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Compare Auto Insurance Rates

Stats revealed auto insurance premiums rose by 7% last, far above the usual 3 to 4%.  With driverless vehicle technology ready to roll, and auto claims rocketing, drivers are likely to see even higher rates soon.

If your rates rose despite having no claims last year, well, isn’t it time you started shopping for cheaper auto insurance?

Shopping around online is the only way you will reduce your auto insurance costs

Compare Car Insurance Rates

If you’re not comparing auto insurance rates, you’re giving away money. In fact, car insurance shopping is the only way to can substantially lower your premiums and get better converage.  This post will convince you and give you some new options.

You get lower auto insurance by comparing quotes from different vehicle insurance companies. There are a lot of them out there.  There’s big and small insurance companies and independent brokers looking for your business.

Will you save on insurance for electric vehicles?

Rising auto insurance isn’t a local issue. Car insurance rates are rising everywhere but it appears consumers are apathetic about it. If you look at the price charts below you’ll see how much people expend for auto insurance.

Self-driving cars could raise auto insurance rates for you and I, since those autonomous car companies would negotiate their own low rate coverage. They’ll save plenty, but you will have to negotiate your own insurance rate.


The insurance companies are awash in cash now however they’re facing tough times as their own pool of revenue is eroded and claim payouts rise. Switching insurance companies might be a wise move. Consider this stat:

The average auto insurance premium in Ontario, Canada is $1,458, which is almost 55% higher than the average of all other Canadian jurisdictions — from a Globe & Mail report.

It’s 2017 and time to take massive action to save money. Have you investigated UBI or usage based auto insurance? Check out the auto insurance rates for your city or state below.

Get the best auto insurance quotes in Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, San Diego, Miami, Phoenix, Denver, Boston, New York and other cities where consumers are fed up.  We’re all paying too much to insure our cars, SUVs and trucks. It’s hard earned dollars ($10,000) that you’re giving away but now that can change.  Has your loyalty to one insurance company done much for you?

Look back at the last 20 years of auto insurance coverage you purchased (e.g., 20 x 12 x $150 = $36,150).  Could you use that money right now?

It’s a Great Time to Switch Auto Insurance Companies

Bentley EV  – Luxury Car Insurance

Yes, switching insurance companies is a wise financial choice.  There are videos, charts, infographics and quote comparisons below that will open your eyes. When it comes to finding the lowest insurance rates, and a better policy, this might be a good starting point.  It’s best to do lots of searching and get a wide variety of quotes from insurers.  Just through persistence alone, you’ll get the best rates.  You could save $10,000 over 6 years or as much as $1800 in one year.

Do you Need Collector or Luxury Car Insurance?

Here’s an auto insurance niche where you can get more price and appropriate quotes for your Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, Lamborhghini, Bentley, Rolls Royce, or Maserati.

I’m sure you’ll find the auto insurance quote comparisons below an eye opener.
According to one source, the average price of auto insurance across the US is $1100 to $1200 per year — that leaves lots of room for you to start saving!

Virginia has become the 19th state to ban consumer price gouging – – fair warning that you are probably getting taken.

Searching for Insurance via Google

Google is certainly fast and you’ll get better rates than from an insurance agency in Los Angeles, Boston, Phoenix, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, New York, Indianapolis, Detroit, Philadelphia, or Chicago. Within seconds you can be on an insurance company website and buy an auto insurance policy. I’d advise looking first to the auto insurance comparison sites before you decide on an insurance company and take their coverage.  That’s particularly true if you’re buying luxury auto insurance.

Not all of the big name companies such as Allstate, Progressive, Geico, Nationwide, State Farm, Mercury, StateFarm, and others offer great rates or the coverage you actually need. I know from my own searches that I tend not to be thorough enough. I get restless and frustrated and settle for a higher auto insurance quote than I should. I want to help you optimize your quest for the lowest auto policy.

