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Luxury Car Insurance – EV, Hybrid or Gas

Across the country, you’ve likely seen more high end luxury cars on the roadway. Manufacturers are building more high priced gas powered/hybrid perforance cars and the race is on for electric powered vehicles.

You’ll be surprised at the performance and features of the new releases this year. Check out the videos below.

With luxury car buyers anticipating upcoming releases of expensive luxury cars including the Porsche Mission e EV, we might also want to review auto insurance for them. Will repairs be more costly? Are they heavier and more stable in snow/ice conditions?

The demand for luxury vehicle insurance (called luxury car insurance) has grown substantially. Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferari, BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Bently, Rolls Royce, and other brands are producing some very interesting new electric luxury cars. That means owners may need review their auto insurance coverage.

Special Insurance for a Special Group of Drivers

Graphic courtesy of carmagazine.co.uk

Not all insurance companies are interested in providing policies for high end, luxury classic collector, or high value automobiles.  Expensive cars however do represent a unique seet of liabilties and unique auto insurance coverage.

Your Porsche, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Maserati, Bentley, Lamborghini, Ferari, Rolls Royce, or Jaguar is not just another vehicle. Insurance specialty coverage gives you the peace of mind that your luxury vehicle is fully covered and that your policy will meet your needs and claims if you’ve involved in an accident. You’ll need to search for that and I have a short list of top luxury auto insurance brokers below.

Electric Luxury Cars are All the Rage

It seems like a new electric luxury model is being released every month. Attention is moving away from Tesla to new group of electric car manufacturers.  Below is Jaguar’s new concept car called the I Pace SUV.

Photo courtesy of Jaguar Canada.

And how about this beauty Luxury EV from Lucid Motors? 240 mile range with 400 HP!

Luxury EV Lucid Motors

Fisker Electric Vehicle – 400 mile range and 161 mph.

Tesla Model S P90D – a 270 mile range for $118,000.

The Tesla Roadster – 600 mile range and founders series pricing at $250,000.

Specializing in High Value Automobiles

Listed below are some of the best high value, luxury car insurance carriers specializing in in luxury cars and high priced vintage and classic cars. These companies understand expensive automobiles and their owners and provide policies more suitable to their needs.

If you’ve read this post on which cars are most expensive to insure, you know that a cars price tag doesn’t always mean more pricey insurance rates. And when you shop around specifically for  car insurance for luxury automobiles, you’ll eventually find those insurers who offer better rates. Even for luxury vehicles, it’s shop and save!

In some states, provinces and jurisdictions there is a trend to limiting auto insurance coverage. In Vancouver BC for instance, the BC government has dropped coverage for luxury cars. They stated that regular car insurance buyers were subsidizing the more costly car’s protection.

It’s left a lot of wealthy Vancouver drivers looking for coverage for their high value automobile, and they’re switching to Alberta for their policies.

The fact is, that many luxury cars don’t get driven much. They are low use, special ocassion vehicles and when usage based telematics devices are used, the luxury car driver can prove the car is being driven safely and infrequently. It’s factors like these that should help avoid the disappearance of luxury car insurance.

The key factors in which luxury car insurance provider to choose comes down to:

  • higher limits of collision coverage
  • the ability to complete repairs using genuine manufacturer’s components
  • access to preferred repair shops
  • avoiding usual ‘comparable’ vehicle replacement policies

Check out the Navigation system on the New Bentley GT

Do You Think the Mercedes GT Roadster is Looking more like a Porsche?

Here’s Forbes look at the best luxury cars arrving in 2018.

How much is auto insurance for the top mid-range priced luxury cars?

