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Real Estate Leads & Lead Generation

Spring will be here soon and you’re on the hunt for high quality buyer and seller leads looking for houses for sale. They’re online and if you don’t have a great web presence, you might still be able to leverage lead generation services or advertise on good real estate sites.


Companies which specialize in attracting real estate leads are known as lead generation companies. They advertise houses for sale and other remarketing advertising on Facebook and Google Adwords along with blogs and news sites to cull leads. They promise to rid you of the advertising and prospecting work and accelerate the lead generation process.

Unfortunately, when scraping for leads this way, a lot of poor quality leads are served up to participating Realtors. And the terms of the arrangement may not be attractive.

If it worked, who wouldn’t sign up? Well, nothing’s ever that easy. So let’s take a closer look.

Realtors from BostonMiamiLos Angeles, Houston, San Diego, SeattleNew York,  Vancouver and Toronto are wanting something better. Is it too good to be true?

Buyer sand Sellers. Find Good Real Estate Leads Fast!

There’s nothing wrong with fast, if it’s real. It can happen, and you shouldn’t be afraid to spend. Here’s 20 top lead generation services with a look at their strengths and limitations.


Leads Generated Still Need to Be Converted

This post is an exploration of 18 of the top online real estate lead generation companies in the US and Canada. And 2 more including Zillow Leads.  There’s more new lead generation startups arriving every week.

Acquiring leads this way won’t hurt, however converting leads has a lot to do with brand image. Even if they agree to work with you right away on the phone call, they will Google you online and visit your website. Who wouldn’t? Trust, transparency, responsiveness, and proven competence are what motivate them.

There’s no doubt you can sign a client right away, however you probably need to take a hard look at your online presence and ask yourself whether you like what you see. Would you hire you?

Real Estate Leads Fact Number 1  — 90% of Home Buyers Go Online

90% of home buyers go online, and you need to be in front of them and number one in your Zip Code.  Home sellers are there too checking out comps and searching using keyword phrases such as home selling tips, best return on home renovations to homes for sale + cityname, to bidding wars and best real estate agents. They’re doing hundreds of millions of searches using Google, Zillow,, Yahoo, and thousands of other websites.

Make sure you’re highly visible on Google for all of them. Set up an amazing new mobile friendly  IDX website, with outstanding, professionally optimized content, use some real estate videos, and do a little pay per click advertising.  Build a strategic plan, then work the plan.

With spring markets so inviting in Los Angeles, San Diego, Toronto, BostonHouston, New York, San Francisco, Seattle Phoenix, Charlotte, and Miami, you’ll want to maximize your presence now.

Sharing is Good for your Social Health 

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Who are Lead Generation Companies? 

These are firms who provide buyer (or sometimes seller) leads for realtors, using methods of aggregating online prospects (most often via Google Adwords or cheap ad networks) which they then sell to realtors. 3 drivers promote the growth: a lot of prospects are online, home buying is in a frenzied state right now, and the fact there is only one home sold for each realtor in North America — there are too many realtors and most have few quality leads.

agents-6 deals or less
Realty agents in the hot Toronto market face the same challenge as those in other US and Canadian cities



Questions: Let’s assume they can generate solid leads.

  1. do you have the patience and skill to nurture and close these types of leads?
  2. do you have a website that can help convert them?
  3. what is the real cost of doing business with them?
  4. would a luxury home owner from your target community use their websites?
  5. can you respond to these cold leads fast?

Here’s Some Leads, but Let’s See You Try to Convert Them

The way these lead generators collect leads may be why they could be of poor quality. Ad campaigns, auto-dialers, and sketchy email lists of people make for testy, suspicious prospects. And these are someone else’s leads — they initiated them, which takes the warm and fuzzy out of it. Anything transferred from one person/company to another loses something in the process – the problem is lead quality and lead conversion.

Some realtors say these leads are hard to close while others treat them like flies at a picnic.  They’re basically cold calls and the prospect knows nothing about realtor’s brand image or honesty. And how do real agents and brokers feel about lead generators?

I’ve never found an online lead generation system worth the investment. Better to cut out the middle man (Internet) and just get out there and meet… people! — John Souerbry, Agent, Fairfield, CA —

I have never bought a lead. I don’t think that is the way to be successful in this business.  You need to spend your money developing a strong internet presence. — Carmen Brode, Agent, Scottsdale, AZ

It’s very expensive to purchase online leads. I’ve paid as much as $4,000 per month, but today I spend about $500 monthly. — Brian Talley, broker-owner, Austin, TX

Here’s 18 of the most visible lead generation companies onlinealthough new ones are coming. I’m leaving out, and Zillow Leads because they’re more like Google or Facebook advertising programs. Some are well known while others are regional or startups. They all seem to be missing the vital component that creates genuinely good deals (in your target Zip Code) – the ideal customer experience from beginning to end.

