Super Bowl Predictions 2018 – Forecast for SuperBowl 52 – Patriots vs Eagles Who Will Win Super Bowl Game Picks Odds 2018 in Minnesota

Who Will Win Super Bowl 2018?

The biggest sporting event in the world is the NFL’s Super Bowl Game which typically draws tv audiences of more than 110 million fans. And bettors too. Millions will be watching again and you’re likely wondering who will win the game?

There’s lots to see and enjoy below. If you haven’t set up your SuperBowl Party, now’s the time to do it. There’s game day recipes for food and drinks below.. It’s an excuse to get your friends together, so go ahead, get that started.

This year’s NFL football spectacle, the 52nd Super Bowl finale, will be played at the spectacular U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which can learn about below. An amazing hi-tech building.

When is Super Bowl 52 Gametime?

It’s on Sunday, Feb. 4, 6:30 p.m. ET.  CBS will be carrying the game on TV. You can also stream it from a variety of sources including

The 52nd Super Bowl Game will pit the New England Patriots vs the Philadelphia. As predicted, the Patriots are in, but the Eagles might be a surprise after curshing the Vikings vaunted defense in the NFC final.

The prediction does favor New England, as Tom Brady’s cut hand will be healed by Feb 4th, giving him full use of his throwing arm. And that arm has penetrated every defense in the league. This is Tom Brady’s 8th SuperBowl appearance, which is truly phenomenal. To bet against the Patriot’s would be unwise, however the Eagles do look strong this post season.

Brady is an excellent passer, in fact, outstanding when the pressure is on, as you can see in this stat of regular season play. But this is the SuperBowl and the Eagle’s quarterback has never played in this intense pressure before. By game time, he might be very tired.

The game is being promoted as New England’s offense vs Philadelphia’s Defense, however you have to wonder if the Eagle’s offense will cut New England’s defense to pieces. The eagle’s defense relies on turnovers to create points, and you wonder if they can get the experienced Patriots to cough up a few loose balls.  Super Bowl 2018 might be a high scoring affair this time.

Who Are the Expert’s Super Bowl Picks to Win?

Sporting News: initial point spread lists New England as 5 1/2-point choice over Philadelphia.

Bleacher Report:  Score: Patriots 24, Eagles 20

Odds Shark: Team Odds
New England Patriots -225
Philadelphia Eagles +185


Vegas Insider: Team Odds
New England Patriots -240
Philadelphia Eagles +190

Who Will Win SuperBowl 52? It looks like the experts are giving the Patriots the nod.

You’ll find some interesting Super Bowl Party recipes for the big game below too! Start planning now.

The dramatic projection at the western end of the stadium has drawn comparisons to the bow of a Viking ship. However, HKS architect John Hutchings, AIA says the jagged rocks on St. Anthony Falls and the ice shards that pile up on the edges of Minnesota lakes as they freeze, thaw, and refreeze in winter were the real inspirations for the structure. Photo and info courtesy of Architecture Minnesota.

Your Top Questions about this Year’s Super Bowl

  When is the SuperBowl Game in 2018?  The game will be played on February 4th, 2018.

 Where is the Super Bowl Game in 2018? This year’s game, the 52nd classic, will be played at US Bank Stadium located at 401 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55415. It’s not far from the Mississippi River and I35.

 What is the Super Bowl kickoff or gametime? The kickoff time hasn’t been announced. Gametime is usually around 6:00 or 7:00 pm EST.

 Who won the Super Bowl in 2017? The New England Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons in one of the best football comeback wins ever. The Patriots are top contenders for this year’s trophy.

This game’s got some History. Football is a big part of American culture going back a century.

Photo courtesy of NYdailynews – Chicago wins 73-0 in 1930 classic Footballs from the NFL through the years. Photo courtesy of

And then, sometimes it gets weird.

Photo Courtesy of US Bank Stadium

Photo Courtesy of Architecture MN

The US Bank Stadium has to be the most beautiful venue for football of any of the US cities and was inspired by the Nordic Vernacular architecture. The plastic transparent roof covers 220,000 square feet and lets the fans enjoy blue skies, clouds and an arresting open air vista.

Even the walls are made of plastic providing great views of downtown Minneapolis. The stadium is home field to the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings.

Photo Courtesy of Vector Foiltec

As you can see here, it has a cathedral type appearance and provides perhaps the most visually spectacular setting for the big game. Although attendance is down 1% in the 2017 NFL season, due to stadium repairs and some ill-advised, self-promoting political statements by a few players at the end of their careers, the fans will begin to forgive the NFL in time for the big game.