Luxury Car Insurance Insurers

Hagerty Insurance Agency, LLC
P.O. Box 1303
Traverse City, MI

New Insurance
2855 S 4th Ave Ste 127
Yuma Az 85364
Phone : 928-792-1312
Phone : 949-791-1312

Britton Gallagher
One Cleveland Center, 30th Floor
1375 East 9th St.
Cleveland, OH 44114
Local Phone: (216) 658-7100

Insurance Suffolk
14 Roosevelt Avenue
Port Jefferson Station, Long Island, NY 11776

Dempsey & Siders Agency, Inc.
6725 Miami Avenue, Suite 102
Cincinnati, Ohio

Swingle, Collins & Associates
13760 Noel Road, Suite 600
Dallas , TX 75240
(972) 715-8700


Cheap insurance is often not a priority among luxury car owners who need customized coverage for their Porsche, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Maserati, Bentley, Lamborghini, Ferari, Rolls Royce, or Jaguar. The key is to ensure the value of the car is protected. High end luxury cars are a big investment even for wealthy owners.

Inquiry about luxury car insurance in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Vancouver, Seattle, New York, Miami, Dallas, Houston, San Diego, Toronto, San Francisco Bay Area, and Chicago.

Find the lowest insurance rates in your city: LA auto insurance, Boston auto insurance, Phoenix car insurance, San Francisco car insurance, San Diego boat insurance, Seattle truck insurance, New York car insurance, Indianapolis SUV insurance, Detroit SUV insurance, Indianapolis Car Insurance Quote onlineToronto car insurance quote, or Chicago car insurance.


Get More Google Traffic

Capitalize on Google’s Fantastic Gift of FREE Traffic

Google is still tops in online reach and vital to succeed with.  I want to share my enthusiasm for big Google exposure. Check out their ad revenue, stock value and marketshare growth to confirm they are King of the Castle. When it comes to website traffic, there isn’t much else to talk about, so let’s focus on the King.

Google is the traffic bringer and it’s the kind of traffic that is actually looking for your product or service. How great is that?!  So let’s clarify in this post why it is so wise to recommit to Google and how it underscores Internet marketing success.

Graphic Courtesy of Search Engine Land

Forget what else you’ve heard about Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. It’s all bunk. Google delivers far greater value which is why the smartest executives and small business owners focus on Google to build awareness, brand equity, and even direct sales.

Google is simply fantastic, so avoiding competing for search traffic because it’s competitive is a poor business decision. Neglecting Google could be that one bad decision that Tony Robbins often talks about in his seminars, the one that takes you down the road to nowhere.

Visit the Googleplex in Mountainview California

This snippet from my blog’s analytics report shows that in the last 2 months, 91% of traffic arrives via Google (Yes, Facebook referrals are growing strong too and working the two together is great).

Current Pageview total: 1 Million per year. Goal: 5 Million per year. You can have this kind of ambition and success too.  Believe it. No time to waste because it takes time.

What About Facebook and Linkedin?

Facebook and Linkedin can be useful when used in concert with Google SEO. Where Facebook and Linkedin come into play is after you’ve established yourself on Google as trusted and authoritative with value to share. That value can be distributed to create impressive effects via social media and Google rankings. The trick is to use them together strategically with a feedback loop, to make impact, engage, build intent and share the message. Google sees all this and will reward you with impressive web traffic.

Google Facebook Marketshare
Infographic Courtesy of Visual Capitalist – Google and Facebook Dominate Internet Marketing

Larry Kim and Neil Patel

If you’re an Internet marketer, you know who these guys are. They built their impressive companies by creating high quality content. They built their awesome businesses on FREE traffic from Google. Their success with Google has launched them into completely new opportunities they could never have dreamed of. Larry started in Winnipeg, Canada and moved to Boston to build his business empire, Wordstream.  And he was a developer with no interest in blogging, but when he got into it, he found a reward he couldn’t imagine.  This should be your story too!

And Neil Patel is the pentultimate Google and content marketer and owner of KissMetrics. I didn’t say he was the best. But he certainly made the smart decision to capitalize on Google intelligently and he offers some excellent content to small business owners. He’s quoted his site’s traffic from Google, and it’s about a million a month. Ask him if Google is King.

