Bookmark this page and return for further housing market forecasts, predictions, expert opinions and market data for most major US cities including  Los Angeles, Toronto, Mississauga Vancouver, San Diego, San Francisco, Phoenix, Denver, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, New York, and Dallas.  Check out local outlooks for Newmarket/Aurora, Richmond HillBradford ON, and Vaughan.

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Toronto Housing Market Crash Getting Closer?

When Will Toronto’s Real Estate Market Crash?

The experts have been calling for a Toronto Housing Crash for several years now, but it never happened. But is time finally running out?

What happens before a Housing Crash? This is the question more people are asking.  If Toronto’s economy is strong, could a crash possibly occur? Do we need to know the factors? If housing does crash, that doesn’t mean the economy would crash would it?

Canada is now a real estate nation, with little else to keep the economy from sinking into an even deeper funk — in the Globe and Mail.

Every month in 2017, brings a new context with new threats. And when prices are this high, perhaps down is the only direction? Some writers in the media including Gordon Pape the finance guru, and Douglas Porter of BMO are hinting about a housing crash.

What are the current issues people are discussing?

  • first time buyers – are they over-leveraged, seriously in debt and able to pay higher mortgage payments?
  • are homeowners exposed to higher mortgage rates?
  • is the renegotiation of NAFTA going to create a wave of mortgage defaults and business failures?
  • fast rise of home prices – going vertical on charts can’t continue
  • what are speculators and the media saying about the market?
  • will Chinese buyers disappear from the market?

In the first 2 months of 2017 have prices in Toronto have been rocketing. March to June, prices will launch into the stratosphere.

According to the Toronto Real Estate Board, active listings in the GTA were down by 50.5 per cent in February compared with the same period last year.  “Inventory hasn’t been this low in 15 years.” from a news post in the Globe and Mail.

Chart courtesy of Trebhome.com

What Causes a Real Estate Bubble and Housing Market Crash?

A Real Estate bubble happens when prices become inflated well beyond their apparent or historical value. Reality may be ready to snap them back to normal. The excessively high prices mean some buyers are likely over leveraged or in financial risk. If the market plummets they will be holding an “underwater mortgage” where they owe much more than the home is worth. They could decide to abandon the home as was evident in past recessions.

There are so many housing crash indicators to consider that even experts and mortgage corporation CEOs can’t provide a very good forecast. And past crashes may not give us any clues. But one insidious factor might be most telling even more than prices — that the economy can’t support it and wage performance in Toronto isn’t good — homeowners really are overleveraged. CMHC has sounded the warning, doing what they can to stop first time buyers from being future victims. Homeowner’s financial position is likely worsening and they’re increasingly in danger of default.

I’m not a qualified housing market economist but who is? You can read forecasts from 4 years ago from the experts who got demand wrong, bubble forecasts wrong, and made other embarassing statements such as “Toronto’s condo glut.” It’s a lot of guesswork. If you’re well to do, the price crash might not mean much, but a housing crash could bring the Ontario economy and indebted Ontario government crashing down. That’s when all hell breaks loose.

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It’s almost certain that your auto premiums are high.  Shop around and a low Toronto car insurance quote online.  Some postal codes and neighborhoods are subject to higher premiums. I hop you’re not going to go alone with that? You work hard for you money, so finding lower car insurance rates is a sign of self-respect. Let’s get shopping for the lowest auto insurance in Toronto.

When Will the Housing Crash Happen?

A housing crash occurs when housing prices plummet, due to economic failure, or to a wave of sellers who dump their properties onto the market in desperation to sell them. As in 2007 in the US, if defaults occur, it could bring down the market including mortgage lenders, sending it spiralling downward for years. The US housing crash brought the whole economy down and the damage spread internationally due to economic integration and capital flight.

Canadians, including Torontonians are deep in personal debt and first time buyers may have big student loan debt. Wealthy people would be quick to sell to protect their own fortunes. Once the fuse is lit, we can expect terrible consequences.

What do The Home Builders Think of the Toronto Market?

Are builders jumping into the Toronto market with both feet? That’s a good sign of market direction, because new home development builders have a lot on the line if the Toronto economy should tank. They’d be exposed for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Yet if you look up in Vaughan, Newmarket, Aurora and especially Bradford West Gwillimbury, you’d see massive developments going full steam ahead. In East Gwillimbury, one development just north of Green Lane in Sharon, will have 9000 new homes. Builders seem pretty confident they’re going to sell them all. And generally, they’re sold quick and at very high prices. Chinese buyers are still supporting the market however, buyers from the Toronto area are keenly interested in York Region.

