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The Top 12 Best Investments 2018

What and where are the best ways to invest in the years ahead? Here’s 12 brilliant investment opportunities to research. Please bookmark this page, because I’ll be adding a number of new ones soon!

Real Estate, Technology Apps, Water Filtration, Solar Power Generation & Rental Property investment have extremely bright futures. If 30% to 40% return on investment appeals to you, check out these high ROI top investments for 2017 in more depth now.

The ride up the stock market was fun in 2017, and maybe now it’s time to plummet! Picture courtesy of Youtube

What are the best cities and technologies with the best opportunities?  There are plenty of places to park your money or get it working hard for you, but stocks aren’t one of them. Like a roller coaster cresting the 300 foot summit at 6 Flags amusement park, the ride down will scare the hell out of you.

You need to look elsewhere, and fortunately there are some great opportunities in Real Estate, Technology Apps, Water Filtration, Solar Power Generation & Rental Property.

I particularly like the whole multiple stream, passive income thing and apparently so do a lot of other people. The right opportunities are tied into incoming technologies like mobile tech and clean tech. There’s some very lucrative ones described below.

There’s a lot of talk about getting your money to work for you, but like everything today, it’s competitive.  Diversifying how you invest might be the most intelligent choice. How about a little in each these top ten best investments for 2017? Maximize revenue while minimizing risk.

Rental Income Property Calculator by propertyrei might be handy. Pic courtesy of

Rental Income Investment

What’s the top keyword phrase for 2017? Rental Income. Out of everything you might invest in, it is tough to beat the returns of buying rental income property — outright buying rental income property, not via real estate investment companies and Reits.

Right in your city and in others, rental income property offers tax savings, market appreciation, capital gains which you can protect, renter payments, and you can even live in your investment. And you control its performance and destiny! As the Bigger Pockets talks about below, you can also use other people’s money to invest and get rich.

HGTV and other flip house and home improvement shows are popular because they’re riding a wave of investment strategy. Smart people are seeing the value of rental property and flipping. When you see the 30% to 40% ROI they’re receiving, and the amazing lifestyles that result, this is very hard to ignore.

That’s not to say there won’t be hard work and big decisions to make in property investing. But the downside is weak. If all else fails, you can live in your investment.

US and Chinese readers should keep a close eye on Canada because property is cheap in cities like Vancouver and Toronto are seeing the same overheated multiunit appartment rental market as San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.  Sure a lot of people are investing in Mexico, especially retirees, and there may be passive rental income potential there too. But Mexico is risky — especially since Trump may kill their golden goose.

Here’s Bigger Pockets Look at How to Buy a Rental property

Don’t Get Distracted – Keep Your Eyes on the Big Trends

Before you go out and buy those real estate investment books and real estate investment 101 courses, and getting blown away by all the real estate investing Youtube videos, keep your eye on the bigger picture.

Take a look at the US housing market, the economy, what President Trump is about to do, and contrast that with the all the retirement income, passive income, and business startup options you have. It’s risky, but you could look at becoming an angel investor. On that last note, growth in angel investor groups is rocketing. The reason: startups can’t get funding so they have to give up serious equity for a small cash infusion.

As part of your diversified investment portfolio, stay away from blue chip stocks, which have nowhere to go but down. If global free trade deals go sour, those big multinational companies will get crushed. They’ll lose their ability to blackmail countries and play governments off against each other. Their big tax breaks will disappear. It looks like President Trump will ensure all of that happens — “drain the swamp” has far reaching interpretations.

Look for companies or opportunities that reek of innovation. The US will do well, and the climate of innovation in the US is bright now, meaning all those startups have a shot at survival and making money. All those millennials need cheap rental housing (they can’t afford to buy) and cheap office space too. The best investment opportunity is in rental property real estate. See which cities are best.

Yet there are other good investing opportunities in the US and Canada. Here’s some good one’s below,

Here’s my top ten list of the best investments for 2018.