15 Reasons Why Google is So Important – Courtesy of Syed Ali

Why is Google Still King on the Internet?

Google gives consumers and other searchers what they’re looking for – information, inspiration, justification and a sene of mastery about a topic, product, service, industry, technology, etc. People want to feel in control, that they’re making good decisions and Google has always focused on solving that need.

Everyone turns to Google, not Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or Bing. And can they turn to the major media publishers? Increasingly, with the presence of biased media coverage, fake news, and other propaganda, people are turning away from the news organizations.

How about 3,000 visitors per day from one single blog post?

Blogs are the Core of Internet Marketing for Good Reason

People read blogs for deep, unrestrained, and intimate exposure of topics, details, and solutions. Blogging will grow in influence, so if your blog sucks, you risk being left out entirely. And that means ad campaigns will be your only source of new customers. Successful blogs looks simple and free form, rough around the edges, yet the content is purposely created, linked, and promoted socially to maximize performance.

As you’re planning your Internet marketing campaign and budget for 2017 and 2018, reconsider devoting more effort to your content strategy and SEO efforts. The stats in the first graphic above says it all about who is delivering customers and generating sales — Google. And Google wants good content, and their indexing process knows how to tell which is high quality content.

I have epic blogs that draw ridiculous traffic, and visitors come back to those posts and they share them online. Google is very page specific now so you can think of your amazing content as a collection of single pages that must be written and promoted in a particular way. You’ll have to consider whether Google believes your content satisfies user’s typical quest for learning and fulfillment.

How Do You Create Awesome Content?

The best way is to hire me to create it. I know what Google is looking for and what keeps visitors engaged. If you have an awesome designer, videographer, researcher, and graphic artist, wow, that’s a dream. Most often, I’ll be finding people for you to get everything done. If you have a budget to create the format, then we can create EPIC content that will deliver ridiculous traffic from Google and people will share via social media. How about 3,000 visitors per day from one single blog post? (That’s my current best).

Regardless of where you’re getting your online traffic from, it’s your online content which greets, impacts, engages and creates purposeful action. Put together content that is truly unique, interesting, trustworthy, informative, and which makes an impact, keeps the visitor engaged and gets them to return, and gets your value or selling proposition across, and they’ll gobble it up. You’ll get that phone call sooner or later.

You know marketing takes time to generate leads and sales. If your content is bland, typical, conforming, and uncontroversial, then it will take longer.

Time To Take Intelligent Risks and Get Better Results

Think and go outside the box on content, SEO, and engagement and give visitors something unusual, exciting, unsettling, and which invites them into a conversation. Definitely respect Google, the King of Online marketing.

I’m Gord and I create high quality, high ranking, big traffic content combining well chosen topics, keyword phrases, semantically rich copywriting, linked powerfully with a laser clear value proposition:

gord2Content Strategist: Call me at 416 998 6246 





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Car Insurance Quote San Jose CA – Cars Trucks Motorcycles Quotes

Get the Best Auto Insurance in San Jose Now

If you’re buying a new car, or you’re moving away from the San Francisco Palo Alto Mountainview Bay area, or your car insurance policy is up for renewal, this is a good time to review how much your auto insurance policy is costing you.

Car insurance in the San Francisco to San Jose corridor is expensive. In fact, everything’s expensive including your mortgage, which is why you need to find ways to save.

lowest-city-insuranceRevealed in this how to save on car insurance post is how you get quotes varying by as much as $1700 per year, and perhaps even more for young or high risk drivers. That’s why it’s wise to be open and ready to switch insurance companies.