Selling Your Home in 2017

I’m getting more frequent inquiries from Toronto area home buyers and I expect that to grow. They can sense the possibility of the Toronto housing bubble bursting, and that now is the right time to sell their Toronto or Mississauga home and make the migration north. It is a wise time to sell your home anywhere in the Toronto region and settle into something cheaper. We will never see the winfall homeowners are getting now from selling, again in our lifetime.

If you are ready to sell, why not contact me to help you get the best price for your Toronto or Mississauga home? You’ll get an experienced and helpful Realtor to get it sold fast, but for a fanastic price. You won’t be even thinking about their commission.

When the next recession happens, all those who didn’t sell will look back with regrets. The opportunity to benefit by hundreds of thousands of dollars is no laughing matter. You can sell now and move to Costa Rica, Palm Beach Florida, Kelowna BC, Arizona, or Belize and live a wondrously happy existence.

The Kids Will Be Happy and So Will You

Some don’t sell their house because they don’t want to uproot their kids. But kids are resilient, and 100s of thousands of dollars buys a lot of health, high quality education and other youth development benefits. Think how nice that could be?

It may take another year or two before the bubble bursts, buy why wait? You have the big winfall now. If you’re a babyboomer, did you work hard all those years to sit in a house that needs constant repair? Come on, you deserve better than that.

Contact me and I’ll help you get launched on the whole process and get you moving onto a better life. My Realtor associates in your town will do a market valuation and then help you optimize your property for sale. This is an exciting time for you, your spouse and family. Suddenly, you have options you never dreamed of. Be happy and let’s get started!  — Gord

When should I Sell My House? | RETS IDX | Zillow Home Search | First Time Home Buyers | Canadian Home Buyers Guide

Aurora Newmarket Real Estate Forecast – 2018 to 2020 | New Homes for Sale | New Construction Houses Condos Resale Properties

Real Estate Market in Aurora and Newmarket

Winter 2017/2018 was a quiet one. However with spring 2018 here, we’re seeing the Newmarket real estate market, Aurora real estate market and the East Gwillimbury market offering the best availability of old stock and new homes for sale in the Toronto region.

The new stress test rules have cooled the Toronto Real estate market, and prices have cooled in York region in particular. Last spring, Aurora, Newmarket, Vaughan, and East Gwillimbury were scortching hot markets with soaring prices for detached homes.

Aurora/Newmarket Home Sales Statistics

Screen Capture courtesy of Trebhome.com

As you can see in this chart below, home prices are very similar to 2 years ago before the bubble peaked. Active listings in Aurora has from 83 in May 2016 to 226 currently. And in Newmarket there is a much healthier 280 active listings compared to 102 in May 2016.  Not great, but better for buyers.

The issue in York region is similar to cities across the US and Canada — a lack of availability. Without anywhere to go, people are hanging onto their houses even as prices slide. Their buoyed by the realization that with government development restrictions suppressing housing developments in York Region, their home price will not fall much.

If there is a Toronto housing crash, the price drops in Aurora, Newmarket, and East Gwillimbury would be extreme as we saw through the latter part of 2017.  With the coming of the provincial election, we could see a new approach to housing in Ontario (although the PCs haven’t said they would ease the problem). The hope of a Toronto housing boom is fading with the NAFTA negotiations failing.

City Sales in January Home Price Index Change YoY Average Price
Detached House January 2018 Dec 2017 Nov 2017 Oct 2017 Sept 2017 May 2016
Aurora 28 -2.54 1,079,493 $1,033,353 $1,249,613 $1,280,888 $1,458,481 $1,160,286
Newmarket 33 -5.09 $871,412 $879,151 $763,071 $916,350 $895,191 $871,904
East Gwillimbury 15 0.26 $851,687 $769,624 $946,465 $1,013,350 $895,119 $766,528
Condo Townhouses
Aurora 3 $393,333 $455,000 $457,429 $926,643 $515,333 $622,570
Newmarket 0 $592,417 $577,500 $727,500 $584,543 $530,492
East Gwillimbury 0

Living in York Region

This spring in 2018, buyers might find that perfect house in York Region whether new homes for sale or old housing stock.  Traveling up the 404 or 400 to check out houses for sale in  Aurora and Newmarket  as well as Bradford and fast growing East Gwillimbury, buyers do like what they see.  To buy a home in Aurora, you may be looking at $1 million.

