How to Create an Awe-Inspiring UVP

How to Create an Awe-Inspiring UVP

Building an Amazing UVP There’s likely only two things wrong with your business (and your marketing).   First, you have little visibility/reach and no one knows you exist, and second, your value proposition isn’t resonating with the audience you’ve reached. The UVP as it’s known is very complex. Often, it’s better to hire a specialist to…

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Power Networking with Linkedin

Start Your Linkedin Strategy the Right Way Meeting the right people is critical to success in any endeavour and in our era, connecting is done online via Linkedin.  Linkedin has a vast group of link minded professionals, who you may do business with at some point. The key to success in business is to connect with…

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Best Examples of Very High Quality Content

If digital marketing is marketing today, then your content could well determine your company’s future. That’s why you’ll want to spend more on producing content of the highest calibre. As more marketing budget money continues its migration from pay per click  campaigns to content marketing, we’re all challenged to create content worthy of our target audience.  But…

The Unique Value Proposition

  Redesign Your Unique Value Proposition What one business statement makes everything you’re doing make perfect sense? It’s your UVP. Creating this statement can be a fun and illuminating experience, if you’re passionate about your business. I hope you are.   Most businesses fail or succeed due to this one factor: their unique value proposition….