7 Best Ways to Save on Your Insurance

  1. buy an old car to drive to work
  2. buy usage-based insurance
  3. don’t buy collision coverage for your old car
  4. install anti-theft device
  5. get at least 10 online insurance quotes
  6. raise your deductible
  7. don’t buy an expensive automobile or big truck

Don’t make these car insurance buying mistakes:


The rate of growth of electric car manufacturing is increasing. Chances are you’ll be buying an electric car. Are they cheaper to insure because they don’t have a gas powered motor? Likely not. It has the same likelihood of being involved in a collision and repairs could actually be more expensive.

In the meantime, explore and compare car vs truck insurance so you’re able to get the best rates. If you’re saving even as low as $700 per year on your policy, that’s still $3500 over 5 years. And since most drivers tend to stick with an insurer out of convenience, it’s likely your premiums will rise over those 5 years. The major insurance companies have no inclination to provide lower quotes if they don’t have to. By shopping online for insurance, you’re putting pressure on them to lower those automobile insurance rates.

San Jose CA Auto Insurance Agents

Coast Auto Insurance Services Inc
1858 W San Carlos St,
San Jose, CA 95128, USA

Acceptance Auto Insurance
2354 Alum Rock Ave,
San Jose, CA 95116, USA

Harrington Insurance Agency
6920 Santa Teresa Blvd #101,
San Jose, CA 95119, USA

Shop around for the cheapest car insurance rates online.  Rates vary in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, New York, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, St Louis, Minneapolis, Green Bay, Charlotte, Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Toronto, Anaheim, Beverly Hills, Malibu, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Fresno, Santa Clara, Sacramento, Mountainview, Palo Alto, Salt Lake City, Riverside, Rancho Cucamonga, Costa Mesa, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Raleigh, Albuquerque, Glendale, Oceanside, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Carlsbad, Santa Clarita, Temecula, Kirkland, Redmond, Kansas City, St Louis, Stockton, Scottsdale, Palm Springs, Indianapolis, Chula Vista, Escondido, or Santa Monica.

Check out insurance for cars and trucks in your city including car insurance for luxury cars:

Auto Insurance Rates | Electric CarsReal Estate Marketing | Auto Insurance Phoenix | Auto Insurance Quote San Francisco | Auto Insurance Quotes Boston | Lowest Auto Insurance Quotes Toronto | Car Insurance Quote Los Angeles | Car Insurance San Diego | Indianapolis Auto Insurance| Chicago Auto Insurance Quote | Insurance Quote Truck Detroit | Miami Truck Insurance | Denver Car Insurance Rates | Seattle Best Car Insurance | St Louis Low Car Insurance | Car Insurance Quote Philadelphia | San Antonio Auto Insurance Policy | Minneapolis Lowest Insurance | New York Brooklyn Queens Auto Insurance | Atlanta Car Insurance Cheap |  30 Year Mortgage Rates | Zillow Leads Review | Housing Outlook Forecast | MLS Toronto | US Market Crash | Toronto Housing Bubble | Best Cities | Mississauga Real Estate Report | Switch Insurance Company

Consider using a telematics devices with usage based insurance to ensure you get a lowest auto truck insurance quote. If your kids driving behavior is erratic and aggressive, the insurer may not offer you lower rates. Telematics is proving to help improve driver’s driving habits and thus allowing California insurance companies to offer lower rates. There’s nothing wrong with saving on auto insurance. Search more and save more!

San Francisco Housing Forecast 2018 – Bay Area Real Estate Trends

The San Francisco Bay Area Forecast 2018

Enjoy this look at the housing market and real estate opportunity in the San Francisco Bay Area market. There are plenty of stats and charts below to help you understand the market better.

In many big US cities, losing an apartment rental lease is a serious matter.  For some, it could lead to living in a vehicle or on the street or in grossly over-occupied dwellings.  New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and Seattle are cities where renters are exposed to low availability and high rent.

Although it’s a nightmare for renters in San Francisco it’s the best investment opportunity for real estate investors like you.

Why discuss apartment rentals in San Francisco? Because renters here in the Bay City are looking to become home owners to build equity for their lives. And investors across the US and other countries are looking for  rental income properties.