And where would we be without some cool drone footage?

Enjoy this 360 degree view inside the stadium courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings

Let’s not forget that this is the Vikings Home field (they’re having some issues with the NFL about who controls the stadium in the weeks before the big game) and the Vikings are one of the top contenders at present.

Listen as they play the Viking Gjallarhorn and do the Skol Chant

Amazing venue for SuperBowl 52. Enjoy the construction video:

The stadium playing field is lit by LED floodlights. The clarity LED lighting creates is astonishing, and plenty of viewers will be watching with their new 4k tvs. Certainly, 4k tv subscriptions will rise due solely to people wanting the SuperBowl to be a super party event.

Because LED lights are digital, they can be controlled as part of stadium light shows. The SuperBowl 52 Fans in attendance are in for a visual treat since gametime will be after sunset.

If you’re hoping to advertise your business on TV during the game, it will leave you stressed at a new record price of $5 million per 30 second spot. The game will draw another 110+ million total viewers for the 2018 finale.

You can watch the 52nd Super Bowl game live on your smartphone or tablet. The NFL live streams it.

Graphic courtesy of Statista

Despite the ticket prices, the event will be a big one for the city of Minneapolis and an opportunity for them to showcase their city and beautiful stadium. And advertisers can’t afford the game being a failure when they’ve invested this much money into it.

SuperBowl games draw record numbers of social media postings on Facebook and Twitter. It’s a perfect event for Twitter — realtime with lots of sharable content.

Graphic courtesy of

Half Time Entertainment at SuperBowl 52

Half time entertainment will likely be the best yet, given the stadium’s visual spendor and the digital LED lighting system. The event is always a big draw for TV audiences and this year’s SuperBowl halftime entertainment will be headlined by Justin Timberlake, formerly of Nsync. Last years’ event was highlighted by Lady Gaga was quite a show where she showed her courage jumping from lofty heights to please her fans.

NFL Season Final Standings 2017

American Football Conference
AFC East Team W L T PCT PF PA Last 5
New England Patriots * 13 3 0 0.813 458 296 4-1
Buffalo Bills x 9 7 0 0.563 302 359 3-2
Miami Dolphins 6 10 0 0.375 281 393 2-3
New York Jets 5 11 0 0.313 298 382 1-4
AFC North Team W L T PCT PF PA Last 5
Pittsburgh Steelers z 13 3 0 0.813 406 308 4-1
Baltimore Ravens 9 7 0 0.563 395 303 3-2
Cincinnati Bengals 7 9 0 0.438 290 349 2-3
Cleveland Browns 0 16 0 0 234 410 0-5-0
AFC South Team W L T PCT PF PA Last 5
Jacksonville Jaguars z 10 6 0 0.625 417 268 3-2
Tennessee Titans x 9 7 0 0.563 334 356 2-3
Indianapolis Colts 4 12 0 0.25 263 404 1-4
Houston Texans 4 12 0 0.25 338 436 0-5-0
AFC West Team W L T PCT PF PA Last 5
Kansas City Chiefs z 10 6 0 0.625 415 339 4-1
Los Angeles Chargers 9 7 0 0.563 355 272 4-1
Oakland Raiders 6 10 0 0.375 301 373 1-4
Denver Broncos 5 11 0 0.313 289 382 2-3
National Football Conference
NFC East Team W L T PCT PF PA Last 5
Philadelphia Eagles * 13 3 0 0.813 457 295 3-2
Dallas Cowboys 9 7 0 0.563 354 332 4-1
Washington Redskins 7 9 0 0.438 342 388 2-3
New York Giants 3 13 0 0.188 246 388 1-4
NFC North Team W L T PCT PF PA Last 5
Minnesota Vikings z 13 3 0 0.813 382 252 4-1
Detroit Lions 9 7 0 0.563 410 376 3-2
Green Bay Packers 7 9 0 0.438 320 384 2-3
Chicago Bears 5 11 0 0.313 264 320 2-3
NFC South Team W L T PCT PF PA Last 5
New Orleans Saints z 11 5 0 0.688 448 326 3-2
Carolina Panthers x 11 5 0 0.688 363 327 3-2
Atlanta Falcons x 10 6 0 0.625 353 315 3-2
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5 11 0 0.313 335 382 1-4
NFC West Team W L T PCT PF PA Last 5
Los Angeles Rams z 11 5 0 0.688 478 329 3-2
Seattle Seahawks 9 7 0 0.563 366 332 2-3
Arizona Cardinals 8 8 0 0.5 295 361 3-2
San Francisco 49ers 6 10 0 0.375 331 383 5-0-0