The Good and the Bad about Paid Lead Generation

With some of them, the fees are low, sometimes only $20 a month and other times a little high, but almost never outrageous. For most, it’s like playing the penny slot machines at the casino. There’s a chance you could win, but is the payout worth it?

A few of the companies you’ll see below actually have you set up an account to be available for leads. Sort of like realtors sitting around a poker table. If you don’t respond fast, the lead is sent to someone else. In other cases, you will have to “buy your territory.”  The lead gen firms will push you in that direction once they have you on the hook.

Before you hire a lead generation company, consider how home buyers and home sellers themselves buy and sell a condo, home or property. They likely already know a local realtor or they’ll go to Google to search.  So online is a great place to be to lure the prospect away from his/her familiar agent.

Real Estate Search: Prospects begin with Google even though they could go directly to or for MLS listings in their Zip code, or a major brokerage website such as, or Google has a better brand, a better search experience, and it leads to realtor’s websites or phone numbers where they can begin a trusting relationship with that agent.

Few condo or home sellers would type their personal details into the text box of an unknown website. And buyers are normally pretty cautious too. They want to get to know the realtor, so they’ll Google his or her name and if that discovery experience is unsatisfying, it dampens their spirit. That’s why it’s a good idea to be online in a good way – i.e., a great realtor brand image — an image built on prospects needs and preferences.

Google Adwords is the Lead Generator’s “Go to Source”

Google Adwords and remarketing programs could capture some good leads online.  The highest quality leads will often originate from Google.  However, most realtors could do this advertising themselves assuming they have a website with lead converting webpages. These programs are just a normal part of what a real estate digital marketer would offer along with lasting, sustainable, marketing assets.

Would I recommend using the lead generation companies? If they’re very cheap you probably don’t have much to lose other than your time, yet you could get distracted and fail to put 100% into your career. If you’re bright, you may learn a little about how they generate and convert leads.

Top Real Estate Lead Generation Websites

1.     Bold Leads – Bold leads advertises on unspecified networks to capture leads and direct them to you. If the lead doesn’t give away info, boldleads will continue to nuture the lead for you. You are given your own landing page on the boldleads site.

Bold Leads
Bold Leads

2.   Agent Locator – tells you straight they’ll conduct your ppc advertising and generate 480 leads for $6000. I like how they’re open about it. It may be worth gambling $6000 to try it out.


3.   Market Leader – Aggregates leads from their own site called,, and via ppc advertising. Market Leader guarantees they won’t sell the lead to another agent. You get to manage it all from your “Pro” account.

4.    Point2Homes Leads – offers low priced straight forward advertising options on its website where prospects arrive to search for a home. They also provide you with a webpage on their site.

5.    Real Estate Pipeline Leads – Real Estate Pipeline Leads says it has a network of real estate sites where it draws leads, and it gives realtors full ownership of their territory, although the size of that territory isn’t explained. Drip email campaigns are a big part of their service. Their basic package is $1164 for 12 leads.


6.   Agent Pronto Leads – Agent Pronto is different. There’s no upfront charge for leads! You will only be matched to referrals who have specifically requested to speak with an agent. They match each referral with a single agent that they believe is the best fit for their needs. Once you accept the referral, they provide your with the prospect’s full information and the details from their conversation with them. Sounds good. Their site looks a little lacklustre, but give them a good look.

7.   South Florida Real Estate Leads – This firms specializes in south Florida leads. They say they have a variety of sources of leads. It appears to be owned by Lex Levinrad who is a real estate coach and owner of the Distressed Real Estate Institute™

offrs-territory8.   Offrs –  Offrs uses vague sounding smart technology to find homeowners who are going to put their house on the market. It’s based on predictive algorithms or just social listening perhaps. If it works, it would be very exciting technology.

Combine that with communications that encourage homeowners to actually sell the property and that could be very powerful, particularly right now in places such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Toronto and Vancouver where prices are very high.  They list by territory, but sadly your territory or Zip Code may be taken.

9.  Trulia – Offers a service for seller leads with Market Leader, a company that was in severe trouble before the purchase. Trulia is no Zillow, but it does have some traffic.