The Bay area and San Francisco in particular are rated as the best locations for rental income investment. Builders have a grand sale or rental income opportunity in San Francisco.

How big is the need? It’s a textbook case of supply and demand where demand is huge and development is stunted and current homeowners have no intention of moving, even after retirement. This recent news about a Palo Alto commissioner quitting her job because it’s too expensive in Palo Alto says it all for everyone in the Bay Area and City of San Francisco. This woman and her family are moving 40 miles away to Vera Cruz.

“We rent our current home with another couple for $6,200 a month,” she wrote. “If we wanted to buy the same home and share it with children and not roommates, it would cost $2.7 million and our monthly payment would be $12,177 a month in mortgage, taxes, and insurance. That’s $146,127 per year — an entire professional’s income before taxes.” – experpt from a news report in Bizjournal.

Auto Insurance San Francisco

Looking for a better quote on San Francisco Auto Insurance. Find out how you can save on auto insurance and save thousands of dollars on your next policy. Time to switch insurance companies to get the rate you deserve.

The October 2016 Housing Sales Report

From sfrealtors.com, the newest report shows dwindling supply.

Inventory continues to be tight. Active single family home listings in San Francisco saw a 21.7% decrease bringing the number of listings for sale down to a sparse 387. During this same time there were 509 condos, TICs, and coops on the market, a 20.6% decrease from this same time last year. Homes in San Francisco saw a 34% increase from this same time last year, bringing the median sales price to $1,216,500. Condos, TICs, and coops saw a 10 percent increase, bringing the median sales price of those types of housing to $950,000.”

San Francisco home prices are $1 million above the above the average detached home price of a home sold across the US. The forecast for San Francisco is an extreme version of the Los Angeles forecast.

More Development Forecast?

The Trump government is shining the light on special interest groups or local governments who may be deliberately thwarting housing development. This might be the biggest news in real estate in 2017 to 2020.  Is exposure of municipal and state government restrictions and management of land and development going to a major break for new home investors and builders? Should the 2017 forecast be about the coming building boom?

Here’s the source of the problem in California communities:

The Legislative Analyst’s Office found that California’s coastal metros take about two and a half months longer, on average, to issue a building permit than in a typical California inland community or the typical U.S. metro,” the report admits. The result is housing gridlock.  From a post in sfchronicle.com.

A hot economy in the Bay area but perhaps leveling off?

Reports on San Francisco’s jobs and income growth look excellent. And if you’re a Trump believer, and supporter of bringing back American jobs, you have to feel pretty good about the jobs outlook, unless you’re a renter.


The San Francisco Metropolitan District (MD) continues to lead the state in job growth, and with an annual 4% increase in employment as of March 2016, is expanding its workforce at one and a half times the pace of California as a whole (2.65%). The San Francisco MD added 41,900 new nonfarm positions to its jobs base from March 2015 to March 2016. — from Beacon Economics report on the San Francisco economy.

Forecasts available at beaconecon.com/products/regional_outlook_san_francisco

And another report has it that tech in San Francisco Silicon Valley is strong and invulnerable to drops:

The Bay Area and California are in for slower job growth this year and next, but the Bay Area, powered by its high-tech economic engine, will outpace the state in job creation, according to two new economic forecasts released Wednesday.  

This year and next, the technology sector will add jobs at a brisk clip, propelling the Bay Area employment market and economy at a healthy pace, according to Christopher Thornberg, director of the Center for Economic Forecasting and Development at UC Riverside’s School of Business. “Tech is hot and will keep pushing the Bay Area forward,” Thornberg said.  – exerpt from news report in Mercury News (http://www.mercurynews.com/2016/09/28/forecasts-bay-area-job-market-economy-poised-to-shine/)

Housing Affordability Sucks in California

Why? The housing affordability rate has dropped 21% in 6 years, likely the key driver, moreso than immigration, high tech business success, or income growth. In San Francisco, people have to pay whatever the market demands. And renters haven’t been looking really. Only 16% bother to contact a realtor.

