Coffee Workspace – Work & Jazz Music Videos

Working remotely from home or are you a digital nomad looking for some soothing music to accompany your work?

Welcome to Coffee Workspace – where sophisticated music converges, creating a unique and creative workspace. Enjoy the dream views of the ultimate work spaces and views.  How can you not get great work done now!

Work & Study Jazz YouTube Videos are perfect for afternoons and evenings when you might working or just relaxing. Play on them on your TV while you work and enjoy some great Jazz Music.

And we know relaxation is important for your health. So whether you’re just easing back, letting your imagination free and enjoying activating those alpha brainwaves, or relaxing while you work, you’ll enjoy the beautiful artwork and original piano/guitar/clarinet music they provide, for FREE.  Free is always nice!

Click on the video icon at bottom right to maximize it for your screen.

And they have plenty of other beautiful music videos on the Coffee Worspace YouTube channel.

The photos are beautifully done, perfect for anyone who loves to listen to jazz music while working and playing it on a big screen TV like I do.  They have a good selection so check them out!

And one more bonus video from Melodic Jazz Mosaic with beautiful seascape backgrounds

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