  1. Rental Income Property – like I said, there’s nothing that can beat buying rental income property. You’re buying real property in cities and neighbourhoods with the best rental potential. You have to be clued into which cities have the top outlooks. You need to be geared to look ahead and scan forecasts and predictions. Pay attention to what Trump is doing and trending macro-economic factors including the failure of depressing regulatory limitations.
  2. Electric Cars – The growth rate of electric car buying is showing faster than expected even though companies like Tesla lack funding and are experiencing growth pains. Once electric cars come into fashion, there will be a rejection of old gas-powered technology. Remember when they said the horse and buggy would never go away?  Take a look at the new Mission e Porsche and learn about the incredible driving mileage they get, and you’ll realize how naive we all are about new technology. Elon Musk is right, this is big stuff.
  3. Autonomous Self-Driving Cars – Anything new is a potential investment opportunity and self-driving automobiles are the new trend. While experts say these cars are still “teen drivers” and it’s still a way off, they are a big revenue opportunity. Magna International,of Aurora Canada the auto parts producer is designing and manufacturing parts and accessories for these cars and the revenue outlook is phenomenal. It’s a whole new parts universe with these cars and any company that produces them is worth looking into.
  4. Home Solar Power Systems Electricity rates will jump, partly because of all those electric cars driving around. I doubt they’re playing Pokeymon Go, but just enjoying the fact they can drive to Yosemite for a few hours and back for a few dollars.  Governments will tax electricity but they’ll have a tough time taxing the power homeowners generate at home, but they will tax the power you send back into the grid. There are so many companies offering to set up solar systems on people’s houses for a cut of the revenue.  Anyone who wants to plaster their roof with solar shingles or yards with solar panels can have them. That’s why Elon Musk has moved into the solar panel production realm with Solar City.  And don’t forget the 30% solar investment tax credit which will be around for 5 more years, which is good for business. Those panels, including solar shingles, are becoming very efficient power sources and the price is plummeting. These are all critical mass factors that will have big effects on how we live and which businesses will thrive in the years ahead. Many businesses right now are afraid of going bankrupt because of high electricity costs. They need to reduce their exposure to government (tax) and out of control utility costs. All signals for the very best investment opportunities.
  5. Battery technology has grown faster than anyone dreamed of. Here’s a trending business opportunity for smart entrepreneurs.

    Solar Batteries – Elon Musk owner of Tesla Motors is into super efficient lithium ion batteries, some big enough to power your whole house for a while. You’ll need the solar panels to collect electrical power which you’ll store in his batteries. Solar collection is going from cottage industry to mainstream very quickly. All the impediments are disappearing.

  6. DC to AC Converters – with rapid adoption of solar power collection and wind turbines, power generated is direct current, so DC to AC convertors will be needed in big supply. Check out the companies that make them.
  7. Fast Charge SuperCapacitors – These new batteries aren’t even batteries as we know them. They’re super capacitors that charge lightning fast and still release the power as we need. They’re the future. That means the whole matter of how long it takes to charge laptops, electric cars, house batteries, smartphones, etc is largely about to disappear. Everyone will prefer the fast charging supercapacitors which have incredible storage properties. Check it out.
  8. Water Filtration – The US has a clean water crisis and that spells opportunity. With state and local governments strapped for cash, we’ll see more Flint Michigan type failures in municipal water treatment and other disasters from expected increases in flooding in some states. Not only that, taxes and prices of water delivery and wastewater treatment will skyrocket as governments grasp desperately for revenue to fund their debt. Systems that filter or treat water optimally at home should revolutionize how homeowners use their water. Companies such as Pentair are enjoying huge profits because they take homeowners off the grid. Check them out.

