Hiring Smartly for Digital Travel Marketing Role

As a travel agency owner, DMO CEO, hotel owner, tour operator or SaaS travel software entrepreneur you might be wondering how to approach digital travel marketing in the coming years.

Or if it’s worth it?

You might agree that it’s getting more difficult to compete, maintain traffic, customer loyalty, and manage your marketing budget. You might lack confidence that digital marketing can catapult bookings and revenues.

There’s no doubt you can save on staffing and advertising costs, but the real value of digital marketing is magnifying your marketing mix.

The savings on payroll might come from re-deploying staff and giving them more leads and work so they’re more effective. And when roles are upgraded and better supported, you’re spending wisely.

One Single Dedicated Provider

If you’re a small to mid-sized travel company, efficiency and versatility are critically important. The reason you’re not getting things done is because you can’t afford all the specialists or big agency fees.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have one single digital marketer to create authentic engaging content, run cost-effective PPC campaigns, juice up your email campaigns, and engage audiences via social postings, while building on a foundation of consistent, high volume, free organic traffic from Google, Bing, Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, and Twitter?

What Could Gord Provide that Will Make a Difference for Your Travel Business?

  • bringing out the value/expertise/talent of your company/brand to Google search users, FB, Instagram and YouTube users
  • greater online reach to travel audiences for leads and branding
  • more targeted traffic for sales
  • dynamic presence to impact, engage, and make your brand relatable and personal to prospects
  • data collection – collecting analytics and feedback on customer profiles, tastes and behavior
  • help to make your content richer, more digestible, appealing and effective
  • bring out the travel experiences, flair, and wisdom of your team
  • finding creative angles, building your brand via words, topics and images — representing the great experiences your customers are looking for
  • social media networking and posting for timely engagement/announcements

You need someone versatile but with deep, specialized skills in areas that you’re weak in.

Let’s face it, all of these tasks require a wide range of skills and the willingness to do them all. And there’s greater synchronicity for marketing with single person. With one reliable pro, you have one point of contact and communication so the usual staff disconnect is missing.

And if there are any gaps, you’ve got the funds to find additional providers (e.g., photographers, YouTube video production, promotion graphic design and web design, and software tools).  You’ll have funds to add things that might give you the edge on your competition.

Outsourcing to a Provider with Potential

Introducing me, Gord Collins. If you’ve read my travel blogs, you know I can explore challenges, markets and solutions very deeply. Yes, I’ve written deep books on SEO, but don’t hold that against me. I can do more than SEO and content strategy, and will find many ways to add further value. I just like to excel at whatever I do.

You’ve got gaps and we can collaborate and create a plan to fill them.

Not only can I offer a diverse set of skills but I grow and improve fast. This is something you need if you need more from your people. Additionally, I can work with your most talented travel writers and videographers so that their beautiful content is viewed more and is more effective whether on Youtube, Instagram, Google search or Facebook.

We all know great content isn’t enough by itself, if no one sees it. And that’s where your promotion budget comes into play. You can’t go cheap with travel promotion because it’s reaching prospects at a critically important moment.  Great content needs promotion!

If we can get your marketing mix firing on all cylinders, it’s bound to generate significant booking growth.

Take a Closer Look at My Unique Value Proposition:

  • content marketing — original, authentic content pieces, promotions, strategy, messaging, building audiences and reach, and building your brand
  • visibility, top of mind, brand awareness and UVP — overall strategy of building market leader positioning to build credibility, trust, customer loyalty, and continuous long term sales
  • understanding and creating reach to your target audience — researching your target audience and building the specific content they want to see and receive messages they want to hear
  • continuously building a bigger flow of traffic and leads — growing your booking and rebooking revenue streams via all digital lead sources
  • more reach to potential business partners — greater reach to potential suppliers and businesses who might integrate your services into their mix
  • impact and engagement – content that hooks the reader with interesting angles, visuals, and ideas and engages them with the reasons they’d like to travel
  • brand loyalty and repeat business – building a more focused and stronger brand value proposition that brings customers back to find new reasons to travel and buy your packages
  • social media connections and promotion — connect with more travelers and gain top-of-mind awareness through postings
  • build subscriptions — create your company newsletter, use it to capture leads, and highlight your travel packages
  • optimize promotions — capitalizing on customer intent and lowering abandonment rate
  • expert SEO strategy — advanced optimization techniques to maximize full ranking potential of your website for Google’s ranking algorithm based on user intent and engagement rather than just keywords
  • offsite marketing — optimized content for outplacement on other sites (promotions/link building) and negotiation of links on other websites
  • cost-effective, research-driven PPC campaigns — discovering highest converting keyword phrases, raising ad quality scores
  • travel assignments — doing all this work while occasionally traveling to get better results from your specialist creator providers, building destination guides, and creating more authenticity in our content.

With me, you have a versatile digital marketer who can cost-effectively take your travel business to the levels of success you are hoping for.

Yes, it’s a big challenge. Yet versatility is a big strength. It solves so many challenges.

Make the decision to activate me in your travel company, something I would love to be part of.

Contact me 416 998 6246 and let’s see if there’s a fit!

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