10.   Prime Seller Leads – Prime Seller leads creates a bunch of pages on their site for you. The CMS offers the ability to send epostcards and eflyers and their system integrates with many broker CMS.
11.   eRealting – eRealting doesn’t sell leads, they give you a website to send all your traffic to! It’s kind of a CMS for rent. They state that it costs about $300 to create a client in their solution.


12. Lead Galaxy – Lead Gives you a home for your leads and uses the usual combo of Adwords, Facebook ads and telephone prospecting to create leads.


13.   Experian – Experian is a research and statistics business who have mailing lists of potential buyers and sellers. You can build your list online.

14.    Exact Data – Exact Data gets its lead list from telemarketing, opt in emails, and lists of prospective buyers and sellers. They claim superior data hygiene, however most list companies promise that.

15.    Commissions Inc. Lead Platform – Commissionsinc claims they are the #1 Real Estate Tech Solution. They offer a platform and an app to manage your leads.  They will run your Adwords and Facebook advertising campaigns for you. Sounds like a lot of noise. The value proposition is a little flaky.


16.   Firepoint Realty Leads – Firepoint says they deliver scalable lead generation with intelligent routing, to automated lead follow-up and task scheduling, to ROI and conversion reporting for all of your lead sources. The price is $350/month and you set you PPC budget which they manage. Is this better than a self-directed digital marketing program?

17.   Home Value Leads – Home Value Leads offers a CMS system for $59/month.


18.   Refindly Seller Leads – REfindly helps you generate, engage, and convert leads using one convenient system. They claim that historically, their agents receive between 5 and 8 leads per $100 spent in advertising. You can spend as much as you like on ppc advertising and they give you a lead management system to use.


At the end of the day, it all comes down to leads and sales, dollars and time. I must say, I like Agent Pronto, and Offrs best.

Even the best lead generation sources and sites can be a negative if you neglect to build your own Internet presence and realtor brand image. People want to do business with those they know and trust.

Should getting known and trusted be your Job #1 in 2018?

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Highest Quality Content for Realtors

Dominate your Market with Great Content 

What real estate web design and marketing companies have learned is that Realtors want their cake and eat it too. The battle is on to give everything they ask for, but it seems the one key piece that makes it work.

Zillow, Real Estate Webmasters, Commissionsinc, and AgentLocators try to provide such a complete comprehensive real estate marketing solution. That includes technology, messaging, analytics, and more. But in my discussions with prospects who have tried them, they aren’t too satisfied. They assumed that by having it all, that the most important things would be magically solved. Turns out, digital marketing in real estate isn’t that easy despite the promises.

You might be underperforming because your web and social content sucks. This is where a creative real estate content specialist is the solution — they create unique, significant, and relevant material to your specific target clients

Google too has discovered that as a helpful their ad service is to Realtors in providing leads, that home buyer and seller conversion rates are outside of their control. They advise persistently to offer better content for your visitors. And customers of the lead generation companies see the same thing. They provide all these tools and services ad nauseum, but Realtors see the same results regardless of who they are. There seems to be something in uniqueness, significance, and personalization that makes prospects pay attention.

So what’s determining Realtor conversion rates if it’s not the all inclusive service? High Quality Content.

High Quality Content is the Holy Grail

The value home buyers and sellers are seeking is the feeling of satisfaction that they’re getting close to what they want. If they see the perfect home for them, that’s the best content you can have — the thing they want. Well, chances are you don’t have that perfect home and it may not even be on the MLS. However, your content can persuade them that you are the best channel to get that satisfaction. It’s the same with sellers who want the best price.

  • High quality content is text, video, images and value propositions that represent what they are after. It’s your reasonable facsimile
  • High quality content serves many other purposes too such as high Google rankings, and social media sharing.
  • High quality content makes a better impact resulting in more buyer/seller intent and more immediate action.
  • High quality content keeps buyers/sellers more engaged and keeping you top of mind.

So this missing piece of the pie, is also kind of an all-inclusive benefit in itself. High quality content serves all of your promotional needs and does it really well. It’s like the product on the shelf that sells itself. But it’s not a simple matter to create exceptionally good content. It’s a matter of strategy, budget and time. Too often, realtors have none of these which is why 95% of all agents never improve their earnings.

At some point, you have to stop following trends and all you can eat digital marketing schemes and begin pursuing a unique route to really satisfying your prospects. That will take expertise, time, money and confidence. Keep reading this blog and you’ll build the spirit and confidence necessary.