New Condominium on Jonway, Aurora
Brookfield Developments – Just off of Leslie, north of Wellington Rd Aurora
Multimillion Dollar home in West Aurora
This new development on the old Glenway Golf Course grounds is completed, although there hundreds of new homes being built toward Yonge St, south of Davis Drive. Check them out on the Newmarket new homes page.

Northern York Region continues to grow particularly as word gets out about new housing developments in Aurora and new homes for sale in Newmarket. and those in East Gwillimbury.

Newcomers are impressed with the quality of living in York Region with the open spaces, clean air, Cooks Bay to the north, the Durham forest to the east, and the small town living.

Aurora and Newmarket are perfect for growing families with the number excellent schools, libraries, recreation facilities, shopping, and a vibrant commercial/business area. These are communities with a definite character and high standard of living.

If you’re investigating the Aurora and Newmarket  or anywhere in Northern York region to buy a detached home or condo, you won’t be disappointed at the lifestyle in these quaint cities. Andas this most recent updated market report for 2017 suggests below, prices are appreciating and availability is being squeezed.

There are new housing developments here, some quite large, however most have already been sold out. It’s a seller’s market here like no other in York Region.

Check Homes for Sale in Newmarket or Aurora Right Now.

If you’re interested in buying or selling, send me a quick note in the form below and I’ll have an experienced and friendly realtor contact you. She’s very nice and you’ll enjoy her easy going approach. No Pressure!

Real Estate is about to be disrupted. Having a good digital marketer working for you is vital for best selling results

If you’re hoping to sell your home (at over asking?), consider having me help you build strong demand for your home online and with a private MLS listing. I may be a good alternative to a local Aurora or Newmarket realtor. I offer a very powerful selection of Digital Marketing Services. Rather than the realtor hiring me to do all the work, why not go direct and save tens of thousands in commission?

[bctt tweet=”York Region is forecast to grow to a population of 1.79 million and employment of 900,000 by 2041″ username=”@gord_collins”]

Population Growth to Boost Demand for Detached Homes

The Aurora/Newmarket area is a special urban zone just north of Toronto, Canada, surrounded by development-blocked scrubland called green space. This scarcity of usable, development land for housing is the number one driver of skyrocketing prices in these two towns and a current housing crisis for many residents. For investors and speculators alike, this region is worth a good look.

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t believe the housing market in the Aurora, Newmarket and Bradford area won’t boom for some time. Huge new housing developments being built currently on the west and east sides of these much desired towns are providing hundreds of new homes for sale. Those new properties are hot commodities.

It’s a testament to the popularity of the region and the growth in migration from Toronto and Mississauga, and from south YR to north YR. But without land, homes can’t be built.

Here’s some eye opening stats on how single detached home prices and listings have changed in the last 12 months in the Aurora, Newmarket, Markham, Richmond Hill area to give you some perspective before we continue.

 Sales Chart 2016 York Region Detached Home Sales Comparison September 2015 to 2016
City Average Selling Price September 2015 Avg Selling Price March 2017 YOY Price Growth Avg DOM 09/2015 Avg DOM 09/2016 New Listings Active Listings Avg Selling Price / Listing Price
Aurora $908,640 $1,381,668 33% 22 10 130 64 105%
Bradford E Gwillimbury $650,324 $1,166,594 33% 30 26 58 60 101%
King $1,183,743 $1,854,652 31% 59 28 159 125 100%
Markham $1,114,035 $1,680,833 35% 15 13 70 118 100%
Newmarket $734,830 $1,143,251 36% 18 11 194 104 105%
Richmond Hill $1,169,054 $1,835,719 30% 15 14 371 243 105%
Whitchurch-Stouffville $876,188 $1,369,276 33% 29 15 107 87 104%

Ontario Government – Places to Grow and Urban Intensification Act

Will mounting pressure on the Ontario government force the increase of more land for development? Will the lack of housing stock for resale jump prices another 28% in 2017, and throttle the market here in York Region? My guess is the slowdown forecast by expert housing analysts won’t happen until late summer next year. The Ontario government’s urban intensification plan and places to grow program will provide strong upward pressure on prices in Aurora, Markham, Richmond Hill, Stouffville and Newmarket. This is by design.

