Fresh Content and Design

Old School branding gurus will tell you to keep your brand consistent and of course, that may mean limiting or not changing your website content frequently.

Well, what if instead, change was a powerful way of encouraging customers to return to your website and then converting them once they got there?

What if change in itself is part of your unique value proposition and the changes you make seem personally significant to your audience?

I’ve been doing some surfing lately and coming across sites that haven’t changed since I last visited. If they didn’t convert me to a customer then, they won’t convert me this time either with stale content and imagery.

Web Design is a Key Part of your Unique Value Proposition

I just visited, a web design firm in Ottawa, Canada. I was immediately grabbed by the presentation of this site. It’s superb and really sets this agency apart from any other I’ve seen. Visit them now and you’ll see a comfortable, familiar WordPress layout complete with video background, motion graphics, and scrolling that presents their portfolio and achievements very well.

Screen Cap courtesy of
Screen Cap courtesy of

You’ll notice the web design also showcases graphic design excellence too. Graphic design expertise magnifies their web design value proposition and when you see the large design portfolio examples, it blows you away. And they’re all mobile responsive and clean and they do apps which conveys they know their programming.

Screen Cap courtesy of

The overall impression you get is that this web design company can create your dream website or new app. They appeal to your dreams, and your need for the perfect most impactful and current design.

So you might ask, who would want to change such an amazing web design if it carries that kind of impact? I would. Yet I wouldn’t alter the basic WordPress layout. Instead I’d freshen up the presentation of the items in the homepage. I’d feature different clients or alter how the featured clients and services are described and I’d insert new material that promotes additional services.

Visitors would get the same branded message of excellent, exciting and personalized value, yet they’d see it in a new way. If you’re going to reiterate your unique value proposition, you might want to create a different experience to surprise and delight your audience.

Web programmers can detect whether your visitor is returning, and present new fresh content that helps move them further along the conversion funnel.

The second time you visit a site, the less impact the original layout and experience has. That’s when you need to dig down to present some cool, fascinating, and activating content. In Atomic Motion’s case, a well designed and strategically relevant case study would be most appropriate. Case studies that are credible and informative have high sales converting power. If your content and copywriting are engaging and convincing then you’ll have even better results.

When anyone visits your site a second or third time, they’re very interested in your solution. However they’ll looking for justification and emotion building that’s going to activate their impulse. They actually want to be your client.

So keeping your website consistent won’t help you convert that returning prospect. Bringing some new, interesting, and fascinating content that helps build their impulse and activates them is vital. Freshen up your homepage content and you’ll convert more leads to customers.

Creating a powerful content strategy isn’t easy. It must satisfy branding, customer experience, value proposition, credibility, trust, and of course, SEO needs.  Sometimes finding the best ideas for your company means spending time being open to exploring and appreciating the amazing things others do. Their spirit will launch you into a state of imagination and purpose that tells you what your next move is.

Gord Collins is a seasoned SEO/Digital Marketing Strategist. Author of a ground breaking book that explored concepts such as pagerank, Trustrank, keyword reputation, strategic linking, and semantics, Gord understands the intent of Google’s index. They want quality and Gord will employ brilliant innovative techniques. Gord never sits still when it comes to optimization and growth.