Is The Search Monopoly Killing Small Business?

Is The Search Monopoly Killing Small Business?

You Can Save Your Small Business If you’ve noticed your Google rankings sinking this year, you’re not alone. Small business continues to get hammered by Google who continues to enjoy a monopoly on web search. Small businesses are seeing their visibility universe shrink slowly and silently each month. Many toil with minor issues but lose…


Link Building – Key to High Rankings

Good Links Add BIG Value One topic in digital marketing that doesn’t get enough ink is link building.  Inbound links to websites are something Google rates very highly and if you want high rankings and the free, qualified customer prospects Google could send you, you need to get links to your website. The business of…


Key to High Rankings: Effective Outreach

Outreach and Link Building In life as in marketing, some things don’t get their due recognition and respect.  In the realm of digital marketing and SEO, outreach is the weak stepchild.  That’s because it’s not understood well and doing it well is a challenge. Admittedly, link building and outreach require confidence and tolerance for frustration,…