Shortage of Good Content Writers is Hurting Businesses

Copywriting Heavily Influences Sales

According to a study by the Content Marketing Institute, good content creators are in short supply. 1/3 of companies can’t find anyone talented enough to write for their brands and websites.

Some may have tried to push their top print copywriters into the web sphere only to find their prose unappealing and irrelevant to web readers. The result is poor interest, engagement, sales conversion and traffic from search engines and social media platforms.

Content strategy, creative development, SEO and copywriting go hand in hand, but strategy won’t do much for you if you don’t have the talent to carry it out. Without content writers of sufficient skill, imagination, experience, and productivity, they’ll need to find talent with potential and train them.

My recent trip to California highlighted the meaning of good content. In this case, a delicious surf and turf dinner at the best seaside restaurant. The restaurant delivered an unparalleled taste experience with an amazing oceanview backdrop. There’s no restaurant better than the Chart House in Cardiff.

Good copywriters similarly create compelling experiences with a pallet of words, facts, views, perspectives and insight that readers want.

So What is it that Makes a Good Copywriter?

Well, I might be a tad biased in this regard, but take a look at what Sonia Simone of copyblogger says.  Why don’t we explore what a productive, effective copywriter is required to do.

The end goal of copywriting is to capture attention, inform, persuade, and convince. Before that can happen, the writer needs to establish the goals of the writing projects, the company’s brand positioning and unique value proposition, and what the marketing/brand manager’s expectations and demands are.  There’s plenty of room for misinterpretation and conflict and only good communication will bridge the gaps.

The content writer is often left to determine the company’s brand, marketing strategy, and tactics to make the content generate leads and sales. Good copywriters like this challenge and get right to doing the best they can for their boss/client. Copywriters who lack knowledge of marketing concepts, markets, media, branding will be pressed to the limit to produce copy that fulfills all obligations.

Web copy is even tougher since it must capture attention fast, achieve high search rankings, and convince visitors to act right away.  Print writing is tough too, especially advertising copy where the demand for creativity and imagination is very high. Writers skilled in all media such as web, print, packaging, video, and social media is extremely unlikely. The mental dexterity and gymnastics required is enough to humble any so called star.

Let’s focus on Web Copywriting  

In no particular order, your copy must:

  • capture attention and look good visually (It does this using headings, quotes, lists/bullets, and images)
  • be scannable and easy to follow visually (it does this through blocks of text that are easy to see)
  • possess the right voice and tone (subtle or direct style discovered through research of audience culture and preferences)
  • be strategic and tactical (a good overall plan for the role of pages, the unique value proposition, and how information and links fill in details for readers so they can act)
  • be persuasive and convincing (it needs a compelling hook and angle to catch readers minds and hearts)
  • differentiate points of difference to introduce the brand and strengthen it (features, benefits, and viewpoints all make your product more desirable and valuable than competitor’s)
  • use a call to action to get results (link text, copy, headings, and buttons let the visitor make the right decision)
  • make the brand/product likable and desirable (words, symbolism, and stories that fits with customers beliefs, hopes and values)
  • be credible and trustworthy (using wording that creates transparency and proof of value)
  • be well-edited as this is where excellent writing is created (sequence, purpose and points all must be clarified, made coherent and more persuasive)
  • be search engine optimized to create visits from Google users (see post on SEO)
  • be reviewed with analytics reports (see what worked and use A/B testing and reasoning to create further improvement)

I hope you got the picture that copywriters can make a significant contribution to any web-based business. Work with a good copywriter who is strong on research, aware of the market, and able to help you discover your unique value proposition.

As a Web copywriter, I need to add value continuously.  That might be to create new ways to express the company’s brand image, sharply focus the brand message, and use words and phrases that make products/services appear much better than they really are.

We’ve all been seduced by the copy in advertising. It is effective and when done well, can generate millions in sales. And it can also leave millions on the table. As a CEO, entrepreneur, or marketing manager, your decisions about acquiring a top notch content strategist, content developer, or copywriter could determine your company’s profitability.

Your copywriter reaches the audience, captures their heart and mind, and convinces them to buy your product.  Get your target audience as close to good copy and content as you can.

Whether it’s validation, information, support, or simply enablement, the messages on your website or social media pages are what customers are hungry for.  Give them as much as they can eat. They’ll give you their money and loyalty.