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Every year, tens of millions of drivers get their insurance renewal papers mailed to them and they simply ignore them and let their policy rollover. That’s money lost!

By taking a moment to consider the high rate they’re paying for the type of coverage they’re receiving, they might decline theie insurance company’s offer. If you knew the savings they might be getting, you’d be switching.

If you want to save thousands on car insurance, you have to start thinking bigger savings numbers than the 15% someone like Geico offers. Very few auto insurance companies talk about savings. Their advertisements are low key because they want to make a brand impression without stirring up their customers thoughts about value and price.

You’re a Smart Consumer – Shopping Gives you Power!

It’s a fact that shopping is power. Your choice of where your money goes, shapes the economy and is helps you share and promote your values. You decide who gets rich.

And right now, you’re here because you demand a lower quote for auto insurance and by searching, you’re going to get your wish. If you’re persistent and keep at finding the insurers who want your business, you’ll be switching car insurance providers. In the past, car insurance companies would give you misery if you tried to change insurers. Even today, you have to be careful of it because even the smallest gap in coverage could cost you. Yes, insurance is a racket and there’s nothing you can do about it other than keep shopping for the cheapest rates and lowest quote.

The 10 Major Auto Insurance Companies

Here’s more than 30 insurance companies below to help whet your appetite for a lower auto insurance quote.

Here’s the major brand insurance companies in the US, beginning with Geico who spend a inordinate amount of money on TV advertising. Many of these companies advertise online and you’ll see them in your searches on Google. Don’t be hypnotized by the brand names and sign on eagerly because you liked their TV mascot. Remember you’re here on this site because you intend to save money on your car insurance. That’s you quest and you should stick to it. It could be mean saving $10,000 or more over 5 years. What could you do with $10k?

Geico Auto Insurance Company – the popular insurer we recognize from their television Gecko mascot is the 2nd largest auto insurer in the United States, after State Farm. Geico is a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway insurance (Billionaire Warren Buffett).  Geico provides auto insurance coverage on 22 million+ cars, trucks, motorcycles, motorhomes etc for 14 million insurance policy holders.

State Farm Insurance Company – is headquarted in Bloomington Illinois and has a whopping and expensive payroll of 18,000 insurance agents. It’s total net income in 2013 was 5.2 Billion dollars and it has 44 million auto insurance policies in effect.

Berkshire Hathaway Insurance Company – BHI is is owned by Billionaire Warren Buffett, which boasts a yearly income of $24 Billion and they own Geico Insurance.

Allstate Car Insurance Company –  Allstate  is the 2nd largest personal insurance insurer in the US and in Canada, (behind State Farm). It is the largest publicly held insurance company (net income of $2.7 Billion) and it owns esurance.com a top online insurance website. Allstate has its headquarters in Northbrook Illinois and has a yearly net income of $2.7 Billion.

USAA Auto Insurance Company – The United Services Automobile Association is a financial services company that earns more than $24.6 Billion annually. It is located in San Antonio TX and offers a huge range of personal property and casualty (P&C) insurance, life insurance, automobile insurance, homeowner insurance, renters’ insurance, as well as umbrella and personal property insurance.

AAA Auto Insurance Company – The American Automobile Association (AAA ) is a large group of motor clubs throughout the US and Canada (CAA) having more than 55 millions members.  AAA is a non-profit member service organization. AAA is located near Orlando Florida with office located in Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Chicago, Phoenix, Toronto and many more major cities.

Nationwide Car Insurance Company – Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company & Affiliated Companies is a group of large insurance and financial services companies based in Columbus, OH. It’s yearly revenue is $40 billion.

Liberty Mutual Car Insurance Company – Liberty Mutual Group is a huge, global insurance company with its head office located in Boston, Massachusetts. The company’s $29 billion, and 45,000 employee workforce means it is one of the biggest insurance companies in the world. The company provides home, auto, business and property insurance.

Progressive Auto Insurance Company – Progressive Insurance writes insurance policies for automobiles trucks, motorcycles, boats, and recreational vehicles through their independent agency channel and a direct channel known as progressive.com. Progressive Insurance has its headquarters in Ohio. The company reports yearly  earnings of $21 Billion.

Farmers Auto Insurance Company – Farmers Insurance Group is located in Los Angeles CA. It earns $12.6 billion in revenue yearly and provides car insurance and truck insurance coverage for automobiles, homes and small businesses via it’s 50,000 independent insurance agents.