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My Car Insurance Quote

I conducted a search directly on the insurer’s websites of Geico, Progressive, Statefarm, Liberty Mutual, Mercury, Allstate, AAA and Farmers. In the chart below, you can see the quote for a 40 year old male living in Santa Ana, California, driving a 2010 Hyudai Santa Fe 4 dr sedan to work 30 miles away daily, and having one non bodily injury accident (hit a car). We need an example to analyze an auto insurance quote, so let’s take a quick look at this one.

Statefarm’s auto quote was about $1300 less per year than Liberty Mutual’s. Over 6 years, that translates to $7800 in savings if I chose Statefarm.  Further below, I sought quotes via insurance hotline and the variation was bigger.  With your own search, you may find one local insurance company who may be willing to insure you at much less.

Is a  40 year old driver with one accident statistically that risky? Obviously Liberty Mutual, Statefarm, and AAA believe there is huge risk. Each company processes the statistics differently, and they’re entitled to. However, are they being reasonable about it. Is the auto quote abnormally high?

Geico Auto Insurance Quote Form Screen Capture courtesy of Geico

Get a Quote in Your City

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Auto Insurance Provider Price per Year
Geico Auto Insurance Company $1772
Progressive Auto Insurance Company $1884
Statefarm Auto Insurance Company $1654
Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance Company $2909
Mercury Auto Insurance Company $1760
Allstate Auto Insurance Company $1655
Nationwide Auto Insurance Company $2071
AAA Auto Insurance Company$ $2673
Farmers Auto Insurance Company $2796

Some of these companies make you fill out endless questions, some of which you have to wonder are even legal. I liked Progressive’s online auto insurance quote process the best.  It was quick and the least painful. They seem to respect your time the most. Their quote was a little higher than Allstate and Statefarm, but I suspect Progressive has a better corporate culture — a signal of how they’ll treat you after becoming their customer.

Auto Insurance Tips from

Auto Insurance Tips on how to Get Cheaper Car and Truck Insurance

Canadian Auto Insurance Buyers are Getting Ripped Off

Car Insurance Quote In Canada

Here’s another example auto insurance quote for a 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe, 4 door, for a 48 year old male with one ticket. See the huge difference in quotes from individual brokerages?  That’s right, in this case there are two Aviva brokerages competing. The lowest quote was  from Travelers insurance. It equates to $1700 savings per year and more than $10,000 over 6 years. That’s a significant amount.

car insurance quote
Car Insurance Quote for 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe

Auto Insurance Rates by US State

Just in case you’re curious, here is’s rankings of States for car insurance policies for one year.

Cheapest Cars, Truck and SUVs to Insure

Are you looking for the cheapest auto insurance?  Check out usage based insurance and consider buying an old car. Here’s Yahoo’s list of the cheapest cars and SUV’s to insure:

1. Honda Odyssey LX – annual insurance premium: $1113 per year.

2. Honda CR-V LX – annual insurance premium:  $1,170.

3. Dodge Grand Caravan – annual car insurance premium $1,174.

4. Jeep Wrangler Sport – annual car insurance premium $1,181.

5. Jeep Compass Sport 2WD – annual car insurance premium $1,190

6. Ford Escape S 2WD – annual car insurance premium $1,194.

7. Buick Encore Sport Tour 2WD – annual car insurance premium $1,200.

8. Jeep Cherokee Base 2WD – annual car insurance premium $1,203.

9. Nissan Frontier S King Cab – annual car insurance premium $1,204

Here’s something to think about to motivate you: a savings of almost $1000. How long does it take you to earn $1000 x the next 4 years = $4000. Because, insurance buyers tend to be loyal (or just lazy) and stick with the insurance company that’s sticking it to them. If that’s you, then, spend a whole afternoon or evening searching for a lower auto insurance quote. Save your money.

Sharing is Good for Your Social Health, and good for others bank accounts. Help them save by sharing this post! Who couldn’t use all that money?

A survey by (they do these studies for PR and for wider exposure in social media and Google) so take it with a grain of salt. stated that in California, the average annual premium across the six top carriers was $1,428 (significantly higher than national average of $1,277). The cheapest car insurance averaged an amazing 33% less, at $960.