Screen Capture courtesy of CAR Screen Capture courtesy of CAR

Homes in the San Francisco Bay Area, lead in selling above asking in 2016 (67%). And just south in San Jose, homes sold for a whopping 68% above their purchase prices. These areas are rated as the top cities in the US to invest in real estateSan Jose and San Francisco led California in home price gains, followed by Sacramento and Los Angeles.  San Diego’s not far behind.

Now in 2017, we’ve seen prices fall in most areas of the SF Bay, except San Francisco and Santa Clara. I’m getting calls from Realtors north of SF so it looks like those areas are becoming more affordable options compared to SF which just keeps heating up.

And with home prices staying or rising, the forecast for apartment rentals is high demand and high prices — great news for rental income property investors. Accommodation costs are a significant personal and professional problem for Californians which may never go away.

New Home/Condo Development in SF from Paragon Realty

Looks like developers are gearing up for even greater supply.

newresidentialconstruction-sf Infographic courtesy of Paragon Real Estate Group



Overall, the US homes forecast and the Los Angeles housing predictions and outlook are positive. The introduction of Donald Trump and republican government policies to loosen up restrictions on mortgages and perhaps development land could ease prices, but it may take quite a while. If the economy improves, there could be an additional rush of new workers to the area. Employment outlook: SF now has 547,000 employed people compared to 448,000 during the dot com boom era an increase of 99,000. Lots of high earning renters and buyers.

Need a home loan? Use the mortgage calculator to find out how much you should borrow.

This recently published chart from Zillow reveals the California cities of San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose, Sacramento, and San Francisco are the most expensive and least affordable places to buy a home.  Combine the stressful commute times in LA, and the Bay Area, and you have a population feeling on edge, uncertain of their long term future. The word rent is one of the foremost ones in the vocabulary of Californians. Only 30% own their own home.


Fueling the frenzied demand for San Francisco apartment rentals is a growing affluent and young population whose incomes are rising. San Francisco has the highest apartment rentals prices in the US.


The national Apartment rental index chart from Apartment list shows how prices have jumped this year across the country.


And the rental apartment rates in San Francisco, San Jose and Los Angeles are in the top ten most expensive. An average apartment for rent in San Francisco will set you back a whopping $4700 per month.


The San Francisco Housing Forecast

See this exerpt from rereport.com with quote by California Association of Realtors president Pat Zicarelli:

The C.A.R. forecast sees a modest increase in existing home sales of 1.4 % next year to reach 413,000 units, up slightly from the projected 2016 sales figure of 407,300 homes sold. Sales in 2016 also will be virtually flat at 407,300 existing, single-family home sales, compared with the 408,800 pace of homes sold in 2015.

“Next year, California’s housing market will be driven by tight housing supplies and the lowest housing affordability in six years,” said C.A.R. President Pat “Ziggy” Zicarelli. “The market will experience regional differences, with more affordable areas, such as the Inland Empire and Central Valley, outperforming the urban coastal centers, where high home prices and a limited availability of homes on the market will hamper sales.

As a result, the Southern California and Central Valley regions will see moderate sales increases, while the San Francisco Bay Area will experience a decline as home buyers migrate to peripheral cities with more affordable options.”

The Exodus of Buyers and Renters

Renters used to stay in town, but they are forced ever more into the surrounding countryside along with those who can buy, to search for cheaper places. The commute times for renters and buyers will get much longer and automobile insurance, maintenance and fuel costs will add to their cost of living. Despite a rise in condo developments, buyers are looking far outside San Francisco for a new home.

Where to buy Homes in San Francisco?