    Image courtesy of
  9. Salt Water Desalination – Cheap, portable, stills that make fresh water out of saline ocean water is a huge opportunity. Most of the population of the world doesn’t have enough water, including North American and Europe. New products are helping people at the home owner level to convert seawater to fresh water.On the macro level, see how Saudi Arabia is using solar power to desalinate water using a mega sized water volumes (60,000 square meters of seawater daily). This is what needs to happen in the US.
  10. Anti-Aging Supplements – a huge population in North America and Europe are heading into their senior years and they’re looking to stay healthy, active and looking good. But as they age, their attention will move away from aging skin to supplements that will keep them alive longer. As these aging babyboomers become more educated about supplements and nutrition, they’ll want the supplements that pack the most life-extending power. Take a look at this one who battle all the supplement fraudsters.
  11. Medical Tourism – It’s almost a certainty that hospitals will be over run with patients and health care costs in the US will skyrocket. And whatever is ailing everyone will be cheaper to treat in Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize, Thailand, and Brazil. These countries are seeing the highest influx of medical service tourists.  There will be hundreds of thousands more in the coming 10 years as people seek aesthetic and medical treatments at lower prices. The combination of tourism and surgical and rehabilitation makes it a compelling investment opportunity.
  12. Home Health Care Services – the growth of 65+ population is heralding in a new era of home based health care and nursing services opportunity. Home health care services respond to the rise in hospital medical services, medical tourism, and seniors with acute or long term health issues including mobility and debilitating conditions. This sector has the highest job growth rate and there is all sorts of room for innovation in everything from patient communications, to diet administration, diagnosis and disease treatment. Hospital and doctor services are too costly and another soluton is needed. The fact is, people are getting older and they need help. Check out Nurses Next Door and their francishing offer.

I might add solar farms and health apps as big investor opportunities too.

Are You Still Looking for Passive Income Opportunities?

Now that you’ve come this far, I want to tell you about publishing and digital marketing opportunities too. That’s right, you’ve seen my blogs covering all of these topics (and more coming) and consumers need an introduction to them all.  There are a lot of people and companies including Forbes, Inc., Marketwatch, Huntington Post, Mashable, Moz, Hubspot, TechCrunch, Smarpassiveincome, Richardbranson, and many others who generate tremendous income from blogging and social media posting. They’re all into blogging big time, including guest posting.

Not only do they make incredible income from their blog advertisements, but from sponsorships, referals, and direct sales of products and services.  A blog such as mine right here, has reach into any topic and any industry on the planet and can reach huge audiences.

You’ve heard of Google Adsense and that advertisers on Google Adwords are paying upwards of $80 per click on their system. Well, Adsense doesn’t even scratch the surface.  From real estate to insurance to new technology to health apps, your opportunity is limited only by your imagination. In fact, your income acceleration is directly related to your lowering of your self-limitations and imagination.

There’s reason to be excited about this opportunity. If you’re not interested in this opportunity, then keep revisiting my blog to see how it goes for me. That’s free, but has zero chance of you getting rich.

If you’d like to set up your own publishing empire, including a successful blog, and you have a good amount of investment dollars to launch it, contact me.

Bookmark this page, and share it with your friends and family right now. Theyll really enjoy the idea that they could actually make money in this day and age. It might shed their belief that America is dead and the era of opportunity has ended. In fact, if we are entering an era of political populism (Brexit and Trump victories), the opportunities for us individuals are vast.

Throw away those stocking investing and real estate investment books and courses you were into. You now know where there are better opportunities to invest in 2017.  And 2018 will be even brighter.

This year, get obsessed with income property, rental income, tax credits, passive income, multiple streams of income, best startups, new tech, cross industry business opportunities, and new clean, reneweable technologies. The future is here. Let’s get at it!

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Solar Energy Forecast 2018 – Rising Electric Rates will Power up Home Solar Power Sales

Home Solar Systems – Smart Investment

I was driving through a very nice, modern neighbourhood yesterday and noticed two homes had brand new solar panels on the roof. I liked them and I’ll bet a lot of homebuyers would pay a premium for solar-powered homes.