The Type of Car you Drive is a Key Factor

You may not realize that the insurance companies offer cheaper insurance for a certain type or brand of vehicle. Jeeps for instance have very cheap rates. Why? Who knows?  They’re not divulging anything that will cause them to lose profit. Obviously, your age, sex, and recent driving record will determine if you can get those best rates. Are new electric cars like the Tesla Model 3, Chevy Volt or Nissan Leaf the way to go?

Find the lowest insurance rates in your city: Los Angeles car insurance, Boston auto insurance, Phoenix car insurance, San Francisco car insurance, San Diego car insurance, Seattle car insurance, New York car insurance, Indianapolis car insurance, Detroit car insurance, Philadelphia auto insurance, Toronto car insurance, or Chicago car insurance.

Inforgraphic courtesy of Enhance Insurance – Automobile Insurance facts in all 50 states

Auto Insurance Resources

Car Insurance requirements in California:

Car Insurance requirements in New York:

Auto Insurance Coverage Requirements in Texas

Auto Insurance Coverage requirements in Florida

Auto Truck Insurance requirements in Illinois

Car Insurance minimum coverage requirements in Ohio

Car Insurance coverage requirements in Massachusetts

Lowest Auto Insurance Coverage in a City Near You

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How Big Companies Rule Google Rankings – PPC Advertising

Expertise + Money = Success!

Curious about how to get more out of your website and social media efforts?  

How about capturing more business via Google? Would that change your outlook for 2018?  You can do it, and this post is about how you can do it. It’s going to cost you and also require some talented expertise in content and something called outreach.

You can learn more about outreach here.  

The talented expertise I’m referring to are excellent content creators and innovative, expert outreach specialists. Combine one additional ingredient to the mix, and you’ll rocket your traffic and sales results into the stratosphere. Let’s find out what the ingredient is and how this actually works. It’s kinda simple really.

Insert Cash Here

Whether you  own a real estate brokerage, car insurance brokerage, or a law firm, the road to big traffic and big revenue is paved with spending.  High quality content with laser like messaging is highly valuable and so are the links it might create to your website.  You also need lots of links pointing to your web pages if you want to rank high no Google. And why would anyone take the time and effort to link to your website? Because they heard about it or have been to your site. It could be that simple.

Real Estate Marketing | Real Estate SEO | Real Estate Web Design | Los Angeles SEO | Real Estate Investing | Toronto SEO | Mobile Local SEO |  Real Estate | SEO Company

I want to say “high quality content” is king, but in reality, we need to discuss – ppc advertising. In fact, if you don’t advertise, you probably won’t  do well on Google and it will hamper your social media success as well. Not only does PPC advertising create customers fast and directly, it’s link creating benefits is something we need to talk about now.

When you consider how everything online points to ppc advertising, and how much reach ads have, why is it so hard to believe the ads won’t skew which sites gets linked to and Google’s organic search results?

Google Rankings are all About Links

As much as Google’s search engine indexing has improved over the years, it’s still woefully dependent on links to determine which sites will rank at the top. And because links are so difficult to obtain, only the most well-funded websites seem to get these rank boosting results.

Companies that spend more freely (but intelligent and strategic) seem to fare better as you’ll learn about below.  It’s not that they buy links outright, but rather how they get htem by the strength of their content and SEO strategy. If people don’t know your site exists, or have never viewed your content marketing pieces, they’re not going to link to your website. And links are not all equal. Links from influencers and top industry websites are much more powerful.

SEO pundits often speak of how brands are influencing rankings — that Google loves brands because of their consistency and popularity. Yet what’s really at play, is that brands have money to burn and they spend it on things that result in awareness such as advertising. That awareness generated in turn results in new, free organic links to their websites. Money does this.

When bloggers, journalists and social media users see a company’s advertising and other paid marketing efforts online, they pay attention. It’s a basic equation — advertising creates awareness. So we shouldn’t be surprised that advertising will encourage new inbound links from blogs or wherever. And that in turn will impact Google’s organic search results, or what’s being shared on Facebook.