There are plenty more auto insurance companies you will want to research and switch your auto policy to:

  • American Family Auto Insurance (Madison)
  • Mercury Auto Insurance Company (Detroit)
  • Farm Bureau Auto Insurance Company
  • The Hartford Auto Insurance Company (Hartford)
  • The General Car Insurance
  • MetLife Auto Insurance (New York City)
  • Fred Loya Car Insurance
  • Travelers Auto Insurance
  • American Insurance Group (New York City)
  • Amica Auto Insurance Company
  • Freeway Auto Insurance Experts
  • AARP Motor Club
  • Kemper Automobile Insurance (Chicago)
  • Erie Auto Insurance Company
  • Dairyland Auto Motorcycle Insurance
  • Netquote Automobile Insurance
  • Wawanesa Auto Insurnace
  • Safeco Auto Insurance (Seattle)
  • Allied Auto Insurance Company
  • NJM Automobile Insurance
  • Shelter Insurance Company
  • Plymouth Rock Auto Insurance
  • Grange Insurance for Auto
  • Hagerty Auto Insurance Company (Detroit)


Car Insurance Infographic – Major Insurers in the US

Car Insurance Infographic courtesy of Graphs.net

Cheaper Car and Truck insurance Quotes

Search for hours for the best auto insurance rates in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, New York, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, St Louis, Minneapolis, Green Bay, Charlotte, Tampa, Miami, Orlando,  Beverly Hills, Malibu, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Fresno, Santa Clara, Sacramento, Mountainview, Palo Alto, Portland, Washington, Atlanta, Irvine, Nashville, Sunnyvale, Salt Lake City, Riverside, Simi Valley, Raleigh, Albuquerque, Glendale,  Kansas City, St Louis, Stockton, Scottsdale, Palm Springs, Indianapolis, Columbus, Colorado Springs, Fort Worth, Chula Vista, Escondido, Santa Monica, Miami Beach, and Honolulu.

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Auto Insurance Quote Detroit – Michigan’s Lowest Car Insurance

Finding a Better Auto Insurance Rate in Detroit

Unfortunately, Michigan has the highest automobile insurance rates in the country.  So, let’s hope you’re not going to take it, and stay with present auto insurance provider without checking around for much lower rates. The smartest move is to search online for a lower auto insurance quote.  The cheapest rate are there.

The big insurance brands have plenty of your dough to plow into TV and online ads, but branding is done for the purpose of keeping you stuck.  Instead, put Geico, AAA, Farmers and Progressive mascots and messages out of mind for now and begin shopping around for the best car insurance rate quotes.  A quote is their estimate of your liability and chance of making a claim.  But their quotation includes a lot of factors which may not be evaluated similarly by all insurance companies.  You may be offered or quoted a fantastic rate.

The savings on auto insurance can be profound. But don’t jump at the first offer. Remember to let national insurance brands and local Philly companies compete for your auto insurance business. When they compete, you have power.


Here’s 3 things you can do to get a better auto quote in Detroit:

  1. buy winter tires – the softer rubber and deep tread help give you traction and lower the risk of you rear ending another driver near an intersection, and how many times per winter do you see that happen? And what do you think happens to their insurance rate?
  2. look into usage-based insurance which lets the insurer see how you drive, how far, at which times, and where you go. If you don’t drive much during dangerous times over long distances, and you drive well, UBI could substantially lower your truck or car insurance costs
  3. bundle your home and auto insurance. These companies will give you a discount if you open other policies with them, so use your need for home insurance as an asset in this case

Insurance Buying Tips for Detroit Drivers

Check out these super saving tips for cutting car insurance costs in Michigan and get better auto coverage.

Your car insurance rate will depend on what  neighbourhood in Detroit you live in and what route you might take to get to work. Those commutes to work is where the liability for the insurer is.  Longer commutes raise the likelihood of an accident and an insurance claim.

Finding the best auto insurance in Detroit isn’t all that hard. Just open your eyes.

We can’t say it strongly enough, that persistence is the key. Set aside a good amount of time for searching for insurance and have a spreadsheet ready to record the prices these companies quote you.  Collect at least 8 estimates from insurers so you can feel assured that you’ve done your best in searching.

It’s a good feeling to know you put the effort into finding and saving. Savings of $10,000 over 6 years is possible as explained in the savings post.  It’s your right to be the lowest auto insurance quote possible.

Insurance Agents and Agencies in Detroit:

Fiesta Auto Insurance Agency
6442 Michigan Ave,
Detroit, MI 48210, USA

Tony Massey – State Farm Insurance Agent
15 E Kirby St #112,
Detroit, MI 48202, USA

Allstate Insurance Agent: Shauna Johnson
18711 Grand River Ave,
Detroit, MI 48223, USA



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Look for better car insurance rates in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, New York, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, St Louis, Minneapolis, Green Bay, Rockford, Peoria, Charlotte, Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Toronto,  Anaheim, Beverly Hills, Malibu, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, Mountainview, Palo Alto, Portland, Carlsbad, Santa Clarita, Redmond, Kansas City, St Louis, Stockton, Scottsdale, Palm Springs, Indianapolis, Columbus, Colorado Springs, Fort Worth, Chula Vista, Escondido, and Honolulu.

Online Auto Insurance Quotes Florida | Jacksonville Car Truck Insurance

Best Auto Insurance Quotes Jacksonville

Every driver in Jacksonville deserves lower auto insurance rates. Yet only those who actively search for a better quote are going to get those savings. National or Jacksonville insurance companies don’t want to give you a break but once you start searching hard online, they get the idea that you’re on a mission.  That invites competition.

