InboundCon 2013 Toronto

InboundCon Toronto brought together a number of good speakers to discuss the hot topics in Internet marketing. There were a number of interesting topics including branding, Enterprise PPC optimization tips, UX design, and nurturing customers with social media.  Some helpful material, however there were some gaping holes in coverage of inbound marketing topics.

The Inbound meetup events are an ongoing monthly event and this one was kind of a major meetup event. Experienced marketers might scoff at attending, but this is a networking event you could benefit from. Certainly as it grows, the opportunities to connect and learn will be there.

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InboundCon Toronto 2013 was a full day event held in the west side of downtown Toronto and we had the pleasure of hearing some great speakers.  It was Canada’s first Inbound Marketing Conference, held at the Centre for Social Innovation on Bathurst St. The team at PoweredbySearch did a great job of attracting some top industry people to speak.

I’m a 15 year veteran of Internet marketing so I didn’t learn much here, but the opportunity to meet Internet marketing people is what makes it an event to attend. And you keep up on the latest marketing talk.

Some of the speakers are very smart and convey their ideas pretty well. Today we were fortunate to hear Dev Basu, CEO of Powered by Search who makes these topics so easy to understand.  Nice to hear people talk clearly and really say something of value.

Dev really has an advanced understanding of Internet marketing, SEO, and branding and did a great job of bringing out the best of panel members that included marketers from Google, Chapters, Microsoft, Travelocity and Expedia.

Here’s what it looks like driving into Toronto via the Gardiner Expressway, into the Toronto downtown core. toronto

Social media is increasingly important within marketing campaigns.  The moderator was Troy Boileau of PoweredbySearch. Speakers below were Hamza Kahn of Ryerson, Alyssa Richard of Ratehub, Yousuf Affridi of Taxi 2, and Paul Crowe from Bnotions. They were discussing social media as it relates to inbound marketing.

The field of social media outreach is key to content development and strategy, which is what I do at Ravenshoe Group. If your website and business lacks a content development strategy, then give us a call at Ravenshoe you’re a novice marketer, marketing intern, or business owner, these conferences can be inspiring and even informative. The networking opportunities are there as well. I met one woman from Russia and three guys from Brazil (we talked about Rio De Janeiro and about Jokke Sommer who did a  wingsuit fly through an opening in a building), and met 2 copywriters. I didn’t meet one content strategist. My field is still unrepresented at the Toronto inbound meetups and conference. I’m sure this will change due to the demand.


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