In the Car Insurance Business

In the auto insurance sector, Geico, Progressive and receive phenomenal traffic from Google. They rank at the top for most car insurance quote related phrases. Is it just a coincidence that the biggest advertisers rank at the top in auto insurance search results? Is their content really that much better than all the other websites? Let’s take a big picture look at their website traffic.

This first graphic below courtesy of shows how much traffic Progressive Insurance receives from Google organic search and via Google Adwords. Yes, it is shocking isn’t it? They’re a good company and they take content strategy, SEO and ppc advertising very seriously. The 3 elements compound their results. Spyfu estimates that they save $26,000,000 per month by doing SEO. They spend more on TV advertising and online advertising. The benefits of advertising are obvious and this big insurance company simply capitalizes on that big money effort.

Geico’s the same way. You’ve seen their excellent TV ads and these stats below show they spend a lot on ppc advertising too. Again, they save millions on advertising and get a boatload of car insurance buyers arriving on their website. Did you think it was only because of their how to save on car insurance blog posts? is a different case. They don’t do TV advertising yet still are a dominant presence on Google search results. However, they spend generously on Google Adwords advertising.

Some experts might say it’s coincidence, while others have surmised that advertising does benefit organic rankings. There’s nothing that I’ve seen that would indicate that Google’s algorithm attempts to filter out the visibility advantage that companies who advertise receive (from TV, print, transit, or online advertising).

One key benefit of online ads is that even if users don’t click on ads, they often still see the ads. That’s free branding. In my opinion, online advertising is a huge factor in outreach. I’ve seen it with everyone from local real estate agents to auto insurance companies to automobile manufacturers. Advertising pays.

And if you hire outreach specialists to magnify the value of that exposure, you can dramatically accelerate the benefits.

Let’s Summarize all the Benefits of Using PPC Advertising

  1. reaching bloggers, influencers and customers via keyword phrases you can’t rank for
  2. using the keyword research data and conversion data from ppc clicks
  3. creating greater overall visibility online
  4. ppc campaigns give you better projections of SEO traffic and sales revenue
  5. helps give you more realistic picture of what you can achieve
  6. extra traffic makes content creation costs justifiable
  7. makes Internet marketing in general justifiable
  8. you can test specific keywords
  9. you can test content marketing campaigns – limited trials
  10. you can test your link building prowess and results

Yes, there are a lot of benefits if you organize and manage your campaigns professionally. That’s one area that’s giving marketers problems. Many of them to turn to ppc agencies or ppc automation software to get better organized.

The point to be made is that the advertising budget is often a sign of commitment, confidence and strategy.  The few companies that apply themselves to a strong high quality content strategy, advertising and outreach program are going to dominate their sectors. To do well you need a competitive ad budget and some expert content and outreach specialists. Make a commitment to that do all this in 2017. Success might be that easy.

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Residential Solar Power Systems – What you Should Know

Are Solar Roofing Installations a Powerful Selling Feature?

We know how expensive hydro is becoming for the average homeowner. Power generating companies are in big debt and will have to keep raising prices to their diminishing user base chasing more homeowners offgrid.

And power companies are highly polluting which does not jive well with the mandates of the carbon credit regulators. It looks like solar will be prominent.

Dow Powerhouse Shingles are said to be a wise replacement system on a new roof installation, but many homeowners are really liking them for their aesthetics. — from Pic courtesy of

Yet we wonder if buying a $7000 to $30000 solar power generating system for a home is really worth it. Apparently, the savings range from $400 to $700 a month, or around $6k a year.  Right away you’d say no, however the prices of solar systems are falling and there might be other benefits to consider including higher selling prices.

I was speaking with Seattle entrepreneur Andrew Schumake who installs these solar systems.  He comments that the incentives created by the Obama administration in the US were very generous and how manufacturers and installation providers are clamoring to supply this burgeoning market in the US, and also in Canada.