A survey actually discovered that green friendly homes can grab a premium.  All the houses on the street were attractive but these solar homes stood out. I’d say this will be a trend in 2018.

Yet there’s many more reasons why solar still makes good sense.  The future cost of electricity will be the biggest. Check out the forecast of solar energy systems and the rising price of electric power below.

Although new types of power generation are evolving, and natrual gas is cheap, there is no way they can keep up with demand in North America for electric power.

And it’s one thing to generate electric power.  It’s another to transport it to where it’s needed. It must be produced where it’s used. In 5 years when more electric cars are on the roads, the price of electricity will be painful.

As you’ll see in the stats and videos below, home electricity prices are a big concern and homeowners may not realize what’s coming. The forecast is for rising prices. Will home solar power generation provide a shelter to the coming storm?

Hydro Horror Stories

A good example of the electrical power horrors ahead comes from Ontario, Canada where politics at many levels and greed are rocketing power rates. A cycle of political decisions have lead to a lack of new power generation sources and a poor commitment to alternative energy. Power generation is expensive here and the future looks a little anxious.

In California, home owners are going solar before they retire.

The province is heavily dependent on 3 nuclear power plants, however one is going to be shut down. Ecological ideology has closed all coal power plants too. A big gas powered plant in Toronto was abandoned shortly after it was being built. That resulted in a huge loss and debt for Ontario residents. Saddled with huge debt, the Ontario government is addicted to the revenue from power generation. Is it the same in California, New York, and Massachusettts?

The Ontario Power Corporation sold off some jurisdictions where it monopolized power production. It sold pieces to private companies because it needed the cash (the current government is being sued by the people of Ontario). Although the industry is regulated in Ontario, there is plenty of opportunity for scams and gouging of consumers. And they’re happening.

Sharing is good for your Social Health. Pass this post to your friends and family whether they’re looking for an exciting new career, or are retiring in a home that may be bad for their financial health.

Here’s a look at power prices in Ontario over the years courtesy of

Screenshot of Chart Courtesy of

And these are what typical electricity rates look like:

Screenshot of Chart Courtesy of

That’s an average increase in power cost approaching 270% over 16 years.  In some cities, the per kwH electricity rate is around 27 cents during a good part of the day when homeowners including seniors use electricity. That translates to over 300% higher than normal rates.

It’s no cheaper across the US. Here’s the 2015 electricity rates across all states (from the Nebraska state government) including very high rates for New York, New Jersey, Alaska, Hawaii, California and Massachusetts.

Ranking State Avg Electricity Rates
(Cents per KWh)
1 Hawaii 26.2
2 Alaska 17.9
3 Connecticut 17.8
4 Rhode Island 17.1
5 Massachusetts 16.9
6 New Hampshire 16.0
7 California 15.5
8 New York 15.3
9 Vermont 14.4
10 New Jersey 13.9
11 Maine 13.0
12 Maryland 12.1
13 District of Columbia 12.1
14 Delaware 11.2
15 Wisconsin 10.9
16 Michigan 10.8
17 Florida 10.6
18 Pennsylvania 10.4
19 Arizona 10.4
20 Kansas 10.1
21 Ohio 9.9
22 Colorado 9.8
23 Minnesota 9.7
24 New Mexico 9.7
25 Mississippi 9.6
26 Georgia 9.5
27 South Carolina 9.5
28 Nevada 9.5
29 Alabama 9.4
30 North Carolina 9.4
31 Tennessee 9.4
32 South Dakota 9.3
33 Virginia 9.3
34 Missouri 9.3
35 Illinois 9.3
36 Nebraska 9.0
37 Montana 8.9
38 North Dakota 8.9
39 Oregon 8.8
40 Indiana 8.8
41 Texas 8.6
42 Utah 8.6
43 Iowa 8.5
44 Arkansas 8.2
45 Idaho 8.1
46 West Virginia 8.1
47 Kentucky 8.0
48 Wyoming 8.0
49 Oklahoma 7.8
50 Louisiana 7.6
51 Washington 7.4


Given that demand will grow exponentially over the next ten years, the rate of power per kwH will balloon.

