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Complete Digital Marketing Services for Vaughan Companies

Finding skilled digital marketing experts inToronto, Boston, or San Francisco is easier. Now that you’re here, it’s even easier.  You’ve discovered an experienced digital marketing strategists with a broad skillset which you won’t find at any Vaughan Marketing Agency.  With local agencies, you work with young account reps, interns, and unskilled labour.  That’s the way agencies operate. I worked with many of them.

BosharbourGord Collins is a freelance digital marketing strategist living near Vaughan (in Newmarket). I’d be delighted to assist you with a well planned and strategic digital marketing plan. My 18 years of digital marketing in my own company and with 4 agencies in Canada and the US gives you the assurance that you are getting a better deal.  Many of my clientele are major firms in the US, UK, China and across Canada in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and Montreal.

Please select any or all of these digital marketing services:

  1. Content Development
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Content Strategy
  4. SEO and Link Building
  5. Adwords PPC
  6. Blogging
  7. Copywriting

These are the 7 core services that make a digital marketing effort soar. My low prices will put a smile on your face too. Any Vaughan business can have its cake and eat it to!

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