12 Tips to Make your Homepage Magnificent

12 Tips to Make your Homepage Magnificent

Time to Redesign Your Website? Business owners take a lot of care in ensuring their brick and mortar location has “curb appeal” and an enticing entryway. Ensuring they have a website with curb appeal is just as important. Although visitors arrive through many pages, the homepage plays a big role in creating a great customer experience….


Refresh Your Website and See Your Conversion Rate Jump

Fresh Content and Design Old School branding gurus will tell you to keep your brand consistent and of course, that may mean limiting or not changing your website content frequently. Well, what if instead, change was a powerful way of encouraging customers to return to your website and then converting them once they got there?…

Will Google AMP Kill your Google Rankings?

Google AMP What? Mobile web design and friendliness is huge news today because mobile bandwidth is so slow. But so is desktop. Can’t somebody do something? Google says it’s going to fix the problem and speed up the web.  They’ve created a new web coding system and web designers and developers are tackling right now….