There’s another reason power rates will jump. Governments are desperate for money and they’ll have to tax electricity at a higher rate. If there’s a drop in revenue from oil and gas, that will have to made up in taxes on electricity. Power is generally a monopolized industry, thus allowing power generation companies to pad their revenue and really put it to power consumers. They’re in it for profit and will find a way to leverage an oligopoly or monopoly. When haven’t companies used the opportunity to take advantage of consumers?  Taxes, debt and profiteers will drive power costs through the roof.

Where is the Demand for Electrical Power?

Industry draws most of the power and as economies rev up, more power is drawn. And electric vehicles draw huge amounts of power.  As more people buy electric cars, e-bikes, and ride in electric buses and taxis, the power rates will jump. Donald Trump is reviving coal powered power generation and that will help reduce the danger ahead. Yet it won’t be enough. It wasn’t enough to stop the rise before.

Is There a Solution?

Right now, it’s in expensive coal powered plants, marginally productive wind powered turbines, gas powered plants, solar farms in the desert, and nuclear power plants. Will nuclear plants save the day? Almost no one wants nuclear power (Fukujima). The potential for disaster is proven, and these plants leak out radioactive wastewater accidentally on a frequent basis. Geothermal is another big potential generator but the power plants are very expensive and politicians such as Trump are against more debt. America has trillions of debt already.

Mega-sized desert solar plants are the first savior to come to mind, yet they won’t be able to produce enough power for a nation. It’s not enough

The real solution will be to keep gas powered vehicles on the road. Because electric cars consume huge amounts of power, the actual demand for power across the U.S. is mind boggling. How many terrawatts will be needed?
For homeowners, the savior is home solar power systems, yet people in Northern climates will be challenged to produce enough via solar.  They’re more or less prisoners to traditional electrical production and its prices.

The Rise of the Electric Vehicles

We all enjoy the romantic picture of zero emission electric vehicles. So alluring to think of New York, Chicago and LA with no choking, health killing smog. Yet electric power vehicles, trucks, golf carts, bicycles and seniors scooters must draw power in big quantities. Someone is going to have to produce that power and transport it to places like LA, New York, Philadelphia, Seattle, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Vancouver, Denver, and St Louis.

A recent post on tells of a coming crash in oil prices due to the rise of electric vehicles. It’s a fascinating article, however, it doesn’t discuss where all the power is going to come from to fuel these cars and trucks.

This graphic shows battery cost is falling which will accelerate sales of EVs.  That’s when the demand for electricity will rocket. The power companies will become cartels able to get whatever price they want.

Power transmission is a huge problem. Moving electricity across huge grids is expensive and there are huge power losses during transmission. And building power grids is very expensive.

Instead, consumer will need to create their own power via roof solar panels. But hold on, people living in giant condo towers won’t be able to generate their own power. They will burden the demand more.

Residential power users will need to shield themselves from fast rising electricity costs and they can do that by installing home solar power systems. That will solve their need for home electricity. But for their new electric vehicle (which are selling like hotcakes right now), the power rates will rise higher than gasoline. It takes a lot of power to move a 5,000 lb electric Porsche or a Chevy Bolt EV.

This post on shows the cost of recharging an EV.  Right now, it’s a reasonable price and much better than gasoline, but down the road is where it gets pricey.

So while the EV revolution promises to rid Americans of dependency on Middle East oil, it creates another dilemma.

Solar PV Power Installation Growth

The growth in Solar power installations is impressive as you can see in this graph below. Commercial farms don’t do much for most residents who will still be prisoners to high prices.

Solar Jobs

Here’s an indutstry to working in. Tell your kids and nephews and nieces to check out the solar industry.  It’s a great way to launch their own business and do very well.