SuperBowl 52 Odds & Picks

Bleacher Report has posted their SuperBowl 52 picks

Graphic Courtesy of the Bleacher Report

Here’s another Superbowl Prediction (odds and payout)

Teams Sorted Alphabetically
(courtesy of
2018 Super Bowl LII Odds and Payout Per $100 Bet
Arizona Cardinals $20,000 (200 to 1)
Atlanta Falcons $3,500 (35 to 1)
Baltimore Ravens $11,500 (115 to 1)
Buffalo Bills $13,000 (130 to 1)
Carolina Panthers $2,600 (26 to 1)
Chicago Bears $50,000 (500 to 1)
Cincinnati Bengals $25,000 (250 to 1)
Dallas Cowboys $5,000 (50 to 1)
Denver Broncos $30,000 (300 to 1)
Detroit Lions $5,000 (50 to 1)
Green Bay Packers $6,000 (60 to 1)
Houston Texans $25,000 (250 to 1)
Indianapolis Colts $250,000 (2,500 to 1)
Jacksonville Jaguars $3,000 (30 to 1)
Kansas City Chiefs $1,300 (13 to 1)
Los Angeles Chargers $16,500 (165 to 1)
Los Angeles Rams $1,300 (13 to 1)
Miami Dolphins $45,000 (450 to 1)
Minnesota Vikings $1,700 (17 to 1)
New England Patriots $350 (7 to 2)
New Orleans Saints $1,000 (10 to 1)
New York Jets $100,000 (1,000 to 1)
Oakland Raiders $4,000 (40 to 1)
Philadelphia Eagles $500 (5 to 1)
Pittsburgh Steelers $450 (9 to 2)
Seattle Seahawks $1,700 (17 to 1)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers $50,000 (500 to 1)
Tennessee Titans $5,000 (50 to 1)
Washington Redskins $12,500 (125 to 1)

Kids NFL Football Sets

A great Xmas gift and a good way to get your kids into the Football mindset is with these Franklin Sports kids NFL football uniforms:

Screen Capture Courtesy of Franklin Sports. Note: I am not paid by or affiliated with Franklin Sports. I just think your kids will love their products.

The New England Patriots

Whether you’re betting or not, you probably have a favorite to win the SuperBowl game. If you’ve been a fan for the last few years, you probably know how the New England Patriots always seem to hang around to the end. They’ve landed 5 SuperBowl Championships in the last 14 years.

Photo Courtesy of

New England is one of those teams that can make you like football, even if you hate NFL football. Last year, they did the impossible and won the Championship game in overtime after being down 28 to 3 in the 3rd quarter! It may have been the most entertaining SuperBowl Final ever.

You can relive it all right here:

Habitual SuperBowl Champions

The Patriots just seem to field a very good team on a yearly basis. 2017’s finale was highlighted by New England’s incredible comeback over the Atlanta Falcons who were favored, to reign as Champions. The game was particularly good in the second half with lots of suspense.

NFL fans in Boston will be pleased to hear that the Patriot’s are again favored to appear and they have their star offensive player Rob Gronkowski healthy back in the lineup. Football’s a team game, however Gronk is a game breaker and the bane of all defenses in the NFL. He probably felt cheated not being there last year and will be putting up an MVP performance for this one.

The reason the Patriot’s will win the SuperBowl is simple. Grady and Gronkowski. Tight end Rob Gronkowski is 6-foot-6 and 265 pounds, too big for the small speedy defensive backs to take down, and way too fast for linebackers to catch.

No defenses are built to defend against players like him. He’s constantly a threat and draws extra attention, which leaves the other Patriot receivers open. And 39 year old Tom Brady always seems to be able to get the ball to their endless supply of nifty receivers.

Keep in mind that Gronk has his own party bus for rent! It’ll take you about 22 hours to drive to Minneapolis, but isn’t it worth it?

Who Will win SuperBowl 2018? The New England Patriots are my prediction to win SuperBowl 52 just as they won SuperBowl 51. Sure the Vikings are great too, and hopefully they’ll win their conferences and show up against each other in SBLII.