Screen Capture courtesy of innovative telematics software company Cambridge MT

Those companies which advertise are the most eager for you business and most likely to give you a break. Online insurance is very competitive so they don’t monkey around when they do their ad campaigns. And by getting quotes from 8 to 10 auto insurance providers, it’s almost certain you’re going to save a bundle. It takes that many quotes before you get a policy you feel comfortable with at the right price.

Although the lowest price is what everyone wants, you still have to ensure the policy gives you what you need. If you’re raising the deductible and dropping coverage, you could be leaving yourself open to financial disaster. Insurance is all about accident liability and avoiding financial disaster.

When you’re getting your quote, ensure you’re not leaving out vital coverage and that you’re actually covered for all contingencies.

How to Save on Auto Insurance in Jacksonville

How about asking for usage-based coverage using telematics devices or software? Some insurers may let you use your cell phone while others will requre a telematics device attached to the car or truck itself.  Telematics is becoming more popular because good drivers feel their good driving habits will be rewarded. You could save up to 15% by using a telematics device.

Consider buying an old car to commute to work. It may not be pretty, but you won’t have to carry collision and your rates will be much lower. This is one way you can save substantially.

After you turn 25, your premiums should drop and they should continue dropping as you get older if you’ve been lucky enough not to get into a collision. If your insurance company hasn’t provide discounts for good driving, driver training, and usage-based telematics use, then you’d be wise to switch companies. There should be no cost in switching car insurance companies.  Find plenty of ways to save on car insurance for Florida drivers and find which cars are cheapest to insure.  Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Hialeah, and Panama City drivers, keep on searching for better insurance. Enjoy this car insurance infographic from enhanceinsurance.com.


Auto Insurance Agencies in Jacksonville FL

Direct Auto Insurance Agency Arlington
10154 Atlantic Blvd,
Jacksonville, FL 32225, USA

Gator Auto Insurance Agency
1606 Main St N,
Jacksonville, FL 32206, USA

Acceptance Auto Insurance
6905 Atlantic Blvd,
Jacksonville, FL 32211, USA

Check out insurance for cars and trucks in these other cities:

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Top 10 Luxury Gifts for Xmas 2016

Most Desirable Luxury Gifts for Xmas 2016

I know you’ve been dying to know the top luxury gift ideas for 2016 because you’re going to treat someone special to an unusually valuable Xmas present. Can one gift make a lasting impression? Oh yes, when it’s something perfect, useful and prestigious, you’ll be remembered long after the gift has disappeared into memory.

But before you rush off to Harrods, Gucci, Saks Fifth Avenue, Tiffany, Prada, Valentino, Armani, or Neiman Marcus, with your one perfect gift idea, take a look at a nice selection of expensive, highly sought products first. The more you see, the more likely you’ll find the gift your loved one actually wants. And these are some fantastic Xmas gift ideas for those lucky few with some discretionary income. There’s 5 ultimate gifts for the girls and 5 for the guys, from gold diamond necklaces to electric cars and to exotic vacations, you’re sure to find one at your price point. Fair enough?

So let’s take a look what might be the top Xmas gift ideas for 2016!

1.  Eco Friendly Costa Rica Vacation at the Arenas Del Mar Beachfront & Rainforest Resort – $16,000

The view of an active volcano from Arenal Springs Resort

2. Tesla Model 3 Electric Car – Price: $33,000

The Tesla Model 3 Electric Car – Very Beautiful and with 200 mile driving distance!

3. Tonino Lamborghini 88 Tauri Smartphone – Price: $5,250

Pic Courtesy of Lamborghini.com

4. Freefly Alta 6 Drone Helicopter – Price: $16,000

Pic Courtesy of Candrone.com

5. 88″ SUHD 4K Curved Smart TV – Price: $35,000

Super High Definition TV 4K
Pic Courtesy of Leons

6. Illa Midnight Diamond Necklace – Price: $165,000

Pic courtesy of HeartsonFire.com

7. Cannondale Jekyll Carbon 1 2016 Mountain Bike – Price: $8000

Pic courtesy of MickeyCranks.com

8. Searay Sundancer-350-Coupe Sport Boat – Price: $395,000


9. Canadian Rockies Ultimate Spa Vacation at Banff Springs Hotel – Price $11,000


Banff Springs Hotel, Banff Alberta, Canada. Pic courtesy of Flickr

10. Australia Gold Coast Beach Front Vacation – Price $21,000

Screen Cap Courtesy of Surfer’s Paradise Hotel, Australia

All the above 2 week travel vacations were averaged for either a New York or Los Angeles Departure. Interested in other travel articles?

There’s my top ten luxury gift ideas for 2016. I don’t think you’ll get too many arguments from her that two week vacations in a paradise is too over the top.  But, she might like that Tesla Model 3 electric car yet she’ll have to stand in line with tens of thousands of others to get one.


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