Chart courtesy of
Graphic courtesy of CNNmoney

In times of crisis, opportunity appears. Homeowners without their own home solar power system will be vulnerable to very high electricity rates. There are business opportunities and money saving opportunities here. Take a closer look and perhaps you won’t need to worry too much if you’re retired in Costa Rica.

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Business Opportunities: Home Solar Power

Exciting Trends and Business Opportunities: Solar Power

What’s so exciting about residential solar power right now is not that solar panels are becoming inexpensive. It’s that homeowners can generate their own electrical power. As you’ll see in the video below, this wise entrpreneur is making a good amount of income from his installation ($5000 from 7000 kw produced).

Do you like earning more money? I’ve pointed out some of the hottest trends going: digital marketing agencies, Keurig coffee distribution, wineries, art, health and wellness, and organic foods. Solar power is a legitimate, sustainable business. Take it seriously.

Solar power installation by a Canadian Solar Installation Company

Those who own a system can sell their excess power back into the electrical grid at 80 cents per kilowatt. With so few ways for the average person to make extra income, this idea of passive income is appealing to retiring babyboomers, entrepreneurs, or young couples wanting to ease up on their growing mortgage payment.

Solar power installation companies could be entering a very profitable decade ahead. Take a look at Pure Energies Inc. of Toronto (who rank well in Google. Nice work). That’s because materials and systems are inexpensive and ROI is improving, yet companies actually make most of their money on the installation.  These startup companies could be worth a fortune.

Not many homes have solar systems, but you’ve probably seen them around. Where I work in Markham, they are appearing on a number of office buildings. Solar is going to be huge.

Money Making Potential

With homeowners switching to gas clothes dryers, gas kitchen ranges, gas furnaces, and LED lighting, traditional demand for electricity will drop. Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy? However, another source of demand (electric cars) will keep demand for electricity high. Electricity is expensive and homeowners want to cut their bills anyway possible.

When natural gas prices return to normal levels they’ll have even more cost added to their outrageous cable bills, internet bills, and cell phone bills.  Solar panel systems may be the only way homeowners can cut their costs and get a sense of relief from all the economic vultures prey on them.

It’s Cool to Be Eco-Conscious – And Solar is Really Sexy

Solar panels on roof of home in Aurora Ontario

Home solar power systems make homeowners look modern, eco-conscious, and it’s one way they have of feeling unique and special in their community.  People like the feeling that they’re getting attention. And the solar system is a great conversation starter. Now they can throw away the old 62 Chevy that’s been taking up space in their garage. Solar power is much more interesting to most people, especially millenials.

Ontario’s Microfit Program – See How it Works here.

How Here’s someone in London who has a good sized solar power installation and no hydro bills..

Will governments support home based power generation? In most cases they will. They’ll have to. Increasingly, voters don’t want to agree to billion dollar nuclear or coal fired power generation. It’s dirty and potentially lethal to human beings.  The introduction of LED lighting and LED displays will reduce power demand by 20%. Taxpayers will breathe easier when governments give up on billion dollar power plant debt projects. This article discusses the solar power situation in the US.

Directional solar panel units on ranch home near Stouffville Ontario
Battery technology has grown faster than anyone dreamed of. Here's another business opportunity for smart entrepreneurs.
Battery technology has grown faster than anyone dreamed of. Here’s another business opportunity for smart entrepreneurs.

The eco-conscious consumer segment is rising. As more homeowners and property owners recognize the potential in solar power, they’ll jump on the bandwagon. The economic spinoff of this homegrown industry is staggering.

There are batteries, transformers, panels, electronic controllers and many more accessories that will create jobs.

A great use of scrubland near Keswick, Ontario, is a solar farm which produces 10 Megawatts of power.

Although the price of oil and natural gas has dropped recently, it’s expected to rise back up in a couple of years. The electric powered car is coming into vogue and they will require huge amounts of electricity — creating demand for homegrown electrical power generation.


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