People want to live in Newmarket and Aurora and improving roads in the region will at least offer the illusion of a nice to commute to work yet the truth is, roadways have also been constrained along with housing development.  Buyers are hoping and waiting for new listings in Aurora/Newmarket but the wait may be long.  Just this summer the Ontario minister of Finance announced new rules that intend to restrict development even more.

Bryan Tuckey, president of the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD). “The net effect will be higher housing prices across the board.”

Home Prices in Aurora ON

This comparison of prices and DOM of the neighbourhoods in Aurora below should highlight how things have changed just in the last 15 months. The average home price in Aurora Estates has risen $250,000 and in the Hills of St Andrews, up a whopping $450,000!  Since active listings are down this year, it suggests home prices will rise further in 2017. Will they rise through to 2020? As long as the Toronto market remains hot and overpriced, demand will keep spilling into Markham, King, Vaughan, Stouffville, and Aurora.

While new construction developments on the east side are available, there is no room to grow. Price pressure will be enormous through 2020 and beyond. If prices have risen 22% in the last, we can safely project that demand will continue through 2020 if the Toronto economy and the US economy should hold during that time.yorkregionhomeprices-top




Luxury Home for Sale in Aurora WestPrices are rising fast and many homeowners who previously wouldn’t sell are finally coming to the conclusion that now is the time to sell. But the market isn’t about about to die. Even with the governments acting to add taxes and raise mortgage qualification requirements, the demand for homes in Aurora and Newmarket is high. Lately, Aurora home prices have risen faster than any other municipality in the Toronto area.

New Home Construction Developments in Aurora ON

St John’s Forest – Mattamy Homes sales office not open yet

Treasure Hill – Time Village on 25 Mavrinac Blvd. Aurora, ON

Aurora Trails – Arista Homes Sales Center at  corner of Wellington St. and Mavrinac Blvd Aurora, ON

Newmarket Home Prices 2015 to 2016

A look at Newmarket home prices in the last 15 months might help us determine what kind of price increases and availability will mark the 2017 selling season. Newmarket homes sell for about $400,000 less than in Aurora, however, as more homes are sold in Copper Hills in east Newmarket near the 404, and new developments north of St Johns Sideroad, and in Glenway estates (former Glenway golf course), the average home price should rise.



Newmarket New Home Construction Developments – New Homes for Sale

Are you on the hunt for new homes for sale in Newmarket?

Copper Hills Phase 4 – Sales office at 1035 Poppy Lane, Newmarket

ESPRIT Newmarket – Presentation centre at 219 Davis Drive West, Newmarket

Glenway Phase II – Andrin Homes and Lakeview Homes presentation centre at 26 Lesmill Rd #3, North York.

The housing stock is predominantly new and categorized as luxury real estate as you can see in the Aurora homes galleries, the prices put Aurora and Newmarket homes in that category. Take a look at this gallery of Aurora luxury homes  and you’ll see what’s typically available for $1.5 million to $8 million here. You’ll find some beauties in what are spectacular neighbourhoods providing an unparalleled quality of life.

Please do read the Toronto Real Estate Forecast to get up to date on the factors that are pushing Southern Ontario real estate prices up. The major reason is a huge demand for housing in general and for single detached homes in general. Millennial buyers in particular are eager to leave their parent’s homes and buy, yet prices are staggering. Previously, availability in Newmarket and Aurora were severely constrained yet price hadn’t quite jumped yet. Now prices are shooting up fast because buyers and investors are learning more about these towns. Given how desirable living north of the Green belt is, buyer demand will continue.

Is this the right year to buy rental income property?  Find out more about the best investments in 2017 including investing in real estate.

Demand for homes in Aurora and Newmarket will likely not abate for some time. Speculation may increase considerably in the next few years since it’s believed the Ontario government will not alleviate the places to grow legislation. There is talk about how something has to give as discussed in this article in York Region News, yet prices will likely not fall anymore than they’d fall in other popular locations.  The GTA is growing and York Region is slated for growth as part of the provincial government’s plans.

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New Homes for Sale in Newmarket

New Homes for Sale in Newmarket, ON

The region of Aurora, Newmarket, and East Gwillimbury are highly desirable locations for families looking for great lifestyles close to urban amenities and rural freedom.

Newmarket in particular has been the site of city transit improvements and there’s much work on the roadways and new housing developments. The beautiful parks, bike paths, upgraded hospital, great schools, and access to the 404 makes it very popular for buyers looking to escape the GTA.

