3 Essential Reasons SMB Owners Choose Freelancers

What do Business Owners want in their Key Freelancers?

Hiring quality freelancers is very desirable today (lower cost, maximum skill, industry focus).

Yet are business managers finding who they really want and need? Are the best freelancers a gold mine?

3 Must Haves for Busy, Pressured Business managers:

  1. Convenience
  2. Competence
  3. Confidence

Convenience means they want to download everything to the freelancer and ease their workload, which means versatility and a can do attitude are essential.

Competence means capturing a marketing provider who is skilled, experienced in the industry, versatile, creative, willing to learn and become more productive thus adds real, continuously growing value.

Confidence means a provider who can help managers/owners understand the business/marketing challenge and what’s needed and how to act on it. Owners lack confidence and it’s a big problem.

How Do Freelancer’s Maximize their Contribution?

In addition to the above, they drill down to help you find the essential points of your best unique value proposition and the sales/promotional focus that will bring it all together.

Talent on sale?  If you hire, onboard, train, educate, and enable this person, you may get all you want and more! Creative marketing is powerful. Predictable, old-school, canned marketing isn’t.

A talented marketing/SEO/content producer can make a substantial difference to any small business. And SMBs need this kind of advantage. Because SMB’s face big competitive challenges. No one supports small business today.

Managers need to think outside the box now, and hire fresh with an opportunity and growth mindset. The freelance marketer can help you identify opportunities (collaboration) and build the plan to capture that audience.

Dollar for dollar, a producing content strategist and developer is number one. Whatever else we need to complete the marketing solution can be found as well. Acquire the kingpin and fill in the other support components based on actual, real experience in the first few months.

The gaps will show and you can provide those supports (graphic design, AI tools, video, networking, promotions, advertising funding, etc.).

Great, versatile talent plus financial resources will lift your firm to market leader status whatever market you’re aiming for.
Consumers only care about the market leaders. Customers are online. Let’s be number one!

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