Content is central to success in real estate marketing today, so start thinking strategy and how you’re going to present an irresistible offer via that content.

Additional Reading:

The Essence of SEO: What Is High-Quality Content?

The Nine Ingredients That Make Great Content


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Do Lead Generation Companies Deliver the Leads?

Exploring the Value Proposition of Online Lead Generation Companies

Previously you met 18 online lead generation companies who offered to help you with your real estate lead  generation in a previous post. You’re likely pondering each of their value propositions and assessing the true merits of their lead gen programs. I spoke of their merits but I can’t really recommend any of them. You might think differently.

Online Lead GenerationThey may range from low quality unfiltered lead lists to full blown ppc lead referral systems via Google or or predictive modeling of a buyer market. Sounds interesting, however you may also be assessing the opportunity cost of not initiating your own lead generation or prospecting website system.

The hot lead markets in Vancouver, Toronto, Los Angeles, Boston and San Francisco has put lead generation on the back burner because leads are so easy to come by. Everyone is buying selling now. The Toronto real estate forecast is particularly strong and Vancouver’s isn’t cooling much.

Online lead generation is an internet marketing process that attempts to initiate interest or an inquiry by real estate prospects and send them over to a subscribing realtor. These leads could be categorized either as a marketing lead or a sales lead.

Are They Referring the Leads Realtors Want?

Too often, these real estate lead generation websites  (such as bold leads, agent locator, agent pronto, offrs, etc, ) sell you more than you asked for, yet not quite enough high quality seller leads. It would be ideal if they fed their pipeline into your own lead conversion process. Do they scrape from the MLS listings?

Most quality realtors already use a CRM, lead management, lead scoring, and conversion interface and some may develop quite a lot of traffic and deals using it. What if you wanted to use many of these cheap lead starter programs and feed them into your platform?

And they do sell you programs, not so much live active leads. Programs first and leads second might be a warning, since these are not custom systems that you retain ownership of and they work with hundreds of other realtors. A good buyer referral is valuable and worth a hundred times more than $19.95. Why would a company give away leads for nothing? Are they leads from first time buyers who can’t make the minimum downpayment and are just kicking tires?

It’s Their Real Estate Lead Generation System

Most of these firms want to you bring your business into their system and that has the potential for conflict and issues down the line (especially since the email address is theirs). You will want to read your contract very carefully, because these companies keep a weak, impersonal, automated relationship with their subscribers. It could be a headache to have several of them going simultaneously (and why wouldn’t you use many of them if they’re that good?)

Check Your Expectations

What can you expect for $19.95 a month for a lead generation platform? #lol, probably not a lot, in fact, it could be distracting you from better lead generation strategies. These inquirers could drain your time and energy. Do millionaire real estate agents bother with these lead gen companies? Why not just do an Adwords and Facebook cost per click campaign yourself?

Using the lead generation company’s website, you’re bringing your leads through their system, and they may treat these referrals as their property. Social media is shown to shorten sales cycles, but can you integrate your own accounts successfully with their system?

The Positive Outlook

On the positive side, some of these systems such as bold leads or market leader, provide you with a ready made lead capture and conversion process with tools to capture, nurture, and convert to an actual customer. They target via high volume advertising (but they still pay Google the same rates as you would pay). So I’m skeptical of these lead generation companies, however I would caution that they’re only additions to your own online lead generation tactics.

What the Lead Generators May Offer:

⦁ website template
⦁ landing page templates
⦁ web lead forms
⦁ open rates, clicks, unsubscribes, engagement
⦁ campaign management
⦁ drip emails
⦁ automated scripts for communicating with prospects
⦁ CRM tools
⦁ mass texting and voicemail blasts
⦁ report generators
⦁ lead tracking
⦁ ppc management
⦁ geo targeting
⦁ social media integration
predictive data analytics for prospect behavior forecasting (
⦁ exclusive territories (
⦁ exclusive advertising networks
⦁ mailing lists (experian)

Screen Courtesy of Inman

I’ll leave you with a report called the Special Report: The Bottom Line on Online Leads  published by by Inman in early 2015. There have been quite a few new entrants in the online leads market since then, but this reports has boatloads of information you’ll appreciate reading.

Inman’s report was from a survey of a good number of agents yet the real estate lead generation companies I covered in my post are not mentioned in this survey.  Review carefully if you’re going to put all your funds and time into one of these platforms.  Better to find out now than be stuck with big headaches and disappointment later.