Not so Dumb!
Not so Dumb to live in Newmarket!

The city that produced Jim Carrey, John Candy, and Connor McDavid, offers clean, fresh air, safe streets, plenty of nearby recreational centres for tennis and hockey along with modern shopping centres just a short drive away.

Despite constraints on development, Newmarket is a fast growing city and as expected, is feeling its growing pains.  It will soon provide the best York Region has to offer.  The Go Train Service to Toronto is opening up this region for those who must work in downtown Toronto.

For nature and recreation/relaxation lovers, a beautiful park system makes weekends a very special time. And the new lake to lake bicycle route is currently being built from Toronto up through Newmarket to Keswick is quite an exciting development for the thousands of cyclists in Ontario’s cycling capital. Mountain bikers don’t have far to go for a thrilling ride either, including the Durham Forest just southeast of Newmarket/Aurora.

Average Price for Newmarket New Homes

A visit north to our region will give you plenty of new home construction developments in Aurora and Newmarket to view. The forecast for sales and growth in this region are still strong despite the government stress test.   Take a look at the Aurora real estate market forecast.


New Housing Developments in Aurora and Newmarket

Sundial Homes latest development is right next to Upper Canada Mall on Davis Drive in Newmarket. Below is the site plan. Given how fast homes and townhomes are sold in York Region, this development should be sold out quickly. Definitely visit their website for more details and to see some spectacular interior designs and amenities on these townhomes for sale.

Picture courtesy of Sundial Homes
Picture courtesy of Sundial Homes sundialhomes.com/esprit/

hmwsmallLakeview Homes and Andrin Homes are combining to build hundreds of new houses and townhomes on the west side of Newmarket. The location is on the former site of the Glenway Golf Course. Andrin has announcing construction of a collection of Detached Homes and Bungalows on 50′ Lots, as well as 2-Storey Townhomes and 3-Storey Urban Townhomes.

The location is excellent, adjacent from Bathurst St and Highway 9 (Davis Drive) which means it’s a few minutes from Upper Canada Mall. On the eastside, the Copper Hills development is nearing completion.  There are lots and homes being constructed as you’ll see in the picture gallery below.

The area to west on the other side of Bathurst is green space with excellent hiking trails. And you’re just a minute from the Holland Marsh, Ontario’s vegetable garden. The Holland Marsh Winery is close by so ensure you take an evening out for a wine tour.

The High R Value, reflective foil insulation used in these new homes shows the Glenway Living builders are pulling out all the stops to provide a home that is clearly a cut above others offered elsewhere.

newmarket-home2 newmarket-home3 newmarket-home4 newmarket-homes5 newmarket-new-construction-area

Copper Hills from Preston homes in Newmarket is a massive luxury home development located just south of Mulock in between Leslie St and highway 404.  It’s a few years old yet the homes are still like new and many are on the resale market.  It is laid out in a series of swepping, rolling streetscapes on 135-acre parcel of land.  The site plan is composed of 5 concentric circles which lends a sense of harmony to the neighbourhoods.  The final phase 4 is almost complete. You can see the home details at the prestongroup.ca website.

Homes for sale in Copper Hills Neighbourhood

copperhills2 copperhills3 copperhills4 copperhills5

Copper Hills sales centre at 1035 Poppy Lane, Newmarket, ON

In the mood to see a gallery of beautiful homes in Aurora? Aurora is the upscale section of the region and although it lacks the convenience location of the new homes being built, the mature and quieter neighbourhoods make it more attractive to some buyers.

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New Homes for Sale in Aurora

New Construction in Aurora – Luxury Living

Aurora is a beautiful town set on a small parcel of land in between Bathurst St to the west and Highway 404 to the east. With not much land to develop for new construction projects, the prices of new homes for sale in Aurora and Newmarket are set to rise.

As you’ll see in these photos below, there beautiful new homes for sale, either through builders such as Mattamy Homes, Lindvest Developments, Opus Homes, or Brookfield Properties. And please do visit their presentation centres in town in Aurora and then check out new homes for sale in Newmarket too.


The forecast for home prices in Aurora is that they will increase.



Timberlane by Brookfield Homes

Yet another development in Aurora is on the site of the former Timberlane Athletic Club on Van Dorf Sideroad (Near Yonge St). This new development by Brookfield Homes will be a gated community offering 56 detached bungalows and 2 storey residences on 50′ properties. These Aurora luxury homes start at $1.3 million.


