The Magic of Project-Based SEO

Back in college I achieved my best marks via projects, not with everyday lessons and tests.

Today, schools recognize the benefits of project-based learning for students. This includes growth in self-reliance, improved attitudes toward learning, opportunities to develop complex skills, such as creative imagination, critical thinking, problem solving, collaborating, and

Those are great benefits and the key one shouldn’t be left out — greater performance which is your real goal. Project based SEO makes optimization work more special, focused and less distracted. This is the way to market leadership for some companies.

And in performing content and SEO tasks, I still try to strategize my own work as a project rather than a never-ending saga of tasks. The result is better focus on each essential element of the SEO work, and much better results in rankings, engagement, and lead generation for clients.

Project Management Proves that Reduced Scope Works

Many businesses do the same. When working with MuscleTech™, a musclebuilding supplement manufacturer, the marketing and web development team mapped out work as projects. They used Microsoft Project to control each element and phase on timelines to ensure everything was completed and nothing fell through the cracks.

Yet what happens is too many ingredients and too many chefs. Their choice of managing by project was more for quality control and execution, to tame the multitude of development work happening at the time.

Projects become special, unique and draw more intense concentration with specialists who can apply themselves more effectively. Deadlines are more likely to be met and issues are easier to resolve. Everything is simpler and learning too is improved.

Special SEO projects take less money and use specific SEO consultants or content experts. It’s more affordable and gives you better control over budgets and planning additional projects.

Why Project-Based SEO Works

You may want to choose project-based search engine optimization and content development for these reasons:

  • better focus on the specific needs of that SEO campaign: Focus may be the top factor for success. If your consultant can focus entirely on one single aspect of an SEO project such as specific keyword phrases, rankings, and content to support that, there is less likelihood of wasted time, frustration, conflicts, confusion, mental exhaustion, burnout, and wasted ranking power. Even content will be more focused and higher quality without a confusion of objectives.
  • tasks are more certain and manageable: No project management software is needed because the tasks and inputs are simpler.
    more efficient use of contractors and resources: you can access top talent who may only work on a project basis and don’t want to become an employee. A project is a lower layout of cash.
  • easier Google ranking and traffic wins: when all resources are focused on one key objective, it’s more likely to succeed, thus fostering confidence for more, and proving bigger successes are worth funding. If you need proof that SEO is still relevant today, a project lets you test out your suppositions.
  • improved performance on key objectives set by management:  concentrated effort and resources from expert contributors.
  • easier analysis of performance of SEO: if something doesn’t work, it’s easier to figure out why since there are fewer random elements to consider such as pay per click, email, content pieces, and marketing promotional material involved.
  • less interference from competing tasks or other projects: demands from other departments or marketing staff are filtered so work gets done and well.
  • better testing to see what actually worked before committing big money: your traffic and lead conversion analytics software will help define success and KPI achievement. Creating a good analytics solution might be one of those projects.
  • no obligations with long term contracts or commitments: you can drop further engagement if it doesn’t look profitable.
  • fresher more dynamic output: the freelance contractor is expose to more projects with different companies and isn’t stagnating as many in house marketers do.

Hire the Best SEO Consultants/Strategists and Content Creators

You’re wondering if you should hire an amateur SEO inhouse who lacks vital creative and strategic skills.  It may be better to outsource some work in additional projects to more capable providers such as a video production company or an outreach PR link building company. Inhouse fades to poor performance because specialized talent is needed today to win rankings and traffic.

Even the best SEO pro can’t do everything. If they can concentrate on what they’re good at, they can deliver huge value and results at a more affordable cost and commitment. That alone changes the whole tone of utilizing SEO, which isn’t free or a guaranteed big win.

Fewer cogs in the wheel is simplicity. Simplicity agrees with focus and focus helps achieve the impossible.

Do consider creating affordable mini-projects in SEO to solve specific needs for success. As I mentioned in my previous post on how SEO improves conversion rates, search engine optimization impacts all aspects of marketing, branding, customer experience, sales, and even touches website development and optimization.

If you try to achieve everything all at once, the likelihood of failure rises dramatically.  Keep it simple and doable by hiring an SEO consultant for affordable, bite-sized projects and enjoy better outcomes.

Advanced SEO Services

Service packages are custom designed to suit your project needs and budget.  Contact me at 416 998 6246 to discuss.  I’m looking forward to speaking with you.

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