It makes you wonder what the actual impact of all these new products is on the US housing market? Andrew warns though that some companies make shoddy products so homeowners should be careful and wise.


If you’re a builder or commercial real estate developer, you may want to check out the incentives offered by the Madison Energy Group of Phoenix, who Andrew works with.

As a realtor or property investor, or a homeowner with a big mortgage loan to pay, you may be wondering how much these systems raise the value of a property if at all.  The issue isn’t just a matter of electrical power savings, it’s also a matter of aesthetics and whether solar is a feature sought in particular neighborhoods.

Solar Shingles in Hot Demand

And new systems that use solar shingles are in hot demand. Most systems that we see on homes are solar panels which are mounted on top of the the roof. That can complicate roofing issues and fixes if a problem in the roof occurs. With solar shingles, you have a solution that is part of the roof so the old ceramic or tar paper asphalt shingles aren’t needed. And as you can see in this video below, the new solar shingles actually look pretty good.

The systems produced today are cheaper, better designed and should last longer. So the results from this Berkeley study from 2013 should be more positive today in 2016 and into 2017.

This woman in Florida is ecstatic about her new solar power installation.

Dow is a big maker of the new solar power shingles for residential roofs.  If your prospects are going to reroof their house, should they go with solar shingles and save on the costs of the conventional roofing?  There are a government incentives could make this a sensible purchase. Here’s a video that discusses that issue:

certainteed-solar-brochureBut could a new solar shingle roof help to get a home sold faster at a higher price? Studies seem to show that this is so. You might be familiar with Certainteed, the roofing products manufacturer. They provide a solar product brochure that might give more insight into the advisability of recommending a solar roof as a home value raising strategy.

The number of homeowners “going solar” has increased by an average of every year for the last 10 years. About half a million homeowners in the U.S. have determined that solar makes sense.” from the brochure.

What is your experience with solar energy installations in the homes you’ve been buying and selling? Are buyers enamored with the systems or are they mentioning wishes and disappointments? I’d like to know. Please leave your comments below.


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Austin Car Truck Insurance Quote Online – Best Quotes TX

Get the Best Car or Truck Insurance Quote in Austin

Car and Truck Drivers in Austin, San Antonio, Galveston, Houston, Dallas, and Irving have something in common – shopping for an auto insurance policy with a minimum $115,000 minimum liability coverage.

As a smart shopper, you will find ways to save on your Austin truck or car insurance.  A couple of ways to save is to buy an old car or truck for driving to work. That reduces the chance of an accident claim, especially if you combine that with usage-based smartphone insurance. The insurance companies want to limit and lower accident claims so why not help them?

What they may not particularly like is competing for your insurance business.  What I advise is to search online until you have 10 separate quotes, not just a search on a single insurance comparison site.

Photo Courtesy of CMtelematics. Learn more about Usage based auto insurance

You might be surprised to hear that Texas drivers pay a slightly higher than average price for car insurance.  Your price in Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, San Antonio or Austin may be more expensive due to the Zip code. Why are rates high?  The insurance companies tell you it’s just accident and claim statistics, but it may be that insurers will charge more because peole in Austin don’t shop around. If you’re not checking for lower car or truck insurance, then why would they offer you a lower rate?

By shopping and getting quotes from all the insurance firms, you’re letting them know you want the lowest price. Otherwise, they simply keep the status quo and drain your bank account.

If you’ve upgraded your current auto truck insurance to include a lower amount deductible and higher liability coverage, you might have your premiums rise too. You can ask for other insurance features and offset that higher price. Keep looking for a better deal online and you’ll find one. Switching auto insurance companies pays.

Check out car insurance Dallas, car insurance Philadelphia, car insurance San Antonio, car insurance Miami, and auto insurance quotes New York.

Car Insurance Requirements in Texas

Texas insurance law requires you to be able to pay for any damages and injuries from a car accident you caused. Most Austin drivers buy liability car insurance to fulfill this legal minimum requirement.