Glen Ridge Estates in Aurora South

Fairgate Homes and Opus Homes are in the process of construction of Glen Ridge Estates, an opulent lush neighbourhood in the south end of Aurora. These upscale luxury homes will be modelled after French Chateaus, with each estate is available on a 50’ or 60’ lot, as either a bungalow or a two-storey home, ranging to more than 5,000 sq ft.

This is what the land looks like right now. How’s this for a place to call home?



Just down Yonge St a few hundred yards is another gated community of mega sized homes is being completed.


Highland Gate in Aurora

Clublink Corporation and Geranium Corporation are redeveloping the former Highland golf course lands with 184 single detached bungalow and 2 storey homes on 50’ and 60’ lots. Local residents have taken the developer to court and are causing a delay in construction.

This neighbourhood is mature and beautiful and the about 19.5 of the 41 hectares is proposed to be parks, open space or otherwise won’t be developed.

Mattamy Homes

Mattamy Homes is just finishing its phase II development on St John’s sideroad in North Aurora called St John’s Forest. You’ll find quite an array of luxury homes and townhomes here with more coming. Prices vary, but expect to be in the upper 800,000’s to 2 million dollar+ range for most. Mattamy as well as Lindvest Properties in a neighbouring development south of here, are showcasing the latest in modern styling (reminiscent of new homes in Calgary area) with beautiful stone facades and roomy layouts. Yes, there are plenty of monster homes in Aurora, Ontario.


Mattamy phase 2 is sold out.


Beautiful Interior on home in St John’s Forest


Opus Homes subdivision is off of St John’s sideroad close to Leslie St. You can view their full selection of monster luxury homes on their website.  Unfortunately, the Aurora Trails development is officially sold out.

Beautiful interiors really set them apart



And the spacious, elegant interiors of custom built homes are hard to match

Screen Capture courtesy of Opus Homes



Lindvest Developments is building a new house and townhouse development off of Leslie St, just south of St John’s sideroad. Their upcoming Aurora Glen Estates phase 3 will offer a collection of contemporary townhouse designs.

lindvest-salescentre-aurora  brookfield-thearbors-unfinished brookfield-thearbors-undeveloped-neighbourhood brookfield-thearbors-undeveloped2

Not to be outdone, are the new townhouse developments by Brookfield Properties. You’ll find them just off of Leslie, and south of St John’s Sideroad. This region is massive with a lot of homes and townhouses. Unfortunately, there are no condos being built.


brookfield-thearbors-aurora brookfield-thearbors-aurora3 brookfield-thearbors-aurora2

If townhouses are what you’re looking for, the upcoming Time Village development off of Wellington St on Yonge St may be worth a look.


Take a drive up to Aurora and check out the variety of beautiful homes and neighbourhoods yourself.  Whether it’s new construction homes and townhomes on the east side, or resale properties on the west side, you’ll be delighted at the thought of living in Aurora.  The homes, such as the ones for sale above are beautiful. The builders are definitely getting it right with their new construction offerings.

If you’re in the market for a home in Aurora or Newmarket, please send me a message in the form below. I can refer you to a wonderful realtor who can help you find the dream home you want.

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New Homes In Bradford West Gwillimbury – New Construction Developments

New Contruction Homes in Bradford West Gwillimbury

bradford-dreamfieldssignNo town or neighbourhood in the GTA has gone through the level of dramatic changes that the Bradford Ontario area has in the last 6 years. Growth in population, commercial enterprise, and neighbourhoods on the west side along highway 89 has been astonishing and it’s earmarked for more.

Bradford West Gwillimbury is a exciting new place to live offering all the modern amenities and the quiet and clean air of the rural Simcoe County countryside. If houses for sale in Newmarket or luxury homes in Aurora and Vaughan are too expensive, Bradford Ontario might be the affordable, clean oasis you might enjoy.

Its laid back farming spirit remains despite the all the development in the town nearby. The town’s proximity to Highway 400 and Lake Simcoe make it a very desirable and convenient location for those who want the best living possible north of Vaughan and York Region.

Both Bradford West Gwillimbury and East Gwillimbury are undergoing tremendous growth and its brought profound changes in the town’s atmosphere, livability, and opportunities. East Gwillimbury will see more than 7,000 homes constructed over the next 9  years with 800 being delivered in 2016. BWG encompasses a large area that includes the villages of Bond Head and Tecumseh.