Check out and compare my affordable realtor marketing services. Check what’s ahead for the US housing market forecast for 2017 to 2020 and in the hot markets of Vancouver and Toronto.

Realtors Conference and Expo Orlando Florida – NAR Convention

Real Estate Conferences 

Should you be booking a spot at the 2016 Realtors Conference and Expo in Orlando Florida on Nov 4th?  Yes, because the enthusiasm and spirit of these big conventions is something vital for you to experience. And you can bet the top realtors in the industry will be attending speaking about housing trends, realtor strategy, technology and more.

Matt Cutts – Google’s Chief Search Engine spokesman speaking at San Jose 2005 convention in San Jose

This is a Realtor career builder. They’re like the many of the big SEO conferences I’ve attended in California and Toronto and they give you a great event, some great memories and some valuable professional contacts.

In fact, just yesterday, I was just speaking with one of the top SEO people in the industry in the last 20 years out of Boston. I met her at my first big SEO conference in Dallas Texas in 1998 where she was a top event speaker. She referred to my SEO books in her classes which was quite an honor. She had a very successful 20 year career and has moved onto personal life enhancement consulting.

You need to develop these types of connections in the real estate industry and build your awareness beyond your town or local area. These are people with vision, ambition and passion for what they do and your future clients will be impressed that you had the foresight to learn and grow.

The depth of the coverage in conferences isn’t deep, however it builds your confidence and makes you believe you could be a leader in your market.  Belief is very important. The event I attended at Google’s headquarters in Mountainview, CA in Silicon Valley was a fun time and I hope to return again next year. They improve each year and do give you insight into the emerging trends you need to stay ahead of.

Here’s a video from last year’s event in San Diego (Michael Bull) speaking about social media.

Why a Big Real Estate Conference?

NAR Official Logo – Courtesy of National Association of Realtors®

Confidence and enthusiasm open the mind to new opportunities and out of these many tools, people, and ideas, comes your BIG idea. This is the one that will drive your real estate business success.  And from November 4th through the 7th, realtors from across North America will be attending  REALTORS® Conference & Expo event in beautiful, sunny, warm State of Florida.

Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center is the second largest of its kind in the US, with 70,000 sq ft of space, 3 full service restaurants and 8 food courts so you won’t have to starve.


Image courtesy of Golfweek

What will they experience at the NAR Convention in Orlando?  I’ve been checking out the agenda. Here’s a  list of the best marketing related sessions they’re offering.

Friday, November 4 Residential Economic Issues & Trends Forum NAR’s Chief Economist will discuss current conditions in the economy as well as his forecast. He will discuss current trends that are impacting the business including supply constraints, access to financing, first time buyers, and the looming rise in mortgage rates.
Friday, November 4 Valuing Solar Installations for Real Estate Resale Discover how to help your clients when buying and selling homes with solar installations. Enhance your knowledge about solar photovoltaic and how to estimate the market value of a home, and review the process for auto-populating the MLS when solar photovoltaic is a property feature.
Saturday, November 5 Five Steps to 5 Stars Educate yourself on online reviews, how consumers use them and how to provide relevant information online for buyers/sellers, so they select you for the job.
Friday, November 4 200% Growth: Who’s Done It & How They Got There  Identify how to set your business goals twice as high as last year with this panel’s ideas.
Saturday, November 5 Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drones) and How They Can Help You  Are you curious about drones and the future of real estate? Review Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulation updates, find out how to make purchase decisions to fit your business needs.
Saturday, November 5 Active Property Marketing: Unlocking the Power of Listings  Find out how to create a wow strategy to dominate your market and discover how to win listings and inspire referrals.
Sunday, November 6 8 Strategies to Achieve Super-Star Success in Residential Sales Evaluate eight specific strategies you can implement, which are related to dollar productive activities, no-cost strategies, attaining balance and gaining the right mindset for success.
Sunday, November 6 The Top 5 Sources of Listing Leads in Today’s Market  Discover where to find listing leads. Find out how to stop wasting money on ineffective lead generation tools, use inexpensive strategies and get 30 qualified sellers in 30 days who want to sell now.
Sunday, November 6 Ninja Selling: Double Your Income & Work Less Discover how to generate a continuous supply of buyers and sellers by implementing nine habits.

There’s some excellent topics and great speakers for a motivational and career launching time. So why not think about driving down to Orlando and attending?  Come on, get’s some enthusiasm and make a commitment to yourself!

See more about the convention here:

And here’s how you can prepare for the conference:

Conference Infographic
Infographic Courtesy of

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