Coffee Shops

Coffee Shops

Find a Coffee Shop Near You Below you’ll find a large interactive map of coffee shops in your location. Whether you’re in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Toronto, Seattle, Sacramento, Orange County, San Jose, Las Vegas, New York, Boston or Miami, no worries. If the coffee shop for you…
Restaurants Near Me

Restaurants Near Me

Finding the Right Restaurant Fast If you’re a vacationer in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose, Las Vegas or San Francisco, you’re likely on a highway right searching with your smartphone for a great place to eat with just the right atmosphere. Where to eat right now? The right food…

Cozy Coffee Shop in Aurora

On the Bean Coffee House is a hidden gem for people who like a quiet place with a little character to enjoy coffee and desert. I’ve gone to this shop for years. It’s much better than the fast food joints like Tim’s or Starbucks. The owner is Frank Gu. It’s…

San Diego California

Vacationing in San Diego Find out why I dream about San Diego all the time. And how about doing some shopping and sailing with Tiffany And, this is Coronado Resort on Coronado Island. It is nice and the shopping in the village is excellent. Great restaurants here.

Barbecued Swordfish & Garlic Shrimp

Whenever I travel to San Diego, I always visit this one restaurant on Coronado Island. It has a great streetside patio. Their swordfish dinner is excellent. Great taste and very filling. I recently bought a big box of wild swordfish steaks and jumbo shrimp. I wanted to use my undeveloped…

Visit to Historic Unionville

Touristy Unionville Unionville is a very nice, upscale village within the city of Markham, Ontario.  It was the first warm, sunny day of spring up to 18 degrees. I decided to have a quick visit and I ended up staying longer than I expected. What a great way to relax and…
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