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If you didn’t read my post on Paul Roetzer’s amazing book called The Marketing Agency Blueprint, you should absolutely read it. He discusses a variety of current opportunities, threats and transformations and provides a blueprint of how to build a dominant position in digital marketing.

The biggest failing of business leaders is a lack of confidence and ambition. The biggest success factor is finding and signing better clients — wherever they are

themarketingagencyPaul is founder of MarketingAIinstitute, a key website for AI Marketers.

One of Roetzer’s guiding tenets is to hire skilled and versatile staff – what he calls Hybrid marketers. Agencies typically hire too many staff and end up with a lot of confusion and idle time, and then meetings to improve performance.

And staff tend to be too specialized and experience trouble evolving with the market, the agency, or delivering service that answers many needs. Many young workers especially start out with good intentions, but as time passes, they become like too many workers – bored, over specialized, burned out and too stressed to improve. A vicious cycle that spins out over time.

Another key issue is a lack of ambition and vision. Too often, agencies rest on their laurels and don’t continue to pursue better clients. Worse, they don’t build a plan to acquire the right clients for them. They become risk averse and begin the slow decline to poor profitability. The issue is easy to understand and the solution is too. Plan to capture the right clients for you and your staff.

Here’s a quote from Paul’s book:

“In 2005, at the age of 27, I became an entrepreneur in pursuit of a better way. My business partner, Larry Onderson, believed in me enough to fund the startup phase, and four months later we hired our first employee, Christina Schmitz, who took a chance and bought into a vision when I was still working out of coffee shops.

We assembled a team of highly motivated professionals, and created a culture that refused to accept traditional wisdom and conventional solutions.”

Big Successes Do Happen for Those Who Have Vision

Brand Identity Guru

A “BIG” Success Story

13 years ago I teamed up with a branding consultant in Boston who had a great concept for his brand identity consulting business. The partnership worked wonders with me as the content and SEO provider combined with his excellent small crew in brand research and web design. Growth was phenomenal.

Clients needed help with their branding and when we added my content and SEO services, the value offer was unbeatable. We grew fast, even through a good part of the recession.

The long term lesson to be learned is that if you as a business owner stay hungry and push for better clients, you’re less likely to stagnate, burn out, and miss out on opportunity. And if you’re not bringing in great new lucrative accounts that your staff can relate to, it can affect the morale of the company.

They need to believe in the future too and to enjoy even better work experiences. Being aware of new opportunity and being ambitious enough to go after a better future is vital to your personal and business health, and to your employees.

A Better Solution is Available – See the Potential

If you should decide to hire a dedicated Content/Social/SEO talent such as myself to help you access markets in the US, UK, and China, you’ll be making a smart decision. Life is too short to live without ambition and I know for certain you’ll enjoy phenomenal success just as Brand Identity Guru once did.

What makes this evolution in your business plausible is your acquisition of a versatile digital marketing specialist who has a mind for new business development.

What I offer:

  1. wide visibility into new markets
  2. more digital marketing work accomplished with better results
  3. access to the US and UK markets
  4. capture much higher quality, high profit clients
  5. helping you with the opportunity to travel, learn more, and grow
  6. a more successful business that lets you live a better life

Give me call and let’s see if we can partner up and produce the next phenomenal growth business. I know we’ll do it, you just have to get on board!