Your auto liability insurance in Texas must have the following minimum limits:

  • $30,000 for each injured person.
  • $60,000 for injuries per incident.
  • $25,000 for property damage.

6 Quick Tips to Save on Car Insurance

  1. raise your deductible and lower liability limits
  2. buy usage based car insurance coverage
  3. pay your policy premiums yearly
  4. bundle your insurance with home insurance coverage
  5. drive an old car to work and delete collision coverage
  6. switch insurance companies

Insurance Agencies in Austin TX

Direct Auto Insurance Agency
9616 N Lamar Blvd #198,
Austin, TX 78753, USA

Texas State Low Cost Insurance
Springdale Shopping Center, 7112 Ed Bluestein Blvd #169,
Austin, TX 78723, USA

Premiere Auto Insurance Agency
900 E Braker Ln #150,
Austin, TX 78753, USA
Here’s how you can save more on your auto/truck insurance in this insurance infographic:

Insurance Infographic

Find the Lowest Insurance Rates In Los Angeles

Rates vary in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver, Houston, San Antonio, St Louis, Minneapolis, Green Bay, Charlotte, Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Toronto, Seattle, Bellevue, Spokane, Boise, Redmond, Anaheim, Beverly Hills, Malibu, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Chicago, Minneapolis, Albuquerque, Glendale, Oceanside, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Carlsbad, Santa Clarita,  Henderson, Mesa, Kirkland, Redmond, Kansas City, Stockton, Scottsdale, Palm Springs, Indianapolis, Columbus, Colorado Springs, Fort Worth, Chula Vista, Escondido, Santa Monica, Miami Beach, and Honolulu.

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Online Auto Insurance Quotes Florida | Jacksonville Car Truck Insurance

Best Auto Insurance Quotes Jacksonville

Every driver in Jacksonville deserves lower auto insurance rates. Yet only those who actively search for a better quote are going to get those savings. National or Jacksonville insurance companies don’t want to give you a break but once you start searching hard online, they get the idea that you’re on a mission.  That invites competition.

Screen Capture courtesy of innovative telematics software company Cambridge MT

Those companies which advertise are the most eager for you business and most likely to give you a break. Online insurance is very competitive so they don’t monkey around when they do their ad campaigns. And by getting quotes from 8 to 10 auto insurance providers, it’s almost certain you’re going to save a bundle. It takes that many quotes before you get a policy you feel comfortable with at the right price.

Although the lowest price is what everyone wants, you still have to ensure the policy gives you what you need. If you’re raising the deductible and dropping coverage, you could be leaving yourself open to financial disaster. Insurance is all about accident liability and avoiding financial disaster.

When you’re getting your quote, ensure you’re not leaving out vital coverage and that you’re actually covered for all contingencies.

How to Save on Auto Insurance in Jacksonville

How about asking for usage-based coverage using telematics devices or software? Some insurers may let you use your cell phone while others will requre a telematics device attached to the car or truck itself.  Telematics is becoming more popular because good drivers feel their good driving habits will be rewarded. You could save up to 15% by using a telematics device.

Consider buying an old car to commute to work. It may not be pretty, but you won’t have to carry collision and your rates will be much lower. This is one way you can save substantially.

After you turn 25, your premiums should drop and they should continue dropping as you get older if you’ve been lucky enough not to get into a collision. If your insurance company hasn’t provide discounts for good driving, driver training, and usage-based telematics use, then you’d be wise to switch companies. There should be no cost in switching car insurance companies.  Find plenty of ways to save on car insurance for Florida drivers and find which cars are cheapest to insure.  Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Hialeah, and Panama City drivers, keep on searching for better insurance. Enjoy this car insurance infographic from


Auto Insurance Agencies in Jacksonville FL

Direct Auto Insurance Agency Arlington
10154 Atlantic Blvd,
Jacksonville, FL 32225, USA

Gator Auto Insurance Agency
1606 Main St N,
Jacksonville, FL 32206, USA

Acceptance Auto Insurance
6905 Atlantic Blvd,
Jacksonville, FL 32211, USA

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