Tom Brady may be injured but the Patriot’s still have the grit, talent and the skill to win it. Belichik is a good coach.

Other notable SuperBowl Picks:

Pittsburgh Steelers are on a quite a roll lately. They’ve looked very menacing in the past, yet didn’t come close so I wouldn’t put too much money on the Steelers this year.

Dallas Cowboys – America’s team has lost a lot of it’s former glory and reputation and unfortunately don’t have the real talent to win SuperBowl 52.

Seattle Seahawks – Some teams can take one or two runs at the SuperBowl but don’t have anything left in the tank for continuous post season glory.

Atlanta Falcons – They were lauded as the winners last year, but the loss left them deflated and they didn’t qualify.

Any Predictions on the Top SuperBowl Game Recipes?

Can’t decide on snacks and meals to serve for the big game? My picks are Nachos, Chili, Chicken Wings, Pizza, Guacamole, and someone is bound to be eating ribs.

Well, keep it light, eat a few veggies to keep Mom happy, and remember that fun is the word for SuperBowl Sunday. Check out 75 recipes from Country Living and 100 SuperBowl Game appetizers from

Super Bowl 52 Drink Ideas?

You might like the ideas from such as the Brady Blast pictured here:

Nachos – Top Food Pick for SuperBowl 52 in Minneapolis MN

How about Chicken Balls? See the recipe at Tidymom on Pinterestt.

It’s All about Excess which is why you need some Texas Trash!

Cool themed boxes of party mix from Etzy

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I had tremendous fun helping Franklin sell NFL uniform sets by the boatload using SEO

Is eCommerce SEO Different?

The name eCommerce SEO might be a little misleading, since the same strategy and optimization takes place. It’s the same process I used when doing real estate SEO, Hotel SEO, medical equipment SEO, or building product SEO.  There’s just a few extra tasks involved in ensuring mobile compatibility, shopping feeds, meta data, and other technical matters where you may actually need to call a eCommerce technical SEO expert in, if your site has hundreds of thousands of pages published on a number of domains. That’s where it gets tricky with Google.

Keep in mind that your technical expert may not be very knowledgeable about copywriting and social media sharing. SEO is complex with a big number of ranking factors.

What is Most Important in Doing eCommerce SEO?

SEO is about creating content strategically and optimizing pages of copywriting. eCommerce SEO has a little extra work though in the form of product feeds, catalogs, and optimizing category pages, etc.

Some SEO people confuse SEO with shopping experience optimization. An SEO specialist shouldn’t be optimizing your customer shopping experience. That is a retail shopping experience where you need to focus on your value proposition and selling proposition. SEO can make it more engaging, but you need to let your SEO expert stick to their forte.

In most sites, SEO, UX design, and the Shopper Experience are 3 different disciplines. The designer creates the web template and shopping cart, the eCommerce site manager will likely take care of the product organization, shopper experience and product catalogs (data).  Your SEO person will just have to make do with the situation they create. Hopefully, your site will be Google friendly and amenable to SEO strategy and tactics. If not, you likely won’t be beating the likes of Amazon, Overstock, Walmart or other big shopping portals.

Let’s keep this straight: Search engine optimization is about appeasing Google’s search algorithm and building big traffic using words

Retail product pages are often produced in the thousands and tens of thousands, often having the exact same content on them. And Google doesn’t really want this redundant material polluting their precious search listings. Google likes originality and uniqueness. They also like a good customer experience, valuable helpful content, and to see customers very immersed in your ecommerce pages and site. Therefore, your job will often involve finding ways to make each of your product pages unique.

Google is a very page specific search engine now. Amazon or Walmart don’t carry the same advantage as they used to. Although big brands have their strengths. We can capitalize on opportunities and get your site competing for keyword phrases you thought impossible. I’ve done it many times. We need to be clever.

You should have a process or plan of action to take you from an automated product catalog with thin content, to one that is unique, engaging and competitive. This process below should help you get the overall picture.

Here’s a Better eCommerce SEO process:

  • research and know your market – who buys your products and why would they prefer them to competitors?
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We can use a number of handy tools too to help guide your site’s ascendancy in the rankings: Spyfu is good, and so is SERPWoo specializes in ecommerce websites. Learn more about SERPwoo’s advantage:

Additional Resources:

6 Practical Ways to Generate Traffic

9 eCommerce Success Tips

Come back again for more insight into SEO and shopper strategy. If you have any questions, please contact me via the form below.

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