Californians Love Surfing

From San Diego up to San Fran, they’re all into surfing in the Golden State. Take a look at some of the big waves that roll in during the winter months. The first one is from Santa Cruz, which is just west of Mountainview where Google is.
Roberta Mancino – Flying Supermodel

Roberta Mancino – Flying Supermodel

Roberta Mancino Photos My post on Roberta Mancino, a fascinating 33 year old Italian supermodel, basejumper, skydiver, and wingsuit flyer is very popular. I want you to see it because of the way she partakes in and enjoys life. It’s very inspiring. She does this professionally and for fun. Swimming with whales,…

Roberta Mancino

Okay, I was on her Facebook page and I kinda got stopped with her pics. She’s Roberta Mancino and she does amazing things and a lot of guys are in love with her.  What do you think of flying supermodels? Guys probably can’t pry their eyes away from these pics…

Giant Waterslide

This is too much fun. Lucky buggers! Flying 100 feet into the water on a bike. They really like the Go Pro camera action now. See more extreme sports. Welcome to the Gord Collins personal Blog. New discoveries, deep, shallow, and exciting.

High Speed Drainage Ditch Kayaking in BC

Oh, this is amazing. 35 miles an hour down a steep drainage ditch in BC.  Ya, that would make Kayaking fun. The one guy almost goes sideways. Take a look: Check out more extreme sports here including wingsuit flying, and as well as hang gliding and mountain biking.

The Perfect Flight

Wingsuit Flying coming to TV Jokke Sommer is starring in a new TV show entitled The Perfect Flight. It’s a series to be aired starting in October on EpicTV the home of Extreme Sports.  Jokke’s the best, from Norway and he will be doing wingsuit flights with Espen Fadnes, and Jokke’s…