New Proposed Developments in San Francisco

Wondering what is being developed in San Francisco? SF Curbed has a listing of 26 proposed high rise developments in the works. Check them out in the link at right.

californiapricegrowthThe new developments on Fremont St perhaps carry the most weight for renters with hundreds of units coming available.

The Rincon Hill development is the first neighborhood plan adopted by the SF Planning Commission in more than 10 years. Combined with the Transbay area development, it is a major housing development estimated to create housing for as many as 20,000 new residents. High rise towers in San Francisco? Yes, the Rincon development is for construction of 4 to 8 story buildings, and slender residential towers ranging in heights of 250 to 550 feet. The tallest towers are slated for the top of Rincon Hill, where they will form a distinctive new element on the City’s skyline.

Conclusion on the San Francisco Real Estate Forecast

You’ve read the stats – record high and continuing job growth, huge multinational high tech firms with boatloads of cash, a changing mood toward land and housing development, and a new US president who may be biased toward real estate development. The investment opportunity in SF looks to be as strong as it is anywhere, with the potential of extreme profits on investment. Home flippers, new construction developers, and small builders should find plenty of room for profit if they can get property owners to sell their land.

Is this the right year to buy rental income property?  Find out more about the best investments in 2017 including investing in real estate.

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Gord Collins Los Angeles Real Estate Marketing —  I generate leads for realtors in Los Angeles, Anaheim, Beverly Hills, Malibu, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Fresno, Santa Clara, Sacramento, Mountainview, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Riverside, Rancho Cucamonga, Costa Mesa, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Oceanside, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Carlsbad, Santa Clarita, Temecula, Stockton, Palm Springs, Chula Vista, Escondido, Santa Monica, and more. Find a Los Angeles Real Estate Agent who actually wants to work with you.

Google’s New Campus Looks Amazing – Open Concept to the Limit

Oh Yes, Google’s at it again. This time, they want to stretch our imagination about how good a workplace could be. They’ve hired an architect to come up with something that catapults business flexibility, value to employees and employee creativity to the limit.

googleslideThis new “campus” is more like a village under a flexible, transparent roof structure.  This particular model will likely begin appearing across all Google campuses and then spread to other organizations.

As of March 7, 2016, Google has modified its original plan but without the dome shape unfortunately. Apparently, Mountain View city council wouldn’t give Google all the land and instead gave Linkedin some for their use. I hope this doesn’t signal a loss of confidence.  Anything Google does is contagious and insipring and we need that today.

Google’s business model and practices tend to be disseminated throughout today’s business culture. And for good reason. They’re visionary, leading edge, adaptable and borne of confidence.  You could have had Google stock back in 2005 for $85 and it’s now at $534.

Everything this company does begins with a unique philosophy.  It’s probably their record of success and confidence that breeds such a fearless imaginative approach to business.

Google Campuses

I was really excited about my first visit to Google’s main campus in 2005 in Mountainview which is just north of San Jose, and just south of San Francisco.  I discovered how romantic San Francisco and northern California is. It’s not a “Girls Gone Wild” kinda of thing —  just a fun interesting place.

You’ll definitely want to attend a Google Party when the new place is built.

Their current home is big, open concept, and definitely designed to make employees feel special. I especially like the playground slides from the 2nd floor down to the first. We’re all just kids and we wanna have fun.

Their New Home Will be Near the Bay

But this time, they’re creating some sort of  geodesic netherworld. Apparently, they want to create buildings out of modular blocks to enable them to grow/build out any way they need to.

Millennials must think they’re a key part of the future of mankind with this project.

It’s completely open concept with cruise ship type amenities.  It proves a point, that money and imagination are linked.

The pictures really tell you what the new trend is in employee engagement and productivity.



See more pictures at the theverge.com.

What do you think of Google’s self driving cars and Google Glass?


And as an experienced and versatile SEO specialist, Social Media Strategist, and content strategist expert  I offer clients knowledge equity in addition to outstanding revenue results. Let’s talk now at 416 998 6246.

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