Beautiful Wine Art – Leanne Laine

Beautiful Wine Art – Leanne Laine

Leanne Laine is an internationally renowned artist in British Columbia, who has been producing astonishingly beautiful artwork since the beginning of the last recession (and before). I talked about fascinating people with the intention of finding and introducing them to you. Here’s a fascinating person creating art in the world’s favourite city. Proof…

Exciting New Approaches to Creativity

Check out some interesting videos on creativity.  This first video is about the myths of creativity. Sheds light on real insights on creativity and how it’s really achieved.  Suggests that group brainstorming needs help. The Art of Creativity. CBS news story introduces creative people, collaboration, talent, and teaching creativity. These…

Graphic Design Services – BigServeGraphx

If you need professional graphic design on print promotional projects, try my buddy John. Ton’s of experience and very high quality results. Check out his portfolio of posters, billboards, logos and other ad related design here: BigServe Graphics.