Photo courtesy of Holland Marsh Winery

Bradford is located on the north shore of Holland Marsh which has been Toronto’s vegetable garden for more than a hundred years. It’s culture has been much that of a quiet dutch farming settlement where time passed very slowly.

The Holland Marsh itself is a former lake bed which dried up and left incredibly fertile soil where everything from carrots to grapes are grown. Every year, thousands of Mexican farm labourers migrate here for the growing season. As food prices have risen, so has the prosperity of this small, unpretentious town.

It is a rural region and yet professional management of the watershed and natural environment by the town and the home developers has made it much better.

The Bradford Recreation Centre is an amazing sports facility. I’ve been a member there twice and enjoyed working out and using the indoor trick and basketball courts. There’s a huge swimming pool and 2 hockey ice rinks.

The Bradford / West Gwillinbury and East Gwillimbry region is much in demand for residential property. It’s a beautiful natural area, especially along the Holland rivers.

Admittedly, this demand for houses is creating urband sprawl urban sprawl from York Region, Vaughan and Toronto.  Bradford is north of the politically sensitive Oakridges Moraine designated green belt region, and there is plenty of scrubland here for development. That freedom has spawned huge new housing developments south and north of Holland Street.

uppercanadaIf you’re wondering whether Bradford WG is the right place for you and your family, you’ll be delighted with you’ll see. Along with the new homes being built is a commercial retail corridor that offers every type of product and service you could want from dining to medical services and auto repair. If fashion is what you thirst for, you won’t be far from the largest fashion mall in Northern York Region, the Upper Canada Mall in Newmarket and a short driver away from Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre.

How about Home Prices in Bradford West Gwillimbury?

Most homes sold here are detached houses with a median price of $615,000 which is considerably less than the $1.2 million average of nearby Aurora. Although homes take much longer to sell, they almost certainly will be sold.

Screen cap courtesy of TREB





New Home Builders in Bradford West Gwillimbury

There are a number of builders active in the greater Bradford West Gwillumbury area with several new developments proposed.

Proposed Developments

Sunrise Homes and Fortress Real Developments are joining up to build a 119 unit single-detached housing development in the Bond Head which is within the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury

National Homes has its Phase 2 development called the Forest.

Homes in Construction or Newly Completed

Regal Crest is continuing its development called Dream Fields, of which I have photos of below.

National Homes has its Phase 1 development called The Forest

Lormel Homes has a current development called Horizon

Westin Homes has 2 developments called Centerville  and Westbrook 4

Brookfield Homes has its development Grand Central Bradford in construction

Great Gulf Homes has its Summerlyn Village Development heading toward completion.

Bayview Wellington Homes has its Green Valley Estates development.

Homes in Bradford West Gwillimbury

Let’s take a look at some of the beautiful homes built and in construction here in Bradford.





Looking for new homes in Aurora, new homes in Newmarket or new homes in Richmond Hill? Check out the galleries and learn more about the communities and the opportunities you might enjoy in them. The forecast for Aurora real estate and Newmarket real estate sales is for continued sales and prices. Finding a good real estate agent to help you is wise.

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More Aurora Luxury Homes

Demand for Luxury Properties in Aurora Still Strong

Welcome to another gallery of Aurora’s most beautiful million dollar homes. As I pointed out in my previous post on Aurora luxury homes, demand for homes new or old in this town is extreme. The region is home to a growing number of extremely wealthy people with a taste for luxury.

The DOM for Aurora listings on the MLS is up a little in late 2017 from 10 days, but homes sell quick. My friend sold his townhouse just recently and it sold in less than a week. Buyers are that hungry.

With such high prices in the Toronto region, we know there’s more potential buyers appearing, but with a severely short supply in Aurora, frustration and disappointment will be high. If you’re thinking of moving to this amazing community, be prepared to come in at 10% above asking, and pay in cash.  There are homes here with owners who are timing their purchase to get the maximum price.

If you can’t find a home in Aurora, have a good look at homes for sale in Newmarket, and Bradford real estate.

Gallery of Aurora Homes













Aurora’s upscale neighbourhoods generate a special feeling that is both relaxing and inspiring. Something you’ll take away from buying a luxury home in Aurora is a sense of how good life can be. It’s not a town for those without means. Aurora has always been a town for the wealthy since the Magna Auto Parts giant moved their head office here. The parks, facilities, restaurants, shops and safe neighbourhoods make it a truly special place to live.


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