CRM Solutions for Realtors and Brokers
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CRM Solutions for Realtors and Brokers

Real Estate CRM Solution The purpose of a customer relationship management solution is to help you create leads. Is your giving you the lead conversion results you’ve expected? Why do CRM solutions fail?  Some experts believe a lack of planning is the reason. Quite possibly the issue for small business is a lack of leads and…

Artificial Intelligence

Should You Adopt Artificial Intelligence Marketing Software? Albert Boomtrain Amplero Pega Systems Emarsys

11 Features in Your AI Marketing Solution We’re still in the early adopter phase of artificial intelligence marketing software. But it’s important to adopt it and learn what features you need for your business. You may not need all of them, however some will create essential benefits. The benefits of AI Marketing solutions are compelling….


AI Marketing Services for SMBs and Agencies

AI Marketing Solves Your Challenges As an CEO, SMB owner, agency director, or startup entrepreneur, you’re concerned with the cost of investing in marketing solutions.  And that’s if you can find and hire excellent marketing or SEO specialists to help you build market leader status. That bar keeps rising. Yes, times are good across the…